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Delta Yacht Wallpapers

Discussion in 'Delta Yacht' started by YachtForums, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. Delta Yachts

    Delta Yachts was shaped by a passion for uncompromising quality and ideals rooted in family values. Founded by the Jones Family founded in the early 1960s, Delta began making high-speed pleasure boats, and then charter and commercial fishing boats.

    Located on the Duwamish River in Seattle, Washington, Delta became known as a trusted builder of fishing vessels sturdy enough to brave the harsh waters of the Pacific Northwest. Delta quickly became an industry leader, earning recognition for durable construction, reliable mechanical systems, and practical maintenance. These qualities—and more than 800 delivered vessels—gave Delta a solid foundation for its subsequent luxury yacht development.

    In the 1980s, Delta shifted its focus and embarked on the demanding mission it has since accomplished: to build the world's finest luxury yachts. Since 1990, Delta's new construction has consisted exclusively of mega yachts of the highest distinction. Delta's innovative designs, advanced technology, dedicated, seasoned staff, and commitment to client satisfaction have now made Delta an industry leader in the luxury yacht market.

    Throughout the years Delta has received top awards in several categories, including "Best Motor Yacht Interior" and "Highest Technical Achievement" at the annual ShowBoats Rendezvous in Monaco. After four decades, Delta, now a vibrant company 350 people strong, continues a heritage of leadership and excellence in yacht building.

    Delta offers an ideal venue for refit and repair. With three large assembly buildings, dry storage, and shops for all the marine trades, Delta can perform any kind of repair or refit. Delta’s 560’ of dockage, handling vessels up to 300’ long, guarantees that no job is too large. On-site offices allow Owners or their representatives to work closely with Delta staff. The 400-ton Marine Travelift—the largest in North America—enables Delta to provide large vessel haul-out with ease. Its advanced sling equalizing system ensures that mega yachts and other vessels are hauled out safely, gently, and with reduced stress on the hull. A 100-ton crane is available for smaller jobs.

    Among their more notable launches are the 126’ Sinbad, 147’ Gran Finale, 124’ Aerie, 160’ Gallant Lady, the 163’ Expedition Yacht “Triton” and the 240' steel hull, fiberglass superstructure "Laurel".

  2. Delta Yachts 164' "Triton"​
  3. Delta Yachts 164' - "Triton"​
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