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Review: Delta's 154' "Mr. Terrible"

Discussion in 'Delta Yacht' started by YachtForums, Aug 25, 2008.

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  1. This guest stateroom, one of four, offers a queen-size berth. Set on sand-colored, embossed carpet, the raised walk-around berths sport woven bamboo above the headboard, while the surrounding walls are paneled in figured Koa veneer.
  2. Guest baths are modeled after the Owner’s, featuring Koa veneer with ultra-modern raised wooden bowls, and accent walls of black mosaic tile, with an inset tub. Floors are bleached teak. Notice the backsplash mounted faucet fixtures.
  3. In Mr. T’s massive engine room, the twin MTU 16V4000 Engines are set to deliver 3650 BHP @ 2100 rpm. However, more surprises; it is immediately apparent this owner reveres engines as fine objets d’art – undoubtedly a paean to his automotive expertise. This is more than just an engine room....
  4. At the owner’s direction, the builder has detailed large components in fine fashion by fairing, even chrome plating. For instance, manifolds for fuel, bilge and some other systems sport 316-grade stainless steel. Valve bodies and handles are mirror polished; this is propellant machinery elevated to the level of classic car models. And, when asked, Mr. T turns it on, at 23 knots.
  5. With her unique approach centering around a playful use of Koa, a Hawaiian wood veneer, with hardwoods and rattan, bamboo, tropical patterns, custom inlaid with natural tropic tones set against bright florals, stretched hides and aquatic ornamentals emitting a Polynesian essence, this yacht remains distinctively Delta and a marvel of creativity.

    It’s no small wonder that Mr. Terrible has garnered so many illustrious prizes and
    international acclaim, despite his (her) confounding but oh so clever,
    sleight-of-hand name. Perhaps it should be reconsidered, to ...

    Mr. Wonderful?​


    Review by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy​


    LOA: 154’0”
    Beam: 28’8”
    Draft: 7’1”
    Displacement: 360 long tons
    Fuel: 14,786 gal.
    Water: 2,077 gal.
    Power: 2xMTU 16V4000 3659 Bhp @ 2,100 rpm
    Speed: 23 knots
    Cruise: 20 knots
    Range: 2,700 nm @ 14 knots
    Classification: American Bureau of Shipping; Maltese Cross A1 - Yachting Service AMS

    For further information contact:

    Delta Yachts
    1608 S. 96th Street
    Seattle, WA 98108
    (206) 763-2383

  6. Deck Plans: Top to Bottom...

    1. Exterior & Fly Decks
    2. Skylounge / Bridge Deck
    3. Main Deck
    4. Lower Deck Accommodations
  7. Details

    EXTERIOR: Profile Shot of Mr. T's Radar Arch & Dome...
  8. EXTERIOR: Profile Shot of Mr. T's Bow...
  9. EXTERIOR: Profile Shot of Mr. T's Arch Accents...
  10. INTERIOR: Mr. T Day Head Sink...
  11. INTERIOR: Mr. T Dining Room Chandelier...
  12. INTERIOR: Mr. T Skylight Stained Glass...
  13. INTERIOR: Mr. T Cabinet Skins...
  14. INTERIOR: Mr. T Staircase Base...
  15. INTERIOR: Mr. T Staircase Handrail Tip...
  16. INTERIOR: Mr. T Staircase Stainless...
  17. Wrapping up this review, a static shot of Mr. Terrible at Excursion Inlet...
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