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Review: Horizon Yachts EP69 Expedition

Discussion in 'Horizon Yacht' started by YachtForums, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. SeaFire systems access is located to starboard on the bridge...
  2. In the category of strange access places, a wiring bus was buried behind a panel in the master stateroom closet...
  3. On The Hard

    The bulbous bow is to dampen pitching and move the bow wave further aft, yielding better efficiency and stability. The round bilge, solid fiberglass bottom and 5’ 7” draft will probably hail the stabilizers in squally seas, but the draft will be a most welcome asset in the Bahamas.
  4. The EP69 has a 13 degree deadrise stern with a partial keel for running gear protection, as well as stability at rest or underway. A stern thruster is molded into the transom, although it appears the housing protrudes beneath the hull's running surface, which would add considerable parasitic drag.
  5. Quite possibly the biggest bow of any boat in the 70' range, the upswept bulb on the EP69 is a model of modern naval architecture, creating a low pressure area above the bulb to further draw back the bow wave. Note the stainless stem and anchor plates to prevent anchor chaffing.
  6. Complaint Department

    Space, Provision and Range are hallmarks of an 'expedition' yacht. Although Horizon presents the EP69 as an Expedition, it doesn't quite make the grade. Here's why...

    Space: the galley on this particular build is simply too compact. You must stand to the side to open the oven door, much less have two cooks in the kitchen. That said, there are other main deck and galley layout options available from Horizon for the EP69, so this can be a non-issue.
  7. Provision: Cold and dry food storage is a MUST for long crossings. Although the EP69 has a full height freezer/fridge & two sub zero drawers, this may not be enough for long passages.
  8. Range: Looking like a Super Duty fuel manifold, these are actually the fresh water cut-off valves. The picture will have to suffice to make a point. Fuel capacity on the EP69 is 2360 US gallons. At a slug-boat speed of 8 knots, the EP69 burns 8 gph, which gives a range of 2200 miles. And if you push hull speed, your tanks will empty in under 600 miles.
  9. Sea Trial:

    The wind was blowing a blustery 5-7 knots, a small craft advisory was issued due to the 1 foot seas, building to 2 feet in the Gulfstream, and since the forces were equal in ocean waters and the Palm Beach ICW, we chose the safety of sea trialing inshore. A passing sportfisher created what seemed like a rogue wave and seas built up to 2 feet. To say that the EP69 performed flawlessly is like saying that she didn’t rock at the dock. But then we have seen yachts that didn't even pass that muster. The vessel turned tightly, tracked well, responded promptly, and the ride was undifferentiated with the 9 sq. ft. ABT fins activated or not. The disappointment was that we didn't get to see her strut her stuff, but the capability should be there.
  10. Horizon Yachts has defined a new market niche with the EP69. Although the intention is to appeal to the exploration market looking for owner operation or minimal crew, this particular EP69 doesn't quite have all of the expedition requisites. Not wanting to be pigeon-holed as a trawler leaves classifying her full displacement hull in an unidentified category. Not withstanding the appearance of expedition features such as the Portuguese bridge, hull configuration, bulbous bow, reverse raked windows, and other characteristics, this particular vessel would not meet the stringent requirements of the true ocean crossing clientèle, however Horizon can build the boat to meet specific needs, such as increased range. Throw on a few dozen grabrails, add galley drawer and cupboard space, and Horizon Yachts will have succeeded in creating an exploration yacht in a class all its own.

    As outfitted, the sportfisherman or motoryacht coastal cruiser who wants to replicate the finest of motoryacht accoutrements but is looking to add stability, range, fuel efficiency and a hull that doesn't have to head for shore when the sun sets, can call this new EP69 a winner already in a class all her own.


    Review by Judy Waldman​


    Length: 69' 5"
    Beam: 20'
    Draft: 5' 7"
    Height: 21' 3"
    Displacement: 167,551 lbs.
    Fuel: 2360 gallons
    Fresh Water: 400 gallons
    Gray Water: 245 gallons

    For more information contact:

    Horizon Yachts USA
    1212 US Highway One, Suite A
    North Palm Beach, Florida 33408
    (561) 721-4850

  11. Deck Plans: Top to bottom...
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