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Review: Mochi Craft 75’ Long Range Cruiser

Discussion in 'Mochi Yacht' started by YachtForums, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Ferretti states the FER.WEY hull offers maximum cruising efficiency up to 15 knots, a feature provided by the action of the prominent bow bulb, which cuts wave drag on the hull. At rest, a significant reduction in rolling. And finally, the special shape of the FER.WEY hull allows the craft to rest on the sea bottom while protecting the propellers from impact damage, and allows owners to access areas that would be a risky proposition for other types of hull.
  2. The Long Range 23 is equipped with the exclusive ZF SteerCommand for Ferretti, a new patented system jointly developed by ZF and AYT, which introduces steering by wire technology to seafaring craft. SteerCommand substitutes traditional steerage and consists of an electric motor powering a linear actuator,which turns the rudder according to the signal sent from the helm via CAN bus cable. The servo-assisted movement of each rudder is managed by a continuous microprocessor that allow the possibility of differentiating the angle of the rudders, converging them to enable fast rudder response and a tighter turning radius.
  3. Deck Plans: Top to Bottom...

    1. Upper Deck
    2. Main Deck
    2. Lower Deck
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