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Review: Lazzara's LSX Quad 75'

Discussion in 'Lazzara Yacht' started by YachtForum, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. Leapin’ Lizzards… Lazzara's Quad LSX!

    by YF Publisher Carl Camper

    The sun is rising in America and it’s more than the light of a new day.
    It’s a reassuring illumination that excellence is alive and well in our country. On
    October 19th, Lazzara Yachts created a defining moment in boat building history
    while setting a precedent for the future. In an effort that epitomizes the meaning
    of teamwork, Lazzara has launched one of the most innovative yachts-to-date while
    creating a company dynamic that should become the role model for American business.
    In February of 2006, Dick Lazzara took pen to paper with a primary protocol; to unleash the collective imagination of a new generation. The result of this initiative is an entirely new concept. It’s not just a new design. It’s an all-encompassing concept that exceeds the sum of its parts and it was masterfully executed on every level, right down to an elaborate media presentation.
  2. And what is this concept? It’s a synergistic statement code-named the LSX or Lazzara Sport Xpress. Lazzara Yachts, in conjunction with Volvo-Penta, have created a revolution for the digital age with a host of technologies ranging from drive pods to iPods. At first glance, the design is true to Lazzara’s lineage… curvy, sleek and sexy. But this beauty is more than skin deep, she’s got brains AND family values. It was an honor to be invited to the world premiere of the LSX, although Lazzara and Volvo Penta made the press feel like the guests of honor. Lazzara released absolutely NO information prior to this event, but speculation was running high. As we watched the curtain drop on a project akin to the Skunk Works, momentary disbelief was quickly followed by the sound of jaws hitting the floor.
  3. When the smoke cleared, it became evident this was a supermodel with a busy bottom. Not two drives… but four. Not four props… but eight! Yep… this baby could make sushi out of minnows. With all that hardware in the water, you might think this was a floating fuel can, but the LSX is literally the hybrid of the yachting industry, boasting range and economy that is upwards of 40% BETTER then a conventionally powered boat of the same size! But wait, there’s more… lots more. The IPS equipped LSX has the marine equivalent of 4-wheel steering. At full speed, this yacht can carve turns inside of 187 feet (versus 436 feet for traditional inboards). High-speed handling is nimble, but throwing the lines without scuffing rails is where the LSX shines. The Quad-IPS system is so effective… bow thrusters are history. Yep, you read that correctly!
  4. The Lazzara LSX 75 equipped with Volvo’s quad D-600’s can achieve 35 knots. Back off to 31 knots and the LSX will cover 400 miles. For reference, this is faster than comparable size boats with nearly twice the horsepower. However the really impressive feat is planing speeds can be maintained even if you loose one or two engines! Get this… with 3 engines, the LSX will run 27 knots. With two engines, it will run 18 knots. And talk about efficient… the hull planes at 12 knots. That’s right… a 75-foot yacht planing at displacement speeds! As always, speed and economy are vital issues, but for us adrenaline junkies, nothing beats a good dose of acceleration. Volvo’s Duo-Prop system has long been known for exceptional get-up and go. Multiply this by the four-factor and the IHBA may have to sanction the LSX. Seriously… it’s impressive to watch a 75-foot yacht launch like a 30’ center-console with a pair of small block outboards.
  5. There are a few things missing from this X-treme X-press and they are very noticeable. First and foremost, as a spectator standing nearby, the only sound emanating from this boat is water being turned into wake. When I tell you it sounds like an electric boat, I can back up my claim with at least 2-dozen of the world’s leading marine editors standing by in complete amazement… absolutely no engine noise! Onboard, when conducting docking maneuvers, there IS a certain level of sound created as the pods rotate and their thrust overlaps. Otherwise, there is little or no vibration created by these motors, either at idle or underway. And finally, there is NO sweet smell of diesel smoke. These are X-tremely clean burning engines that exit the exhaust through the drive, under the hull, where it dissipates in a myriad of directions.
  6. As a by-product of the IPS’s mechanical configuration, the drive is placed directly underneath and immediately aft of the engine, which requires FAR less installation space. Drive shafts, struts and rudders have been relegated to the smelting pot. Fear-not sport fish types, for CG forward installations, an extension shaft is available in lengths up to 6 feet.
  7. Volvo is firmly committed to this drive system and with several other companies scrambling to ramp-up, you can bet they are on to something. I think it’s safe to say; the pod drive is going to give the shaft to struts! If for no other reason… TRUE zero degree thrust lines. Not even the most recessed tunnel prop can match this. The drives offer a total deflection of 25 degrees each; while software dictates the RPM and the direction the props twist. It’s a concerto of thrust capable of walking the hull sideways or spinning it on its axis. After transitioning from maneuvering mode into cruise mode, the drives return to a true forward heading that will transition to a slight tow-in running angle as speed increases.
  8. In our digital age, hardware isn’t complete without software, so Volvo Penta has spent considerable time developing a human interface that transmits your inputs into commands. It’s an intuitive system missing a few parts, like… the steering wheel, gearshift levers, throttle and thruster buttons. These relics are replaced by a single joystick with a twist… sorta speak. For you r/c pilots out there, it’s identical to the Single Stick transmitter that gives linear or exponential input to multiple channels. Elevator, aileron, rudder & throttle, whoops… I mean, port/starboard, fore/aft, heading and throttle… are all combined into one simple control, slightly more complicated than playing Pac-Man.
  9. Dick Lazzara is known as a master of space utilization. With the LSX, he added to this legend by removing the deck between the upper and lower interior levels, facilitating a completely open floor plan with soaring ceilings that permits total continuity. In doing so, he’s created the waterborne counterpart to the “city loft”. No matter where you stand on this boat, you are a part of the party. The interior views are vast and relatively unobstructed.
  10. The upper salon and pilothouse will appeal to every generation. The helm is a clean, modern work of art that is abstract in nature. It truly represents how computers can be smartly integrated into our surroundings while running processes to meet our needs. The only analogue instruments to be found are in the form of simulated gauges on the LSX’s flat panels. These screens are housed within a power adjustable instrument panel that can be angled for the best line-of-sight or to reduce glare.
  11. Lazzara has done their homework on how an express cruiser will be used. There are dozens of these examples throughout the yacht, such as a pass-thru indoor/outdoor bar, or the teak floors leading to a dayhead immediately within the salon. Other examples include tender launching at the touch of a button, a hydraulic garage door that grants instant access to the dive shop or even the underwater cameras and lights built into the hull for watching aquatic life. About the only thing missing is an aerial tow bar for connecting a ski line. At this hull’s planing speed, it might well be the ultimate wakeboard boat!
  12. The shape of most express cruisers comes at a price… the sacrifice of accommodation. Because the IPS power plants consume about as much space as a typical generator, Dick had a dilemma… what to do with all the extra space? Theatre Room? Basketball court? Driving range? In the end, he added another stateroom. One master, one forward VIP and two doubles at midship, to either side of a central corridor. These two guest rooms are unique because they are separated by electronic privacy glass that can switch from clear to frosted. In clear mode, guests have unobstructed views to port AND starboard of the hull. In frost mode, they grant complete privacy for each room.
  13. Quad has multiple meanings with the LSX. It’s not just four engines, or four drives… it’s a new rock group with digital instruments; the Quad Squad. Two teams, consisting of highly specialized technicians, worked in modular fashion to bring about an end result. The Quad Squads from Volvo Penta & Lazzara worked together in an unprecedented cooperation that showcased the engineering talents from each company. On the Lazzara side of the equation; Joe Lazzara, Jim Melton, Fabrizio Loi, Mack Cooper and Karl Schneider worked in conjunction with Volvo Penta’s; Mike Meyers, Clint Moore, Lennart Arvidsson and Paul Piamonte. These two teams took the LSX from conception to completion in just 10 months!
  14. It’s not ironic that Lazzara and Volvo Penta joined forces on the LSX. Both of these companies are considered to be among the most innovative in the marine business with a long line of industry firsts products and technologies. Not only are these companies committed to the future, they are also committed to the project. They believe so strongly in their engineering, systems and ease of use… they are including a 5-year, fully inclusive warranty, in addition to providing insurance that does NOT require a captain. If that doesn’t say enough, how about this… the LSX isn’t scheduled for a service call for at least 400 hours!

    Lazzara’s LSX is a well-conceived and perfectly executed express yacht. It
    combines the experience of two industry leaders with the vision of a new
    generation, resulting in a stunning example of directive and achievement.

    About the only thing missing is… life preservers for the competition.


    Review by Carl Camper​


    LOA: 76’9”
    LOA waterline: 62’1”
    Beam: 18’2”
    Draft: 42”
    Displacement: 78,000 lbs.
    Height: 16’ (to sat domes)
    Fuel Capacity: 830 gallons
    Water Capacity: 200 gallons
    Holding Tank: 100 gallons
    Deadrise: 12.2 degrees

    For more information contact:

    Lazzara Yachts
    5300 West Tyson Avenue
    Tampa, FL 33611
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