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1959 Chris Craft Roamer For Sale

Discussion in 'Chris Craft Roamer: Buy/Sell/Trade' started by kips ahoy, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. kips ahoy

    kips ahoy New Member

    Dec 27, 2004
    Lake City, Mn
    31' Steel Chris Craft Roamer with trailer
    We purchased this Roamer in early spring of 2002 it had been on
    drydock for 10-12 years, What caught my eye was it looked very
    similar to one my parents had when I was young, after looking at it
    I discovered it was indeed the very same boat. It even had some
    of the same decorations on board. So we purchased the boat!
    And the great memories continued. The 1st thing we did was completely
    sand the bottom and paint with 2 coats of Inturlux Interprotect watertight
    primer and 2 coats of Trilux 33 anifouling paint
    We also completly painted the sides of the hull with Interlux brightside.

    This boat runs exceptionally, we have spent almost every weekend in the summer aboard, taking it out everyday.
    At least once a year going to LaCross (90 miles). Below are some of the major items we did and their costs
    We also repainted the bottem with Trilux 33 anifouling paint yearly
    During every winter the boat has been stored indoors

    Winter 2002-2003
    Completely rebuilt engines $5,313.00
    Transmissions $4,364.00
    Generators $300.00
    starters $300.00
    Chris-o-Matics $600.00
    rebuilt Tachs $300.00
    complete Sunbrella camper top
    including TopGun Tonneau cover $5,301.00
    Removed tanks & tank renew $800.00
    Winter 2003-2004
    new hard top cabin canvas $500.00
    Swim platform $450.00
    New Stainless Steel rudders & Shafts $600.00
    rebuilt gauges $300.00
    Mufflers $550.00
    Winter 2004-2005
    New foam for interior $455.00
    new upholstery $1,000.00
    Winter 2005-2006
    Trailer (very road worthy & legal) $2,500.00
    rebuilt gauges $300.00

    Sub Total $23,933.00

    Engines and trannies now have around 155 hours

    Asking Price: $15,000

    Location: Lake City, Mn

    Contact: Kip Shefveland
    We are selling because we bought a 1959 41 Roamer regal

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  2. Tug Wilson

    Tug Wilson New Member

    Jan 6, 2017
    Ottawa Ontario Canada
    What ever happened to Kips Ahoy?