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FOUND! Roamer 46

Discussion in 'Chris Craft Roamer Yacht' started by q240z, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. doompatrol

    doompatrol Guest

    I guess I can see what you mean, though many webmasters simply select "open links in a new window" to keep visitors on their sites.

    What's surprising is the enforcement of rules that aren't actually in the forum rules. It might also help if the rule that's not written were consistently applied. There are many, many threads on YF that are updated with off-site links to news stories as events unfold, in addition to the threads that are hosted here, like the one you mention.

    Anyway, if the problem was linking to the actual articles for each update (which, ironically, is a web best practice), if I see articles of particular interest I'll maybe post simple text updates instead.

  2. K1W1

    K1W1 Senior Member

    Sep 30, 2005
    My Office

    This forum is run at no cost to those who subscribe weather a lurker or contributor.

    The rules and regs that are applied are not too onerous for most of the users.

    They are entirely at the discretion of the Admin and membership here is voluntary last time I checked but is dependent upon complying with a few basic rules and regs afore mentioned.

    What I read from the reply was that you must have posted a number of links to the same restoration one after the other week after week.

    If there had been a lot of activity on the thread and your initial one was buried pages deep then I am sure another one or two every few pages would have been viewed in an entirely different light.

    The discussion over your lost posts has generated more action on this thread from different posters than all your missing posts did in the previous 3 months.
  3. doompatrol

    doompatrol Guest

    I understand what you're saying, K1W1.

    The flip-side to your perspective is that websites consist of both infrastructure and content. When the "free" infrastructure provider deletes relevant, informational, and non-commercial text added "for free" by the content provider/contributor, it discourages content creation. The Roamer Club has been very active in the past. But based on more than a few threads here, I get the impression that circumstances like what I experienced pretty much explains why the Roamer Club has become a ghost town.

    You mention rules and regs, but I've read them all and remain completely stumped as to which rules, exactly, I violated. Perhaps you could offer some insight, not of implied or theoretical rules but, rather, the actual rules that are posted. Which one of them did I violate?

    As far as action or interest on a thread, is there some standard for these things? Where's the rule that says "action" on a thread is mandatory or updates will be deleted?

    When a thread gets started because a boat sinks, for example, there is typically a page or two of posts with substantive, new material, including links to outside media reports. A lot of the rest of the "action" is speculation about what went wrong, ridicule of the captain involved, and the obligatory bickering amongst champions of the prevailing theories. To each his own, I guess, but I think there are other, equally valid measures of a thread's value than the number of posts.

    For example, YF admins posted good news about >600,000 visitors coming to the site in a month. I think it's safe to say, though, that only a small percentage of those convert to new threads and actual posts. Another metric of interest is page views. Though I didn't write down the number of views on this thread when I first posted, I kept doing the updates, in part, because the number was growing by the hundreds. You don't strike me as a Chris Craft enthusiast, but I think maybe there was value for the Roamer fans who viewed the updates around 2,000 times since I started updating the thread.

    And with that in mind, I'll mention in closing that the latest blog for this 1969 Roamer 46 indicates that the fairing work on the aft enclosure is pretty much done.
  4. doompatrol

    doompatrol Guest

    There have been several updates to the blog for this Roamer since May 2013. The owner is using what I thought was a really bizarre paint schedule -- they're finishing the toe rail bright before they paint the deck or hull :eek: -- but the more I read the more sense it makes.

    Roamer enthusiasts might want to check it out: Link Removed

  5. doompatrol

    doompatrol Guest

    Roamer enthusiasts--there's shiny paint on this Roamer 46!

  6. doompatrol

    doompatrol Guest

    Roamer enthusiasts, the Riviera 46 in this thread is getting painted. It's looking good. It's even more impressive when you click on the first page of this thread and see what it started out like.

    Photo posted by permission of the owner: HOT LINKED IMAGE REMOVED!
  7. doompatrol

    doompatrol Guest

    The nonskid is done now. Looks like the hull is the last thing to paint. The likn to the blog is at the top.


    Picture posted with permission of the owner HOT LINKED IMAGE REMOVED!
  8. YachtForums

    YachtForums Administrator

    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida

    We do not allow hot-linked images because the host can change the file or entirely remove it, leaving YF's pages with political propaganda, filth, porn or no content at all. If you read our rules, we state that you can "attach" images, so they are on YF's server, therefore leaving no concerns about the image being replaced at a later date when we're not watching a thread.

    Regarding your previous issue about posts being removed that contained identical links; one of the reasons YF tops so many search engines is because we've learned a thing or three about SEO optimization. Multiple threads and multiple links to the same page are frowned upon by search engines.

    Our rules have reasons and they are very simple. Keep images under 640 pixels, don't hot-link, avoid brainless banter and be nice, but I'm about to break the last rule...

    A quick Google search uncovers your work on multiple forums, promoting this Roamer 46 refit. Turns out, this is YOUR refit, not someone elses!

    It also uncovered your 'other' identity on YF; member "Q240Z" who has not posted since 2011 after constant bickering and attacks with member "Homer" and continuous complaints about the way we run YF, making the Roamer forum an unpleasant place to visit.

    So apparently you started your own blog and you're using forums around the net to increase traffic to your site and you've successfully gained good indexing with Google because of this.

    I'm not sure what your plan is here. Maybe to build your own following? Maybe to replace your images at a later date with "YF Sucks?"

    Whatever the case, this thread is now permanently closed and your hot-links have been removed.
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