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C-MAP's new PC-Planner software

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by YachtForums, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. YachtForums

    YachtForums Administrator

    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida
    C-MAP launches new PC-Planner software

    C-MAP, a US provider of electronic charts for the marine industry, has launched a new version of its PC-Planner navigational software that is compatible with Furuno charting systems.

    With PC-Planner, owners of Furuno GPS chartplotters and multi-function instruments are now able to view chart data, measure distances and create and edit routes from the comfort of their own homes. Conversely, they can also take the information stored on a home computer and transfer it to an onboard chartplotter. The capability is available to owners of the Furuno NavNet system and GP 1650/1850 models, as well as Furuno instruments that use Navionics cartography.

    The latest version of PC-Planner has also been upgraded with enhanced features for improved performance. Users can now create multiple copies of existing routes and can reverse, rename and create new routes from existing waypoints. Navigators can also turn off or hide user points without deleting them. In addition, a new anti-grounding alarm automatically checks planned routes to ensure safe navigation based on user-defined criteria, such as minimum draft.
  2. Qocean

    Qocean New Member

    Feb 9, 2004
    Coast of Maine
    A little bit off topic but,

    I know a lot of people are using C-Map with their chart plotter, but anyone have any opinions with Nobletec Navigation software?

    The boat I work on has four types of navigation instruments: paper charts, Raymarine chart plotter, simple handheld GPS, Nobeltec, and of course the human element. It gets very expensive to buy charts/chips/software for each new “region” the boat travels.

    Anyone have some input, of just comments about the subject? Is there any new product that makes it more simple?

    Anything really new comming to the market?