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Review: Pendennis 105' Motorsailer "AKALAM"

Discussion in 'Pendennis Yacht' started by YachtForums, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. Yacht Pendennis “Akalam” 105’ Motorsailer
    Windows; As Far As The Eye Can See!

    by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy​

    Presenting the Motorsailer’s Dream: Conceived and executed with design alterations which
    may open eyes; attracting the attention of yacht designers and sailors world-wide. She’s the Family
    Sailing cruiser that slips into a sea-going range between those barely adequate afternoon cruise boats
    and the ostentatious displays of millionaire superyachts. From the premiere British yacht builder Pendennis,
    we now debut this worldwide-capable live-aboard yacht; She is “Akalam,” an outstanding105’/32m Motorsailer.​

    While this unusual yacht’s plan is to foster far-and-away roving -- with the family circle: That is, ‘World Travel in Your own Family-sized Yacht;” It also challenges several long-accepted sea-faring no-no’s; for which it is certain to gain widespread acclaim; or perhaps a measure of critique, from traditionalists. Designed by Iñigo Toledo of Barracuda Yacht Design, with interior by Javier Munoz; for England’s Pendennis builders; here Y/F unfurls:

    “Akalam”: a Cruising Sailboat With A View!​

    Lengthy and spacious enough to house and entertain a large live-aboard family and/or crew; a qualified solution to planning a world-circling tour -- or those secretly dreamed of, undiscovered island voyages. Think of that. Happening upon the ultimate surprise: “Land Ho! I see it. Dead ahead, just off the Starboard bow! Is that - Treasure Island?”
  2. “Akalam” invites yachting travel through those “nothing-short-of-magical” Mediterranean and Caribbean Isles, joining numbers of Live-Aboard voyagers who have dedicated themselves to cruising. From one interesting foreign port to another; “Akalam” slides right in with those “yachties;” cruisers, ranging from ‘minimal’ 40-footers to fabulous +300’ superyachts. Shipyards and island countries are eager to greet their sea-faring customers; the gathering of Motorsailers; hosting singles, doubles, families, all having the time of their lives. Carib sunshine is a repeat in the Med, with perhaps a slightly larger gathering of grand supercruisers. This British-built sailing yacht is the genuine ticket for visits to intriguing foreign countries around the Globe; Australia, China, Japan, South America, U.S and Canada, Alaska. Interesting ports all. Dozens more to welcome avid wanderers. Seeing the world like no one else. It’s all a travel feast for “Akalam” and her crew.
  3. Here, the lady with her mysterious and fetching graphite-black aluminum hull and ivory- champagne superstructure, shows off her sea-going lines from overhead. However, perhaps her most intriguing facet is the newest innovation. Her multiple glass windows, in the pilothouse – approaching 360° views from there – and throughout the hull bow to stern, peak to staterooms. No matter where you stand on this sailing yacht, her marvelous deck- plan allows you a “living room view” of what’s out there; the slip next door, fore, aft, the horizon. This strongly innovative design approach – boasting a glistening 13 total, captivating visual ports – allows no dark, foreboding ‘basements’ for this lady; unlike most sailing craft. Wherever you gaze, up or down, windows let the light stream in; opening to the world-wide view. And that includes her staterooms. In the sailing world, she is Simply Stunning.
  4. Her rear deck, flaunting her flag in this shot, also sports a strong, wrap-around stern pulpit, fitted and firmly attached at either beam, aft at the transom. Gracefully ensconced at the rear, this extra-strong guard rail emphasizes her design for long-range safety at sea; while also providing for the boarding ladder, or stern gangplank. If you look closely, you will see the outline of her fold-out stern garage that houses the ship's dinghy, eager to run ashore for provisions.
  5. Windows? How did this happen? Here on the top deck with plentiful storage and comfort, notice the unusual innovations which bring this design to perhaps world-wide attention. That is; how one Owner’s preference and influence altered pre-existing ideas in design; over-riding perhaps many hundred years of boat-building experience. This owner, however, took the stance that his yacht should not have to follow every priority set by others. He decided it “was only a yacht perhaps;” but “His Yacht;” and he’d have it “His way” for arrangements, space usage. So, no dark-and-sinister basements in this hotel; Mind made up: There would be, bow to stern – windows; plenty of glass windows. Easy for him to say, of course, but great challenges and clever solutions lay ahead.
  6. Reinforcing the Owner’s laid back approach to cruising, shown from the opposite, forward angle, is her handy outdoor table, (inch-thick glass, of course), poised over the strip teak decking. Farther aft, more comfortable lounging spaces and furniture. Overhead, provision is made for outdoor comfort by a fixed Bimini top which also sports roll-up screens to promote and enjoy sun-tanning-temperatures, or not; as you like it. She glories in her aft deck area compassing a mammoth 72 square yards. Outside, her accommodations truly put seafarers At-One-With-The-Sea. All this glistens on Barracuda’s Inigo Toledo-designed aluminum hull.
  7. At the Helm: This compact close-up of Akalam’s well-integrated helm confirms the ship is set up for cruising; lengthy and /or day-sail voyages. Just aft the salon house, twin helm stations, port/starboard. All the latest instrumentation for trips near or far, assuring confident planning and ease of handling. Her JP3 Steering system includes an all-carbon rudder and stock, plus /self-tacking jib; as well as remote control handling of lines and winches. To provide ease of control issues, a SPIN onboard control system (by Barcelona Monitors) exercises complete domain of systems and functions. Just aft the pilot-house, a curved sliding glass door opens to the afterdeck. There, a highly conceived privacy setting; sophisticated, w/LED technology, can turn the clear glass door to opaque with a hidden switch; assuring certain privacy when needed.
  8. Her main salon, shown here, could also doubles as a corporate meeting / convention room. Crisp, comfortable seating in leather-covered chairs, and a 44” flat TV screen that rises at the trip of a switch. Above, and all sides, note the view, through unbreakable windows. A strange and hardly believable vision occurs; when from below, sailing closed-halled up wind with the yacht well healed; you see waves rushing past her sparkling windows.
  9. Dining is a pleasure, seated in this nicely arranged area, following the Owner’s “Board Room” style preference; oaken tan chairs and black onyx table. Also overhead, note widowed “day-lighting.”
  10. Akalam’s galley, too, is concisely laid out, arranged for ultimate convenient use and traffic; with comforting color choices. Her galley is also carefully presented, arranged for convenient use and traffic patterns. Featuring, of course, the absolute latest in kitchen-food-prep appliances and convenience.
  11. Akalam’s Master stateroom continues the strictly organized “Top Management design theme,” beam to beam, with a king-sized raised berth, plenty of stowage capacity, and yes, a startling, unexpected complete assembly of glass windows at both beams, for superb lighting and perception.
  12. This unenclosed view of her Master Suite shouts “Comfort” while also following her strict ‘Top-Executive’ demeanor. Note here the design-wise combination of woods: Interior designer Javier Munoz created an “apartment style” tone, with mainly light sycamore woods, accented by its opposing shade of medium-dark khaki grey zebrano, plus touches of exotic panga and spicy olive.
  13. Inside her double head/bathroom she sports a large vanity with a sink, plus a blue-tiled, walk-in shower for her. Opposite for him, a spacious, similar layout, sans bidet. All well-executed; Plus, Windows!
  14. Guest cabins offers twin berths, comfortably fashioned, with a convenient walk-way between. Storage beneath, and a window.
  15. Akalam’s spectacular engine room with its raised steel, non-skid, walk-around deck, emphasizes the care taken by Pendennis in its Falmouth England build facility to not only satisfy its client, but also to insure its ultimate oceanability. Design was by Barracuda Yacht Design in Madrid, Spain; headed by Iñigo Toledo. Her large amount of window area gained approval from the Classification Society’s Germanischer Lloyd. Close sailing angles are courtesy of a retractable dagger-board, varying draft from 3.6m to 5.5m. Upwind at 25 degrees apparent is considered more than acceptable for a yacht of this type, while reducing leeway by at least 5 degrees will enable faster passage times even still. Under power, a 610hp MAN diesel motor provides comfortable passage speeds in excess of 13.5 knots.
  16. Pendennis has succeeded in applying the first rule in British motoring to our waterborne counterparts; drop the top and let's motor! Akalam is certain to take her place as one of yachting's most influential designs in 2011, if not an industry-wide, principle design element.

    Glass Houses Are Good. Especially On Water. Well-done Pendennis!​



    LOA: 105’ 6”
    Beam: 25’ 3”
    Draft: 11’2”
    Disp: 115 tons
    Ballast: 31.4 tons
    Power: 610 hp
    Fuel: 2496 USG
    Water: 1170 USG
    Sail Area: 529.2 sq.yds

    For more information contact:

    Pendennis Shipyard
    The Docks, Falmouth
    Cornwall, England TR11 4NR
    +44 (0) 1326 211344

  17. DETAILS​

    Standing tall in the process of completion, Akalam’s gigantic hull towers over her builders.
  18. A close-up of the build nearing launch, as a workman installs her bow rail hardware.
  19. Here’s what that a-building, ocean-crossing, idea-come-to-life looks like underneath all that jazz; a skeleton come to life. With Windows!
  20. Putty processing continues as multiple work crews coax their precocious progeny to develop into a genuine, fully-faired phenom.
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