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Review: Trinity Yachts 196' Trideck "Bacarella"

Discussion in 'Trinity Yacht' started by YachtForums, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Trinity Yachts 196’ Trideck “Bacarella”
    Design, Engineering & Execution; a Trinity of Technology

    Review by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy

    At, we feature many fine yachts, yet even among those worldwide standouts,
    a unique few generate extra praise for conspicuous, artful design and innovation. One particular yacht
    devoted to Trinity’s acclaimed excellence is its latest triumph, “Bacarella” (or ‘little boat’) presenting an
    elegant, yet informal lifestyle. She also cherishes a fascinating tale to tell.

    In-build as ‘T-40’ the bare boat went through the Gulf’s roaring, horrific, New Orleans Hurricane Katrina, but the yacht was not yet finished. It survived – as Trinity was widely praised for its compassion, caring for the welfare of its workers who braved that awful storm. Soon, the builder, headed by President Billy Smith, emerged, recuperated and fully equipped at its Mississippi yard. The corporation’s exceptional programs for its customers – such as one year’s free crew-training – continue to gain notable loyalty for its returning yachtsmen and women, who include a notable number of owners on their third Trinity yachts. Smith emphasizes that fact, saying “We want owners to return for a long term relationship; such as one example, “Lady Linda” owned by Rick Hendrick, plus a number of others. We help owners sell their old Trinitys, as well.”
  2. In the meantime, that spine-chilling storm history also changed plans for the steel-hulled ‘T-40’ yacht, still in her building cradle. A change of ownership included the stretch to a larger size, from 55m (180’) to 60m (196’), with her wide beam of 35’6”. This voluminous regeneration also revised her interior plan, to feature a relaxed but sparkling California-style personality. Interior design is centered on distinctive, rich-grained elm, limestone, stainless steel, and glass. Throughout, the design scheme also sports driftwood, bronze, slate pavement in staterooms; plus spas, informal gathering areas and individual decks.
  3. From above, Bacarella’s spaciousness seems obvious, however even here the deck planning and general layout organization reflects Trinity’s widely experienced designs for special Military assignments, where the latest organizational advances are quickly assimilated into the private market. That procedure is especially notable in the engine/utility areas, which we’ll see later in this review. Here on the top deck, also crisply organized with concise positioning, note, forward, her ever-ready Nautical Structures 2,500 lb. launching crane for her bow-tender, a Zodiac RIB. She also boasts a stern boarding gangway, Marquipt 26’ w/teak deck overlay.
  4. As for Military background, Smith grants, “We have a sister company building vessels for Special Ops; among them a RIB you can drop from a C130; the only Air-Certified RIB in the world. We find this diversification valuable; our Military builds are technically much more sophisticated; different hull shapes, different beam widths, advanced thinking and procedures.” A number of the military advances are eagerly picked up by the general builders, from Trinity’s lead.
  5. A major focus of this extraordinary yacht is her exciting and unusually detailed interior, by Bannenberg & Rowell. (Dickie Bannenberg is the son of legendary yacht designer Jon Bannenberg. His London design firm has won two consecutive World Superyacht Awards.) Even on the spacious Fly Deck & Bar, shown here, thoughtfulness and detail are the rule, with each element designed specifically for its purpose and space.
  6. Fitted forward on the flydeck, this full walk-around whirlpool grants a comforting view of waters yet-traveled. Cushioned seats, backrests and lounge pads line the perimeter with sturdy stainless handrails for entering the pool. Supplies are conveniently located under the pool steps, which are lit for safety.
  7. Stepping inside, Bacarella's bridge features two all-leather helm chairs flanking a central charting island equipped with a Transas NS3100i. Forward, a squad of large viewing screens, separate for individual views, rather than shoulder to shoulder; a distinct advantage with the larger beamed yacht. Nav systems include Furuno S & X Band color radars with 96 nautical mile range, C-Plath gyro compass, Northstar 6100i GPS, Furuno echo sounder and DS 80 IMO compliant speed log.
  8. The ship's helm centers on operating systems. All computerized systems on the yacht are controlled from this central vantage point, presenting detailed images of surrounding areas, in port or at sea, as well as vital ship's systems during operation. Direction, speed and stability are all within easy reach. Comm equipment includes VSAT Fleet Broadband, Furuno VHF's and a Newmar intercom set.
  9. Also on the Bridge level, a commanding, well padded leather couch allows a conversation nook for observers. A practiced designer’s touch: varying textures, colors, and patterns, contrasting with B/W art hangings.
  10. Here we catch a full view of the Skylounge, handsomely decorated in quiet grey and soft brown tones. The full impact of her decor is strikingly modern in concept; artistically arranged with its circular theme carried out, even in triangular sections for the footstools. The far wall exhibits a soft grey background for the 48” screen to international TV programming or news, while her central game-table dominates.
  11. Bacarella’s long, carved limestone serving bar (limestone doesn’t show fingerprints; bartenders love it) in the Salon, serves a line-up of comfortable, boxy, designer chairs. Well padded, they are made to order for complete relaxation; plus a cooling libation, any time of the day or night. Check that original artwork on the far wall; it’s a pleasant, extraordinary getaway.
  12. An alternate viewpoint shows more of her deep-cushioned easy chairs, while in the background, the flashy bar decor enlivens the scene with a decorative decanter display of wine/cordial/liqueur, your choice.
  13. Bacarella’s Lobby dramatically flourishes artistic taste with the thematic hexagonal pattern for her entryway; done in flattened wrought iron; a picturesque theme also registered throughout the yacht. Note how the pattern “reverberates” in flooring and wall shadows.
  14. Bacarella’s central elevator, not escaping the architectural arts scheme, exhibits a well described floor plan of Zodiac symbols, plus interior walls of patterned stainless steel to augment its fine wood veneers. All three decks are linked with the elevator, stairs, plus iron and crystal balustrades. At the bridge deck level, guests arriving by the elevator see a 12-foot wide world map carved in green slate. (next pic)
  15. This clever literary voyage across the globe lists informational quotes by many famous names, such as Lord Chesterfield's... "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore." or John F. Kennedy's... "All of us have in our veins the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean, and, therefore, we have salt in our blood, in our sweat, in our tears. We are tied to the ocean. And when we go back to the sea -- whether it is to sail or to watch it -- we are going back from whence we came."
  16. A novel and dramatic seating arrangement allows all participants to face each other in a warm and welcome living room, worthy of the finest hotel or cordial gathering. Still, she holds to her theme of squared-off softness, and soothing, well balanced shades, with well-lit areas from large windows at each beam. Bacarella flaunts perhaps the largest living room/salon of any yacht this size; featuring custom designed Bannenberg & Rowell displays in driftwood and bronze.
  17. On the salon separation wall, a 60" Pioneer flat screen will entertain the entire group through her onboard systems and ability to draw in TV/Radio from the ship's server. Here, Bannenberg & Rowell's use of wood, glass and metal all come together in a modern sanctuary of earth's elements.
  18. Exquisite is the magic word to describe Bacarella’s near-royal splendor in her dining grandeur. Through powered, sliding curved doors: Seating for twelve, with a massive table of inset opaque glass emitting a glowing light from above and below.
  19. Soft-lacquered, sculpted mahogany wall decor. Here we see the robust standard on which the dining table rests, plus her grandiose tulip glasses for water and wine. (Pssst... behind a secret, bronze-wrought door, she harbors space for more than one hundred bottles of rare wines).
  20. More master strokes from Bannenberg & Rowell are these one of a kind lamp designs, which insinuate a soft glow of light from the room’s corners, plus, in themselves are fascinating works of art. Note also this close-up of the patterned wood table-top, and unusual wall veneers; every scene and setting a visual delight.
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