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1969 41 Chris Craft Roamer Wins "Best in Show"...

Discussion in 'Chris Craft Roamer Yacht' started by homer1958, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. kips ahoy

    kips ahoy New Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    Lake City, Mn

    Looks great...I love the 41's:)
  2. 9lives

    9lives Member

    Nov 30, 2004
    Lake Superior
    Kimberly Ann is more than Awesome!

    When we restored the exterior of our Regal I thought that was the hardest part! BIG TIME WRONG. The woodwork and rebuilding on this boat, as well as Homers is a standard that will be hard for any of us to achieve! To be able to present such a finely crafted interior takes many hundreds if not thousands of manhours of dedication by the owner. Don't even bother with counting the boat units on top of the labor. I will make sure my wife never sees these pictures or we will never get the boat back in the water and instead spend the next 4 years trying to get close to the level of craftmanship you have set!
    Well Done Al.
  3. homer1958

    homer1958 Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Annapolis MD
    Thank You very much Mark

    In all fairness to all viewers, I must agree with you.

    What I try to discourage is anyone buying these "Roamers on the cheap" and think they are going to end up with such workmanship.

    I have indeed thrown a few laborers off for being mediocre and I have indeed invested thousands of personal hours, and from numerical point would not recover unless someone from Hollywood called and had to have such a 60's vintage boat for a movie. Homer's interior is Circa Italiano 2011, was resprayed 3 times with ICA from Italy because the first jobs were inferior ... finally got it right. Everything was sprayed except the bottom paint.

    There are a few Roamers that make this grade, Kimberly Ann is one of them, Sundowner may be the other and Jim Wick made this point. Homer's may be the other, but this is not for Homer to judge as perhaps there are more we do not know about.

    What I do not fancy is people picking them up on the cheap, bstrdizing them or doing Home Depot grade work. If you are going to not do it properly, leave it in the junk and let someone else go at it please. If you bstrdize it, you will have a very difficult time selling.... simple as that... nobody wants a basement boat. Don't think you are a better desginer than Dick Avery, because you are not.

    But, they do indeed... particularly if aluminum, make for a great vintage area 60's boat to restore. As far as the aluminum, Chris Craft did use the best grade marine which was 5086
    You have to love working with your hands or do not even start.

    At the Annapolis boat show, I could not get over a 42' Sea Ray they were asking $875k for!!! If Kimberly Anne or Sundowner or even Copy Cat were parked next to the Sea Ray... nobody or few would even consider the Sea Ray frankly.. it would be like sitting on a white plastic porch chair vs. a Stickley or Hickory at a party. Certain Roamer vintages and sizes are timeless classics. I believe they are the 37, 38 and the 41 aluminums and this is not to undermine other years or models... rather it is a matter of lines and size practicality.

    Do it right or do not do it.. there are too few left to do otherwise.