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Review: Christensen Yachts 160' "ODESSA"

Discussion in 'Christensen Yacht' started by YachtForums, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. Bow Details: As mentioned earlier in the review, this is Christensen's first launch with raised bulwarks. It's more than aesthetics, it adds an increased level of buffering from the elements when working on the bow pulpit. It also makes a great place for guests to soak in the sun while taking in the horizon. Notice the grab rails for heading into a rolling sea.
  2. Ship's Bell: Do you know where the term "bow ornament" was derived from? Originally, it was the figurehead found on tall ships, but it's also a reference to the ship's bell. In the early 1900's, women were referred to as belles, i.e. the "Belle of the Ball". Later, someone associated this with a woman on the bow of a boat and thus the term 'Bow Ornament' was born. (Fiction or Wiki; you decide!)
  3. Anchor Gear: A pair of Maxwell SY-22 stopper/tensioners are used to hold Odessa's hook firmly in place via a Devil's Claw; a double hook device on the tensioner which engages the chain and allows the chain to be tensioned, thus securely stowing the anchor in the fully raised position.
  4. Line Handling: When you're snugging 835,000 lbs. to a dock, a dedicated capstan comes in handy!
  5. Med-Shades: Looking aft from the bow pulpit, note the removable stanchions that support Odessa's foredeck shades.
  6. Side Deck: If only one detail stands out with a Christensen, it would have to be the consistency of fairing & finish. Whether you're eying the hull, side decks or deckhouses, the accuracy of the finished surface is exemplary, although this isn't really a surprise. It's a well-known Christensen fact. A blemish-free finish can't be contributed to proper mold conditioning and rigorous maintenance because inevitably, parts are joined and must be faired. And when we're talking parts over 150' in length, it's almost impossible to pop a perfect piece. There will always be a void. This is where the artisans of primer and paint work their magic.
  7. Radar Arch: Here's an example of forward thinking, or in this case vertical. Access to arch components is inevitable and nothing beats a built-in ladder.
  8. Sundeck: Engineers in the yachting industry have been the driving force behind a variety of mechanical devices, including neatly concealed flat screen televisions, such as this flip-down unit above the bar.
  9. Pool: Forward on the sundeck, Odessa's pool with teak splash wells keep water in its place while a stainless railed windscreen keeps the breeze in check.
  10. Elements: Three stainless rails wrap the aft deck overhang. They serve no purpose, only an artful expression...
  11. Garage Door: For our dyslexic readers...
  12. Details: Stepping inside, a reminder of your host...
  13. Nav-Com: A dedicated captain's work station, just behind the bridge...
  14. Galley: We recently toured a 175 footer with nary a fiddle to be found. Professional yacht builders know better.
  15. Departure: With this picture of Odessa departing, as seen through the flat screen television hidden behind a lightly smoked mirror in the guest stateroom, we'll wrap-up the details section of YF's Odessa review. Thanks for coming aboard! <end>
  16. Deck Plans; Top to Bottom...

    1. Sundeck
    2. Skylounge Deck
    3. Main Deck
    4. Lower Accommodations
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.