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Review: Royal Huisman's Athena!

Discussion in 'Royal Huisman Yacht' started by YachtForums, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. Photo Caption: The main aft deck is better equipped, with food prep and wet bar stations just forward of the port/starboard dining tables. This lay-out creates a clear passageway... with the exception of that pole! ;)
  2. Photo Caption: The satellite seating at each corner of the main aft deck carries on with Athena's theme. Sizes and shapes may change, but the finish and style is consistent throughout.
  3. Photo Caption: A perfect place to romp in the sun or simply vegetate, the aft-deck lounge features a partial hood to keep the sun out of your eyes while warming your body. The U-shaped structure that surrounds the lounge pads adds protection from the wind... and keeps you from rolling out of bed when Athena begins to heel.
  4. Photo Caption: Seats ranging from cushioned to bare teak are integrated throughout the decks, along with rail-lined end tables. These seats also double as storage lockers for deck equipment and we expect they will see their share of stow-aways as well. :)
  5. Photo Caption: Mounted prominently and in stately fashion, the style of Athena's nameplate invokes her classic roots. Even the lighting is conducive to the era, with a stainless bar running above the nameplate that uses conventional spot bulbs for illumination. None of that new-fangled backlighting allowed!
  6. Photo Caption: This hand rail exemplifies Royal Huisman's mastery, with wood-bending that is borderline mind-bending. This is only one of dozens of junctions that must be mated-up properly. A time consuming and arduous process at best, it's the difference that reflects generations of woodworking skills.
  7. Photo Caption: When this bell first rang in 2004, it was heard around the world. It is mounted on the front deck, in between Athena's main anchor winches. Note to the vane, check your reflection against the top of the bell, not the rim. ;)

    Photo Caption: Seven flat panel displays line the bridge. Noticeably absent is the ship's wheel, until you look out the bridge windows. A bench seat is provided for central command, with adjustable helm chairs taking position behind port and starboard auxillary workstations.
  9. Photo Caption: The overview of the instrument control panel...

    Upper-Left: Search Light
    Lower-Left: Iridium SatPhone
    Left-Center: Robertson Autopilot w/ B&G Nav System
    Upper-Center: C. Plath Compass
    Lower-Center: Roller-Ball Mouse
    Right-Center: Throttles and analogue RPM gauges
    Right-Lower: For/Aft Controls for Holland/Roer twin 275hp thrusters
    Right-Upper: “Now Hear This!” (Avaya Internal Voice Over IP)
  10. Photo Caption: A close-up of the central display panels features three of the captain’s favorite prime time shows. To port… engine rpm’s, loads, exhaust temps, oil pressures, etc. At center… the next destination and how to get there without running aground. And to starboard… pitch, rudder angle, depth, heading, wind speed, wind direction, etc.
  11. Photo Caption: The navigation station is located inside the wheelhouse, behind the bridge. From here, the captain has worldwide communications capability and two flat screen panels that monitor over 8500 alarm sensors via the ship's main computer, a scaleable Linux based system designed to accommodate the latest hardware as it comes available.

    Photo Caption: The engine room corridor is fully insulated by an Illpedanze absorption system resulting in decibel levels so low, soft conversations are carried on without interruption. Impressive, considering 2000 horsepower Cat's are singing in stereo behind these walls. A number of 3-glaze viewing windows line the corridor, which has proven a popular place for guests to observe Athena's alternative propulsion method.
  13. Photo Caption: Words can't describe a breaker panel of this proportion. Another ship's information display is located here, along with a handrail guarding the panel, which helps prevent accidental switching when Athena is leaning.
  14. Photo Caption: The engineer's office is located at the entrance to the engine room's main corridor. It features two computer workstations merging with a single fax/copy/printer. Notice the shelves lined with the ship's manuals for diagnostics and direct overhead flourescent lights for each desk.
  15. Photo Caption: The well equipped workbench includes a mill & lathe, a vise, compresser and electrical outlets for power tools.
  16. Photo Caption: One of TWO main engines that are seperated by the central corridor. These twin Cat 3516B's, rated at 2000 horsepower (at 1600 rpm) transmit power through ZF 7540 NR Gearboxes with a 3.429:1 reduction. This combo is connected to special LIPS Variable Pitch props, which automatically adjust to the engine output. The four-blade props are 1.6 meters in diameter. For maneuving, Athena has two 275hp side-thrusters. The forward thruster is conventionally integrated into the bow, while the aft thruster is deployable. It is lowered as needed for maneuvering, but raised for sailing, thus reducing drag.
  17. Photo Caption: Another information systems display is located adjacent to the custom Bosch Rexroth / RHS manifold system, as well as a remote camera, phone and wash-up sink. Not shown are two HEM series watermakers, in addition to four Caterpillar generators supplying diesel electric power.
  18. Photo Caption: The crew lounge has two dining tables with 180 degree, L-shaped seating and fixed pedestal bar stools on opposing sides of the lounge. A commerical grade coffee maker keeps the crew awake and a large flat screen television keep them entertained. A ship's information display is also located in the crew mess as well. Because a sailing ship will need more crew than a motoryacht, considerably more space is allocated to their living quarters.
  19. Photo Caption: A concerto of stainless and granite fill the senses when entering the galley. Commercial grade, it makes provisions for 12 guests and 18 crew. With three squares a day for this number of people, there's a little math involved too, so... ordering, storing and selecting provisions is done through a computerized inventory system in the main deck office.
  20. Photo Caption: A close up of the cook tops and exhaust hood. Notice the large hand rails that line the edges of the stoves, providing a leaning post for the chef when Athena is underway. This is the same reason the edges of all the counter surfaces are raised... to keep food and utensils off the floor.
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