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B+V Project Nahlin - Refit 2010-2011

Discussion in 'Blohm & Voss Yacht' started by MKM Membership Revoked, May 6, 2011.

  1. Today during the 'Einlauf Parade' = Ships' Parade of the 6 to 8 of May 'Hafengeburtstag' = Port Birthday at Hamburg, I noticed among all curiosities of ships (Unfortunatly I can't post pictures here, because my many photos mainly are from School Tall Ships or old Sailing Boats among the Warships and they are not properly 'yachts', the yachts are just small power boats during the festival), I noticed that the NAHLIN Yacht is really totally covered behind dock 11, in which seems another big refit conclusion is under made in her. Then with analysis of recent photos of her in comparing to old drawings or models before the big relaunch refit of 2010, it seems some curiosities of the early project were totally changed, like the colors, the air-intakes were reduced to only 4 and remained to back direction, instead of previously to front; if there is no rotation now to them. The tenders seems not there. Only just one at starside with 2 possibilites, while the portside 3 places are totally empty. I don't know if this another refit would bring that to the full situation. Another point is the color of chimney and the air-intakes, instead of grey, would be much better in gold shinning to resemblance the ornament in bow. See the montage picture below for a fast illustration of mine.
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    Mar 29, 2006
    MKM becareful about the pics you post with watermarks, copyright copyright copyright....are those your photos? Thanks for the news though :)
  3. The photos of the Parade are all mine, but are not included here. Those are just taken for my explanation picture exemplification and the sources are all carefully mentioned on them. I know about copyright, but would be too difficult without a picture to explain. Be free to remove if you think appropriated. Those photos are taken from Google, not mine.
  4. Justus

    Justus Guest

    Refit again ?!
    Maybe costs now more then a rebuild with this lengh :D
  5. For sure you are right. This one was among the 4 of that time that did not brought money to the yard, but just expenses and more expenses and much money lost, which almost brought the Yacht department to bankruptcy. I don't know if the service now is under the 'Repair' dept. or the 'Yacht' dept. I believe because the position she is, it seems done from the 'Thyssen Group Repair' part, which is in better financial situation to do. ;) I don't know if the yard now is earning money with her, i believe not either.
  6. Justus

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    Not good for B&v after the difficult build of Eclipse..
  7. her floating dock was changed position to inner side of dock 16. She was uncovered. Seems services getting closed soon.

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  8. She was been changed docks. Now she is behind dock 5. Works continue.