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Cat 3196 vs. Detroit DDEC or Cummins

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by AMGinfl, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. AMGinfl

    AMGinfl New Member

    Aug 7, 2005
    South Florida
    Hi All,

    We have finally made an offer on a Tiara (2001 43 Open). Sea Trial is tomorrow. My question is how concerned should I be about it's CAT 3196 engines. They have 450 hours and I plan to get both a hull survey and an engine survey.

    Every expert that I've spoken to mentions the Intercooler issues and most say CAT resolved the issue.

    Are these engines reliable if the they have been serviced properly and the intercooler issue has been addressed?

    Although it's very expensive, Extended warranty is available for them. Should I purchase the extended warranty?

    My options are to continue looking for an older model with Detriot DDECs or some 41s have the Cummins engines but are again more $$$.

    Any suggestions or thoughts will be appreciated.
  2. YachtForums

    YachtForums Publisher/Admin

    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida
    This post has been moved to the technical forum.

    On the 3196's, check out the following link. The problem is documented. For the most part, it's been addressed by Cat. Make sure the engines have received the proper updates and have this confirmed by providing the serial numbers to a Cat service facility.

    If you have any reservation about how the engines have been treated or maintained, the extended warranty could more than pay for itself should you need repair. Yes, it's expensive, but it's good insurance on a used boat. The cost is nominal compared to a rebuild. Mostly, it's peace of mind and you've already saved a good deal buying a used boat.

    A survey is always smart and it's reassuring (or required) for any purchase. Unless you personally know the history of the boat, for example it belongs to a friend or neighbor, or you happen to be very well versed on this particular make/model and what problems they have been prone to over their history... get the survey. In some cases, surveyors may not have first hand knowledge or experience with certain makes, brands and models. Still, they've come to know the tell-tale signs of certain problems. This doesn't mean ALL surveyors are competant or qualified. If you are sufficiently well-versed on a specific boat, he may be learning from you! I've experienced this a couple of times. The only time I would consider an exception to a survery is... if I'm intimately familar with that particular brand, make or model due to experience from prior ownership, or the knowledge gained by speaking with multiple owners of the same type vessel. These folks are often your BEST source of information.

    And finally, I'd be less concerned about the hull on a Tiara then anything else. Unless it's been used to search for submerged pilings at high speeds, Tiara builds one of the most solid hulls on the water. Sledge hammers fear them. ;)

    On the Detroit or Cummins options... I'm not sure which models were offered by Tiara in the year's you're searching, but if they paralled Sea Ray's offerings during these years, the Detroits will be slightly lower on horsepower. (I think 600hp on the DD's and 660hp on the 3196's? I can't remember now.)

    Anyhow, Sea Ray began installing Cummins powerplants in 2003 for the 480 Sedan Bridge line and they have proven VERY reliable. I know this from experience. The Detroits were also an option during the years Sea Ray was equipping the 480 SB's with 3196's (years: 1998 to 2002). Not sure what percentage, but it was low... maybe 5% of vessels delivered. I've spoken with two other 480 owners with Detroits. They've had NO problems. But that's no surprise.

    Good luck.