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Review: Oceanfast Yachts - "Sycara III"

Discussion in 'Oceanfast Yacht' started by YachtForums, Oct 6, 2004.

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  1. Oceanfast Yachts - "Sycara III"
    Dedication to a Legacy

    Designed by the legendary Jon Bannenberg and built by Oceanfast Yachts, Sycara III reflects the late yacht designer’s signature in numerous ways. Whether you’re a yacht enthusiast or a naval architect, Bannenberg’s work is easily recognized by autograph-like design characteristics. ​

    Sycara III is one of the last Bannenberg blueprints to roll off the drawing table and into a shipyard. It is one of hundreds of yachts designed by Bannenburg and the third yacht to be designed for the owner of Sycara III, who’s previous yachts included Mercedes I & II, also built by Oceanfast.

    Through the years, Bannenberg’s avant-garde designs have featured radically different angles blended with ultra-modern lines. In contrast to conservative, traditional-looking profiles of years past, Bannenberg’s visions helped pave the way for bold new concepts that are reflected in the yachts we enjoy today. Sycara III exemplifies many unique and successful design attributes that are hallmarks of Bannenberg’s penmanship and the engineering expertise of Oceanfast. Join us for a review of yacht that embodies the spirit of both….
  2. Drawing on the experience gained from his previous yachts, Sycara III’s owner set out to create a yacht that was robust, redundant and simple. As opposed to creating new technologies, proven systems were refined to achieve long-term reliability and ease of operation.

    While Sycara III draws on the innovations of previous Bannenberg launches, it is ultimately a testament to the super yacht expertise of Oceanfast, who’s engineering accomplishments include such watermarks as Aussie Rules, the 228’ Expedition Yacht built for Greg Norman. Among other advancements, the engineers at Oceanfast developed “keel coolers”, which are external hull radiators that exchange heat for onboard refrigeration. As opposed to hull-mounted radiators, that are prone to clogging as seaweed passes under the hull, the keel-mounted vents are in an area less likely for debris to be picked up. Simple and effective… the main protocol set forth by the owner of Sycara III.

    There are many materials that make up Sycara’s construction, but the primary structure consists of a steel hull and composite super structure. A steel hull provides the ultimate in breach security and a laminate super-structure offsets weight. The full displacement hull is essentially identical to another well-known work of art, Perfect Prescription. It is a shallow draft, displacement hull well suited for Caribbean operation and the shallow passages of the Bahamas.
  3. The expedition like bow provides full-beam interior space forward of midship, with large vertically oval windows that are disguised by its flag blue hull. The window theme is carried aft on next deck level as well. While these windows look like design exercises, they actually offer better viewing perspectives than porthole, rectangular or horizontal windows, although these other styles are utilized too and they work together to create a unique abstract look that compliments the overall lines of the yacht.

    The forward deck on most yachts is generally reserved for stowage, windlasses, anchoring equipment, etc… and Sycara III is no exception. However, these utilities take a backseat to forward seating that includes sun lounges and sofas offering frontward views and the fresh air that ensues. The accommodations provided here are actually equal in size to the aft deck entertainment area, to the benefit of guests who often have a tendency to gravitate toward the bow in search of the best vantage point.

    A Jacuzzi is located on the top deck, but unlike other yachts, it is situated at the very front of the flybridge deck… directly behind the windscreen. Much like the foredeck accommodations, this is intended to offer a scenic viewpoint, while enjoying the same massage the hull gets when underway. To the aft of the Jacuzzi are three “high-seats” that resemble a throne, as they covered by an arch that supports navigation lights and antennas. These are the highest seated positions onboard and provide a near 360-degree view.
  4. A prominent feature of the aft deck is the wrap-around exterior bar. It’s big enough to support the largest guest list and contemporary enough to be part of the interior decor. The bar faces aft and is accented by stainless bar stools. To the far rear of the aft-deck is a U-shaped sofa that is backed by a concealed crane. At first glance, there are no accommodations for a dinghy, until you notice the rails in the deck floor, that enable the sofa to slide forward providing space for a tender. This convertible feature truly maximizes the use of space and demonstrates the expertise gained from years of yacht building and the preliminary engineering that went into Sycara III.

    For the remainder of the support equipment, a concealed compartment on the transom garages a 22’ Novurania, along with swimming, diving and fishing gear. For the serious blue water fishing types, two teak fighting chairs can be attached to the swim platform.
  5. Looking much like the interior of a European luxury car, the leather upholstered bridge is accenting by burl wood control stations. It features a captain’s chair that is integrated into a central command post with joystick control. The individual flat panel navigation displays, which are primarily Furuno based, are angled upwards for optimal viewing while overhead lights illuminate the controls and chart reading areas. A dinette is located to the rear of the captain’s station and elevated guest seats flank the bridge to port & starboard.
  6. The lower aft deck has a unique floor-mounted porthole window integrated into the deck. It is located directly underneath the outside dining table and allows viewing to the deck below. Generous overhead top-hat lights provide illumination of the entire area.
  7. Spanning the beam of the aft deck is wrap-around seating area with a dining table that can comfortably accommodate 10-12 guests. The ceiling porthole is directly above the center of the dining area.
  8. A true, professional level galley is fully equipped and is large enough to keep a line of mess cooks busy. Stainless ovens and stoves with splatter walls are located to one side, while a granite topped preparation island runs the length of the galley. And to the opposite side, are cabinets, sinks and dish garnishing counters. To the rear of the galley are a full-size wine cooler, freezer and refrigerator. With the exception of the wood floors, this is a galley that could withstand years of use without showing any wear.
  9. Oceanfast’s in-house design team was bestowed the job of complimenting Bannenberg’s architecture. The result is a contemporary and clean integration of neutral tones that provide a modern art-deco look. A wide range of materials and soft colors are used to create an engaging appeal.

    Entering into the salon, reflective ceiling panels add dimension to the room and display shelves of various styles are integrated around the perimeter.

    The foyer, always an initial entry area, is a prelude to the other interior compliments. It’s onyx floors are the bases for a stainless circular-staircase that leads to the next level deck. Again, clean and simple… but arty and modern.
  10. Much of the entertainment equipment is cleverly hidden, which contributes to Sycara’s organized ambiance. The lounge for example, has a flat screen television that drops down from the ceiling and a piano that pulls out from a cabinet.
  11. The master stateroom faces the aft deck and features a sitting area with a panoramic view astern.
  12. The master bathroom runs nearly full beam. It features two showers, his & her sinks and a centrally located whirlpool. The wood floors, a contrast to typical tile, gives a down-home feel.
  13. One of several guest staterooms, this VIP room is spacious and comfortable in ambiance.
  14. One of the first things you’ll notice as you make your way down the diamond plate ladder to the engine room are the strobe lights and loud speakers prominently mounted on a central pedestal. These three lights are green, yellow and red. Or… go, go slower and don’t go at all! An eye in the sky is mounted on the ceiling providing a 360-degree view of the operating systems. Smartly, mirrors are strategically placed around the interior walls to monitor areas normally obstructed by the camera’s view. What are not hidden from the lens in this picture are the twin 1750hp Caterpillar 3512B HD diesels. These power plants drive 5-bladed nickel-aluminum-bronze props and provide a 14-knot cruise speed. At 10 knots, Sycara can cover 5500 nautical miles.

    Missing from this picture are twin Cat 175 kw generators. The reason they are absent is because they have been delegated their own soundproof room. Think about this… being able to work in the engine room w/o shore power or earmuffs. That’s a beautiful thing... and so is Sycara III. (end)
  15. Review written by Carl Camper

    Technical Specs…

    Length 185’
    Beam 28.3’
    Draft 6.6’
    Weight 400 tons
    Fuel 60,000 liters
    Max speed 16 knots
    Cruise speed 12 knots
    Range 5,600 nm @ 10 knots

    For further information, contact...

    Oceanfast Yacht
    18 Clarence Beach Road,
    Henderson, WA 6166 USA
    +61 (-8) -9494-9999
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