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Broward re-opens Refit & Repair Division

Discussion in 'Broward Yacht' started by YachtForums, Apr 21, 2005.

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    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida
    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (April 19, 2005) – Broward Marine, a South Florida-based manufacturer of luxury, semi custom-built yachts, announces the reopening of its repair and refit division.

    Unlike most luxury yacht manufacturers, Broward Marine has its own repair and refit division, specializing in aluminum repair and hull extensions, repaint work, and bottom, shaft and prop repairs. The division reopened following Tom Lewis’ recent acquisition of Broward Marine.

    The facility can accommodate yachts up to 185’ with its 12’-deep marina and haul vessels up to 150 tons using its marine travel lift. The facility also has easy access to the South Florida waters of the Atlantic Ocean with no bridges. The division leverages unique technologies to also provide refit and interior redesign work. A highly skilled maintenance and service team, which includes onsite engineers, uses the latest metal cutting methods along with an advanced pre-build assembly system that maintains production deadlines.

    For example, the facility is capable of utilizing the pre-build system and onsite skilled technicians to pre-construct parts for a yacht undergoing a hull extension. Moreover, the facility’s South Florida proximity to parts vendors and shipping transportation eliminates further production delays.

    “Continued marine industry expansion has created the need for a luxury yacht repair and refit facility in South Florida,” said Robert Dean, general manager of Broward Marine. “The reopening of our repair and refit division supports this level of industry growth and further exemplifies Mr. Lewis’ commitment to revitalizing Broward Marine into one of the world’s premiere yacht companies.”

    The newly reopened division recently completed repair and mechanical service work on its first yacht, a 112’ Broward originally built in 2001. Repairs on the vessel consisted of paint, mechanical and annual bottom work.

    “It is extremely important to know that we can now return our yacht to the original manufacturer for service repairs,” said Chris Olsen, the yacht’s captain. “Along with the yacht owner, I like knowing that members of the original manufacturing team are available to provide service on the ship.”

    About Broward Marine

    Broward Marine is a South Florida-based manufacturer of luxury, semi custom-built yachts ranging from 100’ to 160’. Originally opened in 1948 and recognized worldwide as a reputable yacht manufacturer, the company was purchased by Tom Lewis on March 9, 2005. Broward Marine also consists of a world-class repair/refit division, a 12’-deep marina for large yachts, and a brokerage business. For more information and general sales inquiries, call (954) 925-8118.