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Review: Baglietto 43m 'Ancora'

Discussion in 'Baglietto Yacht' started by YachtForums, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. Baglietto 43-meter "Ancora"
    Yacht Deco; High Style on the High Seas

    by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy

    Italian fine art and design, long celebrated for its epitome of style –
    think glamorous, Rome – Venice– Da Vinci– Martini – Ferrari (of course;
    movable art ): Baglietto’s latest launch of “yachting-art-deco”, the 141’ Baglietto
    'Ancora', generates well-deserved “gasps,” “oh-mys”, and surprised “ah-haa-hs”.

    Her artistic exterior by Italian designer Francesco Paszkowski – further embellished by her superbly creative interior by Dutch Art-Line and Seanergy – lavishes a sparkling debut which surely crowns the contemporary fashion show of yachting-fine-art in this new century. Summing up her jewel-like luxury for the very top levels of the market, she exhibits as a yachting architectural masterpiece, as well as, “hmmm...nice little yacht.” Plus, for those of us who can only gaze and appreciate; if ever there might be a yachting version of Sports Illustrated (like say, its swimsuit issue), this smokin’ hot, ultimate display of luscious creativity would surely rate a cover, all by herself.
  2. A taste of her jewel-like beauty – though powerfully built with steel hull / aluminum superstructure – in a moment. This displacement luxury yacht of 141’ boasts a relatively slender beam-width, 29.6’, easily allowing her twin CAT 3521C engines a conservative cruise of 16.5 knots, with an outstanding range of 4,500 nm, at 12 knots. Continuing in a centuries-old tradition of Italian luxury yachts, Ancora is the sixth vessel launched this year by Cantieri Navali Baglietto, in La Spezia, Italia (located at the Med kneecap of Italy’s boot, between Genoa and Pisa). On the current calendar she joins 137’ Natori, 137’ Oxygen, 144’ Apache II, 174’ Baraka, and 190’ Vicky.
  3. Yet, the most fetching story becomes her – “gasp” – interior components; an ultimate fine art composition of elegance, such as, dig this: high-gloss Zebrano and Macassar wood veneers; shimmering Clear Acrylic staircase ceilings – “oooh” – savory Coconut and Coffee-toned movable furniture; with glistening Frescolithe Metallic Bulkhead cosmetics. Then, follow up in her powder rooms with – “oh-my” – un-mortared Natural Stone mosaic bulkheads; Glacier White and African marble countertops; rich Brown Forest Lamellux bulkheads...
  4. ... whet your appetite? The luxurious Ancora presents, indeed, Masterpiece Theater. Yet, despite all this glamour and attention to artistic expression, Ancora’s designers have not overlooked the imperative details of her primary function. This sea-going art museum is also a movable feast of the latest technological advances in maritime science.
  5. Stepping aboard Ancora's beam-wide bridge and a bevy of blue-lit screens particularize in detail her sailing course, as well as nav-com via the soaring bulbs up top, depth, chart location; every aspect of ship’s performance inside and out, instantly transmitted to on-time as well as projected reality. And, oh yes – (an additional fine art decor note) – in this scientific-techno ballroom, Ancora’s wheelhouse sports deck carpeting: in plaited/woven, cinnamon-brown leather.
  6. Starting at the top in her Skylounge, Ancora charges all-out into the modern design age, her fantasy world with brightly colored fabrics in tulip chairs, a magical stitched-woven carpet of giant gold pirate coins, fruit slices, beach stones, plus imaginative seating in comfy but “a-a-ahh”-provoking lounges. Her white ceiling, in this view, reflects intimate pink lighting. In the far left corner, the complete bar arrangement.
  7. Ancora’s Skylounge Bar groups modern design stools before a giant screen, with alternating mood lighting to embellish its dramatic effects. The 42” flat screen projects life-size images from TV, wireless, videos or DVD receptors. When not in use, the flat panel slides into a wall pocket.
  8. A close-up of her Skylounge bar produces a sky-high polish with its super gloss finish over Zebrana Veneer, here and elsewhere. Sprayed on in multiple layers, its mirror qualities make it appear liquid, inches thick. It seems impenetrable.
  9. Entering the Salon, attention is immediately drawn to the contrast of her Glacier White expanse against nuances of soft blues and brown shades; shadow effects, overall attention to spatial intervals and optical references. A tenet of her design team has been to cleverly balance light versus dark essence; gnarly, opposite satin-smooth. Note here the outstanding modern design of deep cup-chairs in the conversation nook; clever arrangement of potted plant elements; and the startling opposition of her staircase ascending into the sky-blue brightness. Poetry, in quintessence.
  10. On her main deck, a broad view of Ancora’s Salon accentuates the creativity expended by her design team in choosing striking, uncommon elements such as the puffed ottoman sequestered indulgently before a dark wall; its plush, rounded softness an elegant complement to the constructed stone and glass storage appointments. Elixer of the reverent class.
  11. Check the dazzling detail of these giant wall treatments, an attractive mix of comfortable utilitarian against austere, in the same time frame. Indoor lighting is quite sophisticated, built into the ceiling for an indirect, non-glare effect, using incandescent lights with fiber-optics to enhance every single element, yet boosted with stylish, modern lamps. In addition, large window areas admit copious natural daylight.
  12. Adjacent to the Salon area, the Formal Dining room decor features Danish modern style table and chairs, using hard pressed, dark chocolate Macassar woods along with Zebrano veneers. Overhead, a singular, crushed aluminum chandelier echoes light onto the brushed aluminum chair frames and brackets. A full size, padded couch in matching Coffee tones is spread the length of the high window.
  13. Ocean’s roar: Ancora’s tribute to creative interior design often includes surprising elements more expectantly interpreted by art studio denizens than aboard an ocean-qualified ship. Art lovers will quickly recognize the tantalizing, expanded, undulating screen as a symbolized long sweep of ocean waves. Set against the panoply of an attractive flower/vine arrangement and the up/down staircase, it’s certain to gain instant applause.
  14. Her decorative stairway repeats the ocean wave symbol, in case-hardened construction form, as it rises and falls along the ascending staircase treads. At its base, a long-weathered, crusted stone-effect outcrop pedestal weaves it own tale of symbolic ages in and out of the sea.
  15. A close-up look at her magnificent, aesthetically interpreted ocean wave design, as it leaps down the stairs with a brushed stainless rail.
  16. Here, conveniently located, an intimate viewing of perhaps the most ingeniously-designed Dayhead in all the world’s oceans. Super-finely crafted in natural, un-mortared mosaic stones; with undeciphered, encrypted hieroglyphics set in dark Macassar wood. A tribute, or prayer, to the sea gods, without a doubt. Wash basin: stainless steel mated with glacier white.
  17. Ancora’s Galley follows the dramatic design theme, highlighting large areas of Zebrano and Macassar woods, finished to fit within its arena of precedence, non-competing but abetting the demanding instruments of entertainment and food prep.
  18. The drama continues with specially designed stainless steel appliances, huge double freezers, ovens, sinks; with a built-in TV at the far corner. Numerous drawers and cabinets located throughout, ultimately fitted within the fine decoration plan. Flooring is a non-slip grid pattern.
  19. Forward on the Main Deck, the Owner’s Suite Reception area, true to its rather outré design theme, presents a lengthy, curving couch at its entryway, which in turn displays wide expanses of decorative Zebrano and Macassar woods. Ovoid shapes abound under the huge circle of the lighted reception area.
  20. Reflecting an affectation for circular spaces, the Master’s king-size berth nestles in a quadrant of brilliant decorative woods and white carpeted expanses, lit by calming blue-lighted areas. A built-in 42” TV-video screen faces from the foot of the berth.
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