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Review: Cape Horn Yachts 82' Trideck

Discussion in 'Cape Horn Yacht' started by YachtForums, Jul 21, 2004.

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  1. The Cape Horn 82' TriDeck

    Built with redundancy in mind, the Cape Horn 82' Trideck was
    designed to withstand the most grueling passages. ​

    A heavy gauge, double-planked steel hull is utilized to ensure safety in the shallows, but it also increases the displaced weight beneath the waterline, resulting in added ballast and greater sea-keeping stability. To offset the weight of Cape Horn's hull, the superstructure is constructed from aluminum, which helps reduce roll momentum.

    Sea keeping stability on this yacht is a by-product of a hard chine with active & passive bilge keel stabilization. A bulb is incorporated to add sub-surface length, which helps reduce pitching and its large expedition bow helps disperse spray in North Sea conditions. This provides excellent heavy weather capability and a seakindly motion that helps keeps a land-lovers lunch... down.

    Poseidon redesigned her flared bow and this resulted in an increase in vessel length, which also improves performance. The bilge keels and stabilizers have now been relocated further aft for greater efficiency. The totally re-shaped bulbous bow now offers better heavy weather performance and projections indicate a potential 10% to 12% increase in fuel economy with the added bonus of a 1/2 knot increase in vessel speed in calm waters and a 1 to 1.5 knot increase in speed capability in moderate to heavy seas.

    Bottom steel plating from her keel to above the waterline is now 5/16” to assure maximum tolerance against collision or grounding. Her other steel hull and deck plating has been increased in thickness to produce a stronger and more uniform fire resistant hull. And, the rudders have been re-designed for more protection against unchartered reefs.

    Sea water transfer trim ballast tanks have been incorporated instead of the more conventional static lead ballast, which can not be removed to lighten ship when negotiating shallow waters or moved to accommodate trim needs at various cruising speeds.
  2. The forward deck provides ample storage to accommodate dual tenders and extra fuel. On the transom, a lazarette with swim deck access is configured for tender refueling, diving gear storage and also provides secondary access to an air conditioned engine room.

    This photo clearly shows the generous walk-around pilothouse deck, as well as a large aft-deck area with wrap-around seating and removable tables.
  3. The flybridge entertainment center. Clean and functional, providing more than ample room for guests to circulate, while creating a central point for serving beverages and relaxing. The flybridge helm incorporates a complete set of helm controls.
  4. The bridge is clean and functional, with a commanding view for everyone in the wheelhouse. The Portugese Brow windows make this feel like a "real" ship. Notice the hand-rails for those flanking the captain. That's a clue... this is a yacht built to ride-out heavy seas.
  5. The wheelhouse settee is elevated to provide a view for passengers and refreshments are close at hand with a built-in fridge to starboard. A very clean and functional lay-out, with materials that look like they'll wear well over the long haul.
  6. The salon doesn't look like something to be found on a semi-scale freightor, but rather the accomodations of a luxury yacht. A spiral staircase leads to the enclosed bridge.
  7. The galley looks like something out of Better Homes & Gardens. A nice view over the sink helps take the chore out of doing dishes. It's rare to see a single family home with a preparation island in the kitchen... and even less likely on a yacht. Excellent sales tool when you show your wife the new Cape Horn you just bought. ;)
  8. The full beam master stateroom with plenty of storage helps to make the trips... seem shorter.
  9. This is the VIP suite. Portholes are provided for fresh air... and gulps of seawater if you forget to close 'em! ;)
  10. About the only thing I can find wrong with this Cape Horn, is the pink checkerboard, paisley pattern wallpaper in the bathroom. If the swells don't send you looking for ceramic... this will. :D

    All joking aside, there's a reason the Cape Horn's are so popular with their owners and the preceding pictorial tells why... this is a solid boat, built for extreme conditions, while providing the upmost in utilitarian value and luxury accomodations.
  11. Extensive consideration has been given to assure that her interior and exterior spaces are designed to make life aboard easier for a cruising couple or family, with or without crew. Construction has begun on the new Cape Horn 82 Motor Yachts at the yard facility in North Carolina and delivery of the first will be in the spring of 2005. Price: US$4.3M. Here are the specs...

    LOA..................... 82’
    LWL.................... 74’10”
    Beam.................. 22’8”
    Draft................... (Max) 7’5”
    Displacement...... 360,000 Lbs.
    Fuel..................... 7,100 Gals.
    Fresh Water........ 1,500 Gals.
    Power.................. 2x 360 hp CAT Diesel Engines
    Speed (Max)........ 12 Knots
    Range (Max)........ 5,000 NM

    For more information, contact...

    Cape Horn Yachts, Inc.
    One Port St. East
    Port Credit, ON
  12. Front Page Picture...
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