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Review: Hatteras Yachts 60GT Sportfish

Discussion in 'YachtForums Yacht Reviews' started by YachtForums, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. The new Hatteras 60GT, viewed from any perspective, is simply gorgeous. Its shear line rises progressively to a bow that rivals Hatt’s largest sportfish boats. With its Carolina-ish flare and a soft tumblehome transom, this eye-catching, finely balanced sportfish evokes the notion... “Hatteras got it right!”


    The hull bottom is solid FRP (over an inch thick) with a vinylester resin that precludes blisters. Hullsides, decks & superstructure are Divinycell cored, all ‘resin infused’, achieving a 40/60 ‘glass/resin ratio for strength and minimum weight. They got more right too... [Read On!]​