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Review: Horizon Yacht's PC-58 Catamaran

Discussion in 'Horizon Yacht' started by YachtForums, May 21, 2012.

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  1. Elegance really displays in the galley. The owners of hull #1 wanted the galley to take center stage on this build. Commercial grade stainless appliances complement expansive countertops with a twin-bin stainless sink. GE is the chosen supplier with a 4-burner electric cook top, microwave/convection oven, dish washer and stainless fridge/freezer. And finally, a trash compactor makes refuge manageable. Whether you're cooking or cleaning, a view of the horizon is a quick glance up.
  2. Horizon Yachts has gone to great lengths to ensure your view of the horizon. Even when seated in deep-cushioned sofas, you still have an unobstructed 270 degree view, thanks to the sectional living room being raised a few inches above the main salon floor. The remaining 90 degrees is where the owners chose a fine art piece to display on the salon wall, but this space could easily be used for a 55" to 60" flat screen. Whatever your personal preference, Horizon can build it to suit your needs. Looking up, notice the recessed, backlit ceiling tray? It's a subtle detail, but it sets a dimensional ambiance.
  3. Her rhythm in decor continues in the Master Stateroom with soft neutral tones. The PC-58 is one of only few catamarans in production with a main deck master. With most cats, headroom is often limited to the vertically challenged. Not the case with the PC-58. Soaring ceilings, coupled with a 180 degree forward view, are reminiscent of some much larger vessels. If you look closely at the paneling, you will see the outlines of drawers, closets and lockers. Storage is abundant, seamlessly hidden behind walls, but it's not limited to the master. The entire boat is a maze of well-planned storage compartments. See DETAILS following the review.
  4. With well chosen patterns and a leather-covered headboard, the master grants a "one with the surroundings" feel. Although the blinds were drawn for these shots, she glories in 180 degree views through wrap-around tinted & tempered windows. Sporting a king size walk-around berth, she also offers reading lights, cabin lights, as well as night stands w/cupboard, light switches and multiple outlets. There’s a bed-side settee plus large separate closets for clothes, towels, linens. And finally, the mattress is hinged, raising to reveal more storage space.
  5. Quite possibly the most exquisite use of space we’ve seen on a cat is the PC-58’s Master Bath. Finally, someone got it right! Believe it or not, there’s adequate room for a couple to get ready, together. It features a separate toilet (not shown), a raised wash basin, cabinets & drawers galore. An ensuite walk-in shower with seating finish off this sponson with a surfboard. I’m 6’2” and had plenty of headroom. A large oval window allows light and outside views. With 110V 20 gallon hot water heater and 400 gallon fresh water tanks, there are no sponson sacrifices in the master bath.
  6. While the master stateroom has soaring ceilings, the VIP doesn't quite benefit from the same. The berth is situated forward of midship and the bed is perpendicular to the starboard sponson. To make this work, the floor around the berth has multiple levels and as you move forward (where the picture frame is in this image), the ceiling tapers down to a point where you may have to stoop. Still, the VIP stateroom offers top notch design with soft fawn/russet shades throughout. The walk-around queen size berth is raised, allowing storage beneath and offers additional, spacious closets with good capacity. There are night stands w/cupboard, light switches and outlets. A ventilation and illumination hatch is overhead.
  7. The VIP on the PC-58 would be considered an elegant Master on most cats with a berth strategically positioned to grant views of the horizon while laying in bed. Notice the ladies vanity built-in to the dresser's countertop. As previously mentioned, useful compartments are everywhere! Behind her vanity mirror is the VIP's flat screen.
  8. Her large, en-suite VIP bath features a walk-in shower, head, and basin. While not quite as spacious as the Master bath, her VIP bath sports ultra-fine design, with copious mirrors and a full-size glass-enclosed shower.
  9. Her guest stateroom offers split twin berths with a walkway between. While space appears somewhat limited, it invites a night’s rest with comfortable mattresses and plenty of stowage space beneath. Each berth has its own bed lamp and overhead lighting. A/C is piped in above the starboard berth and fiddles line the bookcase, which is kind of redundant on a cat, isn't it?
  10. The guest bath, while not as sumptuous as the Master or VIP, is comfy and utilitarian without flair. Cleanly appointed, it doubles as the vessel’s day head. Opening portholes deliver natural light and ventilation as needed.

    Engine room access is via exterior, aft deck hatches. If you've ever had to wrench on an engine underway, you'll appreciate the immediate access and quick ventilation this location offers. But there is yet another benefit to this location... sound insulation! The engines are located far aft of the superstructure and accommodations, removed from items sensitive to vibration and nestled in layers of insulation.
  12. This image is looking aft at the starboard engine hatch. Take four short steps down the ladder and you're surrounded by everything that counts, including immediate access to Racors, control panels & oil change pumps. Getting to the glow plugs is a little tight, but we've been aboard bigger boats with tighter spaces.
  13. Horizon didn't skimp on insulation. The angled wall you see in the lower left side of this image is the inside of the cat's tunnel. Why apply sound deadening material here? Because engine vibration transmitted through this wall will echo into the tunnel (outside, under the hull), which will transmit throughout the boat. The result is one of the quietest rides we've ever been on. Twin Cummins QSM11 705HP diesels spin a set of stainless shafts, sealed by Tide.
  14. Down the four step ladder is everything that matters; an Onan 21.5Kw(60Hz) generator with Sound Shield and air/water separator, Sea-Fire automatic fire extinguishers, fuel transfer pumps, chilled water air conditioning compressors and circulation pumps, as well as AC and DC distribution panels.
  15. A close-up of the guidance system, the PC-58's power steering assembly directs a pair of stainless rudders. During our sea trial, response was immediate and tracking was excellent. This boat requires very little input to hold true course, which is also a by-product of twin, narrow chord hulls with keels.

    So how well does the PC-58 hull work? Follow these links...

    Horizon PC-58 Power Catamaran, Hull Stability Tank Test...
    Horizon PC 58 Power Catamaran Tank Tested Hull Design - YouTube

    Horizon PC-58 Power Catamaran, 20 Knot Tank Test...
    HORIZON PC58 TANK TEST @ 20KNTS.flv - YouTube

    Horizon PC-58 Power Catamaran, Sea Trial October 2011...
    HORIZON PC58 SEA TRIAL_OCT 2011 - YouTube

    The following series of shots were taken during the initial transport and launch of Horizon's PC-58 catamaran. I'm supplying these shots to provide a better understanding of the hull design, along with some video links to hull testing and offshore running footage. In this first shot, you can see a spray knocker just above the boot stripe. It's very effective, as you will see in the video links supplied. This is a very dry running boat.
  17. The sponsons are wider than one would expect for a 58-foot cat, leaving realistic, human-sized space for lower accommodations. The entry of the subsurface hull compensates for the width of the sponsons, then gradually tapers back to full planing surfaces. This combo gives good penetration forward, as well as added lift & stability aft. Backing down the slipway, the reflection of the bushes along the side of the hull mirror the finish on this boat.
  18. Horizon Yachts is using modified flat-tunnel pockets that reduce squatting, but still offer ventilation properties. Note the tunnel clearance here. This is an important consideration when comparing catamarans. Freeboard is your friend! In yet another well-engineered hull dynamic, even the swim platforms offer buoyancy. Why does this matter? At rest, this will help further isolate lateral motion. If you study this carefully, you can barely make out the keels behind the cradle. They extend down to the same level as the props.
  19. And what does all this mean in the real world? Here's a shot taken during our sea trial as we departed Port Everglades. Notice how flat the wake table is at 20 knots. This cat effortlessly achieves plane and holds plane at a ridiculous 13-14 knots! We were really surprised how well the boat handled; much more like a monohull. Cats can sometimes have an awkward 'moment' in a beam sea, or quartering sea. This boat had none of those tendencies.
  20. As we headed out the inlet, the wind was kicking up a 2-3' windchop. Keep in mind, the flybridge is around 16' above sea level. At this altitude, waves look smaller than they actually are. Note here: the Eisenglass is dry...
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