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Broward Yachts History

Discussion in 'Broward Yacht' started by YachtForums, Nov 27, 2004.

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    Dec 22, 2002
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    Broward Yachts are the product of Broward Marine, located in Dania, Florida. Broward has been building yachts for over 50 years. Navy contracts led to building their first vessels and one of the first Broward yachts built in the 1950’s, “Alisa V” was 95 feet long and considered to be a megayacht in this era. Soon thereafter, Broward enjoyed decades of being the most sought after yachts.

    Broward Marine has focused on creating custom yachts specifically designed for their clients. Frank Denison, the founder of Broward was an avid yachtsman who enjoyed time spent on his creations, but mostly he was adamant about fulfilling his client’s dreams and delivering the finest yachts afloat. Although Broward’s were originally built of wood, aluminum became the material of choice and designers began working to blend the new metal technologies with traditional yacht lines.

    Broward has taken into consideration many favorite customer options, and subsequently integrated them into standard equipment for their newest launches. Today, Broward yachts are no longer produced, but they included a sport fish, raised bridge, raised pilothouse, and tri-deck models ranging from 98 to 156 feet in length.