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1966 37' Roamer Riviera For Sale - $17,000

Discussion in 'Chris Craft Roamer: Buy/Sell/Trade' started by sklevorn, Aug 4, 2010.

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  1. sklevorn

    sklevorn New Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    manistee, mi
    General Description
    1966 Roamer Riviera
    37 Feet
    Steel Hull

    Twin 427 Ford engines. Not sideoilers.
    Starboard engine - about 500 hrs SMOH
    Port engine - Replaced in 2008 with a used engine from Ohio. ~1,200 hours.
    Transmissions both rebuilt when engines rebuilt in 2002
    Spare set of props that came with it
    The original water separators were replaced with Racor elements and new fuel line was run
    There's no fume detector but there is a huge manual CO2 system if you happen to be on board at the wrong time. Inspected in 2000 with the fire extinguishers if I remember right. The tags will tell the truth.

    Electrical Power
    -This inverter set up provides enough power to run any one of the major 110v appliances EXCEPT the cabin heater and the water heater - those two draw too much! Or you can run a bunch of smaller loads. Blueberry pancakes after the morning bite slows down - now those are some tasty pancakes. Anyway, the house bank sits between the engines where the generator used to be.

    30 amp connections forward and aft
    Xantrex Freedom 458 - 2000 Watt Inverter w/ 100amp battery charger
    Xantrex Link 1000 Remote Control Panel
    Xantrex Pathmaker 3 bank- automatic combiner/isolator
    Replaced the 300Ah house system with a single house battery in 2008 as we have not been cruising extensively
    2 starting batteries - new in 2008

    Electronics and misc electrical info
    I installed this in 2005 - the old radar would go out every time it got extra foggy and the depth finder wouldn't find bottom when on plane. Granted, she'll pretty much mow down anything in her path but, being the humanatarian I am, I decided it was better to be safe than crush some lesser vessel. This new system is very nice. I did have to take off the original "dashboard" but I still have it. The engine guages were all replaced as well.

    C120 12" multifunction color display
    DSM300 Digital Sounder
    600 watt thru hull with high speed fairing (B744VL)
    Raystar 125 GPS Module
    2kw 24 mile Raydome
    Navionics Gold - Great Lakes Chart cartridge
    Raymarine VHF (Ray54 I think)
    New 8' antenna

    Hailer/fog horn-
    Can't remember the make/model of the head but it works
    Replaced the loudpeaker with the Raymarine gear

    Good tunes - AIWA head. It has a removable face, a remote control, an MP3 capable CD Player, and an input jack on the FRONT face to plug in an MP3 player or portable sattelite radio. It has a Pioneer amp for the rear speakers and four Pioneer 6 1/2" dual cone, all weather speakers. If it can rock this boat it must really rock!

    I love the original spotlight so I rewired and retrofitted it with a 100 or 140 watt halogen bulb.
    It was a little tricky to do and I did it in 2005. They can probably see it from the space station on a clear night.

    The Interior
    Reupholstering the pullman berth and the settee was one of the first things we did. Carpet is pretty new and is a neutral burbur. The main piece is easy to replace, just get four or five feet off a 12' roll and use the old stuff as a pattern. The table and counter tops are all in good shape. The V-berth isn't too bad but it's getting a little rough. We have had 5 grade school boys sleep in there at one time! It's that big. The original electric oven and three burner stove work fine. The original fridge pooped out and since it wasn't AC/DC I replaced it with a Norcold - can't remember what model but it fits in the hole with about 4-5 inches to spare on top (a good place to make a matching drawer for the pack rat in all of us). I put a nifty 12v light on the bottom bunk of the pullman berth for the readers in the family. It's only accessible when the top bunk is raised. The woodwork is in pretty good shape - the wallpaper is getting a little rough but I hate wall papering! The curtains need help, my wife has been on me to put blinds in since day one. I think they're classic. The head - It's electric, macerator, big holding tank I put in after having "issues" with the ****** little 8 gallon job it came with. 25 or 30 gallons, plastic and relocated to the engine room. The shower - never used it. The heater under the stairs has a thermostat and it will heat the entire cabin on the coldest of days. There are 10 rodholders on the ceiling.

    The Exterior
    Well - she needs a paint job. Has ever since we bought it. No other way to put it. The varnished mahogony is in very good condition. I completely stripped it when I bought it. Let it get a little out of hand one year and there are some stains as a result. It needs the annual varnish done to keep it up. Live and learn... The aft canvas is 2001 or 2002 Sunbrella. No glass. Three pieces. White. The bow canvas for the bench was replaced in 2004 or 2005. Also white Sunbrella. The bow cushions appear to be original and are in very good condition. Incredibly comfortable up there and really neat when she's running in open water. Best seat in the house. The anchor stows on the bow and there's easily a few hundred feet of rode in good shape. The hardtop is excellent for jumping off, kids (and some adults) love to jump off the roof into the water. If you've never been on one of these - you will be amazed at the "sidewalks" on either side of the boat leading from the cockpit to the bow. There is a rear gate in the cockpit and a mid entrance by the spring cleat. Visually this boat has beautiful lines.

    The Cockpit
    I made a new front 1/2 of the overhead electronics cabinet, the guage cluster, and the base for the C120. The two swing up cockpit seats need to be redone soon. The cockpit sole was replaced in the 2001 or 2002 timeframe. This was a big job. The only thing I didn't do was replace the painted mahogony gunwale trim. The plan was to replace it when the topside got painted. For the uninitiated - you can put two large pizza's and a greek salad on the dash and still have room for plates, paper towels, drinks, and utensils.
    Details -
    Okume marine plywood floor
    White oak framing for hatches
    Mahogony stringers replaced as necessary
    All screws countersunk and plugged
    Everything encapsulated in West System 2 part epoxy
    Underside of sole has 4 part sound proofing (mylar, 1" foam, 1/8" lead, 1/4" foam)
    Nautolex flooring with Nautolex glue for easy replacement when the time comes.
    All new hinges and hardware for hatches
    3/8" King Starboard polymer for the cockpit sidewalls (really nice stuff)

    There are three heavy duty aluminum folding chairs.
    Has a separate raw water washdown.
    The whole "dash" for lack of a better term was painted last year to "accomodate" the new electronics.
    I rewired the overhead cockpit light in 2005.

    Fishing Gear
    This is an excellent fishing platform.
    Bases for 5 downriggers - corners swivel
    3 Cannon Magnum 10 electric downriggers with auto stop and positive ion control
    Rebuilt and updated by Cannon service 2002ish so they're pretty much new
    FishHawk 840 - bought this the first year I bought the boat I think
    Lee outriggers - not perfect but very functional. Disassembled at the moment.
    Bert's custom rod holder bases and holders. 4 bases. Not many holders (using them on our little boat).
    Rods, reels, lures negotiable.

    The Hull
    It was blasted down to the metal in 2004 from the bootline down. The welder extended existing plates on the keel line near the bow and a few more in various spots to cover pin to pea sized holes. It was then etched with Interlux Viny-lux primewash to condition the metal. Then came four or five coats of Interlux Interprotect 200e, finally a few coats of Interlux Tri-lux 33 in blue. Even so - there are two 1500-2000GPH (can't remember for sure) rule bilge pumps in the engine room and another smaller (600GPH or so) in the forward bilge. All on automatic switches.
    The forward bilge isn't wired properly - I used the vent fan in the head as a power source instead of drilling a hole in the firewall. It's a couple hour job to properly complete this item.

    The End
    That's it. Seriously for sale at $17,000 OBO.


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  2. Arendie

    Arendie New Member

    Nov 28, 2010
    IE, CA
    Is this boat still available?

    If so, are there more pictures available? Inside? Engines, etc?
  3. sklevorn

    sklevorn New Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    manistee, mi
    Yes it is still for sale. Send me a PM with your name and email address and I will send you additional pictures. Thanks, Scott.
  4. sklevorn

    sklevorn New Member

    Aug 4, 2010
    manistee, mi
    Sold it.

    Sold it.
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