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Review: Horizon Yacht's PC-58 Catamaran

Discussion in 'Horizon Yacht' started by YachtForums, May 21, 2012.

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    On sea trials we take 100's of pictures that will later be used to remind us about minor details while writing. Typically, I publish a few of these unstaged 'kid with a Kodak' pictures so our readers can see what we see. These shots are in random order, so let's get started...

    Quite possibly the most compartmentalized craft we've ever been aboard, the PC-58 is a smuggler's dreamboat. This is one of three storage compartments found under the aftdeck sunlounge...
  2. Directly aft of the dining table is a live well / ice chest that we believe is strategically located to reduce traffic patterns to the beer chest.
  3. A covered sink, fridge and ice maker keep libations cold & flowing. Once again, everything is concealed behind cabinets, which not only protects appliances from washdowns, but keeps this cat ship-shape.
  4. Even the light switches are housed in dedicated compartments to protect them from the elements. Clearly, cabinetry carpenters were kept busy on this build.
  5. Looks like the owner chose the handrail delete option and opted for a singular, central pole. Simple, clean and effective, much like the PC-58.
  6. Under the staircase is a rod locker that must have been designed by the California Closet Company, whose motto is... " we will leave no space unoccupied".
  7. Even the fuel fill has its own compartment!
  8. The anchor is housed inside its own locker as well...
  9. And the windless...
  10. And anchor lines...
  11. And finally... fenders!
  12. Every bow should have seat. With the PC-58, you get two. Get it?
  13. Now here's an example of a proper hawse pipe and cleat. They are a couple, but should never be seen together...
  14. The brow of this beamy beast. The entire forward deck is comprised of sun lounges and storage compartments.
  15. Window caulk lines are smooth and well finished...
  16. The window panes are massive on the PC-58. The fewer the panes, the fewer the pains.
  17. Full walk-around decks, not those 'shimmy sideways, hold on for dear life' decks found on must 60' monohulls.
  18. Up top on the flybridge, these sliders are an all time favorite, but the bridge needs serious space to accommodate them. They grant unobstructed access. To date, I haven't seen one leak. The location of the housing is also a good place to roll out a chart or put out a platter.
  19. The bridge is air conditioned!
  20. So how do you turn off the air conditioning system on the bridge? An insert cover that slides into a track. In the bottom right corner of this image, note the access door to the back of the instrument panel. This cavernous space spans the entire beam of the bridge.
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Not open for further replies.