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Concept Cat: VizTech "H2O-R8"

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. "H2O-R8 CAT"
    The Aqua Audi?​

    Yet another hydro-vision from the fertile mind of Bo Zolland and VizualTech Design
    is an Audi R8 based catamaran that puts the road-going version to shame. Based on Audi’s
    mid-engine, 4-wheel drive flagship, the “Aqua Audi” offers equally impressive performance with
    the inherent waterborne stability of a cat. Bo's remarkable talent for making Hot Cars into Cool Boats
    is once again showcased with the “H2O-R8”. To take a spin on a GR8 boat that is destined to
    become a dreamboat, scroll down...

    Based on the original Audi R8 concept car is the silver scheme with carbon side blades...
  2. Gull wings and boats don't mix, unless you're tossing bait. Still... you gotta love this!
  3. The proper location for a sports car engine. Period.
  4. "Jet-Ski Intake" view...
  5. The requisite red version, because red is faster... right?
  6. The side blades on the real R8 are the subject of much design debate, but water ingestion would prohibit their use on this concept...
  7. Up to speed...
  8. Side profile action...
  9. The Bat Cat?
  10. Shimmering silver with red accents...
  11. And last, a sea level view...
  12. For more information on Bo Zolland and VizualTech, visit... VizTech

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.