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Review: Hatteras 60GT Sportfish

Discussion in 'Hatteras Yacht' started by YachtForums, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Not shown here, but the next largest area is in the VIP bow stateroom, so a queen-sized pedestal berth works. It’s a dirty secret, but here’s where the wave slap off the bow chines can annoy, so that’s why the Owner sleeps aft. But, the VIP occupants can console themselves by noting that they have four more inches of berth to stretch out on. Getting back to the master, in this opposing view, looking aft, the hanging locker doors appear to hide a voluminous amount of storage…
  2. …but not for LeBron James. Hint: the upper half is part of the galley.
  3. Across from the master cabin is the guest stateroom, with it’s upper and lower berths for six-footers, and a DVD/TV screen for both occupants. There is a Whirlpool stackable washer & dryer in the passageway aft of the VIP, and adjacent is a linen closet that will fit (broken down) no less than 17 rods & reels: 6-50s, 7-40s, and 7-25s. Oh, and there’s room for still more rods hidden in the underside pocket of the upper berth in the starboard guest cabin.
  4. Engine room check: egress is pretty good with a short ladder down to the machinery. Headroom is about 5’8” at the halfway mark, with a tad less aft and a bit more forward. It is an absolute operating room down here. Not only perfectly painted in bright hospital white, but the overheads just gleam like mirrors and then there are actual mirrors over each engine. Eric Cashion, the Hatteras marketing guru, tells me this is to more easily check for leaks. “Ha!”, I tell him, this is what the Cigarette and Fountain go-fast guys used for decades to show off their big-iron hot rod motors. Retro, baby! The Cat C32 Acerts almost seem small, given the large spaces outboard each (19-ft. beam will do that), which will undoubtedly make the Cat mechanic very happy indeed. This 60 GT had just less than 100 hours on her mains and the bilges & engine undersides were spotless. One Onan genset was in evidence on our test boat, but there is room for two for you belt & suspender types.
  5. Ahead of the engines are duplex Racor 1000s, and aft of the forward bulkhead is an athwartships raised deck topped by numerous hatches which reveal A/C raw water pumps, oil change pumps, accumulator tank for the fresh water system, and battery banks outboard.
  6. The 24VDC panels are mounted on the forward bulkhead. Where are the air conditioning compressors? Apparently, each unit is self-contained and lives in its own dedicated area.
  7. No internal sea strainers for the main engine raw water intakes are needed due to the external screens: same filtering, less clutter. Notable are the shiny white bilges, cushion clamped wiring, and double hose-clamped plumbing.
  8. In keeping with minimizing the drilling of holes through the hull—especially large ones required by powerful video depth recorders—a transducer box filled with mineral oil allows for unimpeded sonar.
  9. In sum, Hatteras has pulled off a coup: they have given a lovely, traditional look to a boat that is anything but old fashioned. It all works. It is unmistakably a Hatteras. They must be manic about the details in New Bern. Unlike some others, they never took their eye off the ball and won’t (at least in the convertible line) be accused of becoming too trendy. And, that’s how a production boat company can build traditional-looking elegant hot rods. The options are various and include Cat C32s of differing HP, 4-stateroom layouts, galley down styles, and so on. Base price is a bit over $2.6M and our test boat weighs in at roughly $3.6M.

    Operators are standing by...​

    Review by Loren Schweizer / Detail shots by Tom Serio



    Length: 59’10” / 18.20 meters
    Length w/ Bow Pulpit: 62’2” / 18.95 meters
    Beam: 19’0” / 5.78 meters
    Draft: 4’9” / 1.44 meters
    Freshwater: 200 gallons / 757 liters
    Fuel: 1,500 gallons / 5,678 liters
    Weight: 89,500 pounds / 40,596 kilos

    Engine options:

    Twin CAT C32A Diesel Engines @ 1600 BHP
    Twin CAT C32A Diesel Engines @ 1800 BHP
    Twin CAT C32A Diesel Engines @ 1900 BHP


    • Isophthalic gelcoat, exterior layer
    • Blister-resistant vinylester resin in hull bottom skin coat
    • Hull and superstructure linear polyester/polyurethane coating
    • Decks, non-skid surface, polyurethane paint with polymeric beads
    • Solid fiberglass, resin-infused hull bottom
    • Hull sides and superstructure laminated with PVC foam core
    • Resin infused Fiberglass stringers
    • Steel laminated in stringers at key locations to bolt engine mounts
    • Engine room bulkheads and decks of resin-infused composite construction using PVC foam core

    For more information contact:

    Hatteras Yachts
    110 North Glenburnie Road
    New Bern, NC 28560

  10. Deck Plan Options -
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