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FLIBS Poll...

Discussion in 'Popular Yacht Topics' started by YachtForums, Oct 28, 2005.


"Will you be attending FLIBS?"

  1. I was planning to attend FLIBS, but I have cancelled.

    25 vote(s)
  2. YES. I will be attending FLIBS.

    25 vote(s)
  3. NO. I will not be attending FLIBS.

    47 vote(s)
  1. YachtForums

    YachtForums Publisher/Admin

    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida
    "With questionable resources in South Florida due to Hurricane Wilma, such as power, hotels and fuel... we'd like to know if you will be attending FLIBS?" (Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show)

    The results of this poll will be forwarded to the industry.

    Comments are welcome below...
  2. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


  3. Ladies choice

    Ladies choice New Member

    Jul 25, 2005
    The ONLY reason I am going is that I have passes from my broker, will enjoy the parking provided from his office and private shuttle to the show and back again from him.

    I may even request that he sends a car for us, as right now there are no traffic lights working, no gas available, no hotels etc.. I cannot make a roundtrip to the show and back home on one tank of gas, If I am unable to find fuel then I have no choice but to remain home. I am sure others have that concern as well.

    So if something doesn't improve in that infrastructure in getting to and from the show I may cancel my yes vote and not go afterall.

    Shows are suppose to be something fun to do for a buyer, not a hassle, and as it stands right now down there it is a hassle for those living there to get around, all they need is another 20 thousand or more coming to the area!

    Word is all the tents were trashed, boats damaged, many vendors pulling out and most feel it should be cancelled.

    I would think the attendance would be way down.

    Personally, after seeing all the damaged boats on TV of all shapes and sizes, and losing a sailboat myself in last years storm, I cannot imagine going out and buying another one of similar size only to worry again next year of it's fate, but that is just me. I hope though that isn't the case for the vendors at the show.

    I am not in the market for the same type or size I had so I am still interested in seeing what is being offered over 150', If I hear those are either damaged or not showing up afterall I will have no reason to go.
  4. privateship

    privateship New Member

    Oct 16, 2004
    newport, ri

    I represent a large European shipyard. We had 2 execs at the Marriott next to Bahia Mar during the hurricane, and they returned to Europe with firsthand knowledge of the situation. Our booth has been cancelled. The feedback I get from a number of Europeans in our business is disbelief that this event is attempting to resuscitate itself. I, for one, would never suggest to a valued client that they subject themselves to a visit to South Florida under these disastrous circumstances.
  5. 993RSR

    993RSR Senior Member

    Jan 15, 2004
    Annapolis/ Palm Harbor
    A large number of yachts fled the area before the hurricane. Add to that number the amount of boats with cosmetic damage such as canvas, outriggers, hit by debris etc and I predict and 25% of the typical amount of product in the water. Fuel (both available and uncontaminated), debris in the water, dockage all are problems the city does not need right now. We would be doing Broward county a great service by not having the show at all and donating $ to help with the clean up.

    I had a customer land in Ft Lauderdale today. He called me (I am in Annapolis MD) and advised I stay home.

    There is nothing more frustrating than having a show display without buyers (or at least yacht people to meet) but thats what we will have. Empty docks other than brokers and industry people. My time will be better spent elsewhere.
  6. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    We are marine vendor who specialize in a product for yachts over 100' and our offices are located in Fort Lauderdale. As of Thursday afternoon, we have restored electricity and phones in office, but I feel we are an exception. Being located close to the airport is an advantage in this situation.

    This last hurricane has left destruction all over South Florida, and it will take awhile for the rebuilding of the infrastructure here. We have thousand of workers performing miracles, but it may not be enough for this boat show.

    After speaking with numerous people today in the industry, there is a common thread that with the decision to still go on with the boat show is pure arrogance in face of all of the good people in South Florida that are trying to rebuild their lives and homes.

    As an example, our current system is severely taxed with the lack of electricity, almost all street lights not working; water which must be boiled, telephones (including cell phones) not working, and now news directly from a sanitation worker that they do not have the ability to keep up with the sewage. It will start overflowing into the streets by tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

    Yes, we are attending the boat show but only because we have been told that we would not receive a refund, and we are local in Fort Lauderdale. Do I expect much from this show...NO, and that is sad.

    I am afraid that this boat show is showing that the organizers are not concerned with the vendors, brokers, boat show attendees, and the poor people of this area, or just the perception that us Americans are presenting to the rest of the world by going forward.

    What has happened to the simple concern for the impact of our actions on the rest of humanity, something that I know should be the overriding factor in all of our decisions.

    I love this industry, but am now very disappointed in these decisions by the boat show management. I am in many ways embarrassed that we are attending this show.

    Is it too late to reconsider this BAD decision?

    What if we all decided to donate our show fees to the American Red Cross, and just cancel the show?

  7. LanaLane

    LanaLane New Member

    Mar 11, 2005
  8. 993RSR

    993RSR Senior Member

    Jan 15, 2004
    Annapolis/ Palm Harbor
    Very good Mike! I agree. My firm had rented space for a 15 or so boat display (brokerage) and I suggested the same thing yesterday. Stay home and make a local donation.

    I think Show Management has two options:

    Cancel the show and return $ to exhibitors (yea right)
    set up a show and if you don't show up or the outcome is "0" then Show Management is off the hook.
  9. YES!

    YES! Senior Member

    Aug 13, 2005
    Sarasota, FL
    Proud to be an American

    I am proud of what Kaye stands for to say "**** the Torpedos, Full Speed Ahead!" The millions of hours and investment in both time and money demands a higher calling.

    Yes, our business is recreational and of no importance to anyone or any cause in the world - it is purely "fantasea", but guess what - that is how many of us make a living.

    So why second guess an organization that is reknown for just that -organization. This is America and we can do anything. This is not life and death, but it is also not laying down and saying I quit.

    Yes, there are inconveniences; and no, the show will not be what it might have been - but pardon my French, it is very un-American to cut and run.

    If this were Katrina I too would be in favor of cancelling; however, the fact the the fat cats on Las Olas have to wait in line to fuel thier Mercedes is not a disaster, it is an inconvenience.

    And, yes, it is an inconvenient to redouble your efforts to make the biggest show on earth succeed in spite of natural phenomena; and, yes, it must be questioned why for all these years a boat show has been held 1 month before hurricane season ends, and yes, yes, yes......

    But that is why we are Americans - we walk on the moon; we build Liberty ships in 30 days to respond to attacks; we go to Europe to rescue our allies; and we rise to the occasion and say "I have not yet begun to fight" when the odds are stacked against us. We are Rocky, we are the underdog, and we do not accept the Euro observation that "it cannot be done."

    So, for an industry that has trusted and counted on Show Management to put on the finest yachting spectacles in the world, it is time to stand behind and support their decision to draw their line in the sand, Wilma or not.

    Agree or disagree, but be brave, be honest and do what you believe. The undeniably good cannot be denied.

    Why a lady buying a 150 foot yacht needs a free $30 ticket to attend stuns me (where is her helicopter?), but I am not surprised to hear the foreign contingents fail to sail in harm's way - that is their history, not ours.

    Good Luck to Show Management and I wish South Florida a fast recovery enhanced and bolstered by the success of the 2005 FLIBS! We will be there with bells on.

    But that just my opinion......I could be wrong.
  10. Norseman

    Norseman Senior Member

    Feb 24, 2005
    Ft. Lauderdale
    It was bad here in Ft. Lauderdale Monday morning, really bad.:(

    Having been through a few 'canes before I was not overly concerned as my boat and house was well prepared, but this one got my attention as the morning rolled on.

    Wind gusts up to 144 mph according to some sources.

    I had 12 lines on meh boat including 2 across the canal to keep her off the dock, but did not feel smug or secure watching the heavy CSY sailboat twist and jerk like a toy in the bath-tub with an angry 5 year old trying to smash it.
    Other boats in the neigborhood suffered damage and several broke loose with expensive results.

    Tuesday, the day after the big wind I drove down to the beach and checked on the Boat Show arena...Not good, all the tents and structures were trashed, lots of work to be had for the poor souls having to fix and clean up.

    I will remember Wilma as the day the Devil himself came-a-visiting.
  11. Motoryacht

    Motoryacht Member

    Jul 8, 2004
    Hollywood, FL
    2005 Laud Show

    I agree with Shadows comments, but I also think we have to draw a line at logic. Logic would dictate this is not the right time or place for this event. I’m looking to build a new boat, but I would just as well give the contract to a builder that stood down and made a donation to the cause instead.

    I know how important this show is to the local economy, but I think it is taxing the resources to have this now. Perhaps putting the show off is not the answer, but there are two more shows within driving distance for everybody. The Palm Beach show and Miami. Local residents can catch either of these.

    I can’t speak for others, but I go to the show for an overview. The decision comes later. The Ft Laud show has become increasingly difficult to get to and it’s lost some of its appeal because of that. The Wilma situation will make it even worse.

    I don’t know how important it is to see the biggest boat show anymore. The largest show is on the internet. I’ve gone onboard more boats thru Yachforums then any show I’ve ever attended. It’s a boat show every day.

    My vote is no. I’m staying home and cleaning up debris.
  12. YachtForums

    YachtForums Publisher/Admin

    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida
    From David Ritchie @ Hatteras...

    "We’ve been getting lots of inquiries about the state of affairs with the postponed Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Today has been a turning point with lots of good news coming in regarding hotels coming back online and electricity being restored to the area where the show operates. Below is an email campaign that we are forwarding to our dealers, customers, prospects, friends and the marine media that we hope will begin to generate some positive momentum regarding this show."

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  13. ychtcptn

    ychtcptn Senior Member

    Jul 8, 2005
    Lighthouse Point, FL
    Thumbs Up

    I am a captain that has been involved in the boat show in many different facets over the years. I am glad that they are having the show. Here's why-

    1. There are many freelance captains that depend on the show for a large boost to there income, no show no income. I watched a half dozen of my friends moving boats into the show today, who otherwise would of been sitting at home.

    2. All the temporary workers that are employed by Show Mananagement to set up and take down, no show, no income.

    3. Many companies have spent money on marketing and advertising, promotional and temporary employees to work the show, all money that cannot be recoup if the show was canceled.

    4. How about all the service and hospitality staff that lost a weeks work, due to the Hurricane, with the show coming, lets hope they can make some of it up.

    5. How about the cab drivers, limo drivers and bus drivers for show transportation.

    These are just a few of the people that would lose alot of money if the show was canceled. I am right here in the middle of all this, my boat came thru fine and I am looking forward to moving into the show on Sunday.

    Instead of telling your customers not to come, I think that you all should be telling them to come and spend there money. I think that would help alot of us more than staying home and complaining.

    I believe that by the time the show starts things will be up and running and South Florida will bounce back and that we will have one heck of a show. We don't need hand outs, we need the work!!

    FRYCOINC Guest

    The show management group is taking advantage of the industry with this boat show.
  15. brian eiland

    brian eiland Senior Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    St Augustine, Fl and Thailand
    I think you are right Mike. These boat shows sometimes only consider the 'profit motive'. They simply do not want to be held responsible for refunding this year's fees and assuming a lost ONE year only...shame
  16. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Show Management should be shot! What in blazes do you need this show for, or Kaye Pearson for that matter? I can’t believe these companies don’t stand up to him. This guy makes a fortune on these shows at your expense. Without you he’d be nothing. This show manager is committing blackmail. Pure and simple. For the amount of money you spend, why don’t you organize your own event, rent a marina, advertise it and fly prospective customers in. You would have no competition! May be then you could give your customers the attention they deserve instead of running them through like a herd of cattle. I don’t need arrogant little boat show beauty queens meeting me at a podium. I need someone with knowledge, answers and a bottom line. Only a few of us can afford big boats. Why would I fly to Florida to stand in lines, ride in buses and wait for a salesman that’s never owned or operated a yacht? One builder told me I needed an appointment and come back later! He’ll never see my business.

    I’m not comin. The poor folks in Florida have got enough trouble without us outa towners mixin in. Hope they all get though this. This show sure won’t help.
  17. LtherSolutions

    LtherSolutions New Member

    Oct 10, 2005
    Ft. Lauderdale
    I am at a loss for what to do. I am one of the ones who gets the leather looking good for the show and lost tons of jobs because of Willma. Now I cannot even work because of no gas. How are you going to get a cab when they don't have gas either. I think they should have pushed back atleast a month to let Lauderdale get on its feet.
  18. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest


    To the Show Organizers ... PLEASE WAKE UP!
    You're having a bad dream.
    FL is not ready to host the Boat Show.
    Not when basic utilities and the city infrastructure itself are in shambles.
  19. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    I mentioned the passes, parking, shuttle solely to say how easy it will make my travels down there on what is bound to be a logistical parking and route nightmare! I went last year, what a hard show to get around in.

    The free passes are the least of my concerns and that is simply a perk my broker does for all his clients whether they are buying a 30 footer or 300 footer.

    I don't own a plane, never will, I might buy a helicopter one day If I convince myself I really will get the value of it. I fly first class commercial, gets me anywhere I need to go about the same times any charter can do it for me. I am not ostentatious, or in any rush to be any place at anytime that requires me to overspend to get there just so I can say I flew in on my Lear Jet or whatever the jet set uses.

    Maybe my partner and I are not the norm here with wealth, it is a HUGE decision for us to even buy this yacht, not financially but emotionally. To take on more responsiblity, to have one more thing to look after and deal with in life isn't always a pleasure, keeping it simple is so much eaiser.

    One reason I would never buy a shadow boat is just that. Why would I want to double everything up just to have more and more and more with me! If it won't fit on one boat I don't need it!

    As it is the yacht I am looking at won't handle lifting the submarine I checked into, everything I inquire about here isn't a given I will get, I ask about things, research them, go look at them in person, think long and hard if I need it, want it, will use it and then if I can add it to my life without additional burdens I will go for it.

    Anyways going off the topic, but wanted to clarify as it was taken as a jab to me personally on getting tickets from my broker was some sort of sin to do!
  20. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    In my opinion the 2005 FLIBS should be cancelled.

    A boat show should be something very nice, where Owners and potential Owners feel themselves confortable, and where everybody in the yachtng industry can have the possibility to demonstrate their products.

    So I think the sentence "the show must go on" doesn't not apply to this kind of show... Sorry, but sometimes things are going not in the right direction.