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CRN Rolls Out 55M Superyacht Hull 134

Discussion in 'CRN News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Apr 22, 2015.

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  1. CRN Brings 55-meter Superyacht Hull 134 Out of The Shed
    Italian yard CRN technically launched their latest superyacht from their indoor building hall. Under the power of hydraulic crawler trucks, the new 55-meter superyacht emerged from inside the build hall where she was being finished to this point. The roll-out took place on April 16th at the Ancona CRN yard where Hull 134 was placed on the slipway where she will remain for a while to be prepared for actual launching into the water. This yacht was constructed in steel for the hull and aluminium for the superstructure.
  2. The design is one that is quite different for CRN to be honest and appears to draw strong lines from a military background. Whatever your take on the design, it was penned by the Nuvolari & Lenard design studio. On the interior, that is a collaborative effort featuring principle work by an architecture firm called Gilles et Boissier. They teamed-up with the CRN in-house interior design section to finesse the internal style. One aspect to aid the interior will be the generous gift of expansive glazing throughout the structure of the yacht. CRN is still to release official information on their latest launch. Splashing of hull 134 is anticipated in the coming few weeks.

    For more information:

    Via Enrico Mattei, n. 26
    60125 Ancona (AN)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.