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Review: Azimut Yachts New 74' Magellano

Discussion in 'Azimut Yacht' started by YachtForums, Jul 18, 2011.

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  1. Azimut Yachts 74' Magellano
    The Next Generation Takes A (Plumb) Bow

    by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy​

    YF checks into Azimut’s extensive, exacting production of its newest launch,
    via 4,000-miles of Sea Testing for its latest delivery – though perhaps not quite
    as yet Magellanesque-earth-circling – Call her: “Ma-gell-an-o-74.”​

    Historic Note: “Ferdinand Magellan; Sail – AD 1521: 1st World-Circumnavigation.”​

    Every Yacht Builder’s new models are the results of extensive programming and testing before, during and after the ultimate build is introduced to a highly exclusive Yacht Market. Meticulous design/evaluation and processes create a special “personality” for each new yacht generated, so it becomes a recognizable “face” for the yachting public. True Yacht Buffs chronicle a sighting; similar to a new car edition– “Look! that’s the 2011 Azimut”.
  2. Striking design characterizes this new model entry. Sleek, crisp, sporting an unusual burnt-orange hull color and lines that suggest speed as well as exacting sea-worthiness. For Azimut, of Viareggio, Italy, it’s a grand leap into a relatively new world-cruising market. This to compete with others which have gone there before; think Marlow, Hatteras, Nordhaven, etc. Perhaps not in league with the Grand +100’ Yachts, but just the ticket for cruise lovers to motor-yacht anywhere in the world. Speed here can be an essential ingredient, and Magellano 74 swoops right in; she’ll cruise up to 25 knots –a lot speedier than most her size – relying on her set of Sea-Keeper Gyro stabilizers to ensure a capable, comfortably smooth ride.
  3. What was Azimut thinking? As its newest edition to the Italian builder’s 50+ years and more than 25+ earlier models, Azimut wanted to be certain this quirky extravaganza really would deliver the performance they planned for: that is, a yacht dedicated to the individual adventurer(s) for the short and long range trips of a lifetime. So they sent a number of noted expeditionary reporters on separate voyages to check her out; all with the experience to deliver answers to their questions. After the astounding, accumulated 4,000 nm total Sea-Tests, all their responders delivered “Superior” ratings. So it seems certain that cruisers out there looking for their “Special” mid-size cruising yacht will have a must-see, in this new entry: Magellano 74.
  4. This stern overhead shot clearly shows M-74’s dedication to outdoor living, with her spacious observation area on top. Just the ticket for sprightly visits to the spectacular, wondrous Med, or the bountiful warmth and color of the Carib. This romance-inspired Italian production appreciates beauty; also loves getting there, to be where it is. Oh yes, with 2,000+ gallons of liquid dynamic persuasion – diesel fuel – that is, she has the goods to visit anywhere her skipper and crew decide to sun-bathe, dive, fish, or just marvel at the sights. Her twin CAT C-18s develop 1,015-hp each, so she doesn’t waste precious vacation time getting there. Her standard cruise speed is 12-k, with a top of 25 (compared to most yachts’ 9-k cruise). Oh yes, there’s a generous, available stash of fresh water as well, 1,504 gals. worth.
  5. Check the voluptuous curves up top on her Flybridge; airy, open, with her stable, elevated, full-size awning/roof overhead. Plus, a huge half-round, padded couch and a mahogany table. Plenty of storage in side cabinets for al-fresco dining implements; plus mock-adversarial bridge games, or those brainy afternoon scrabble tournaments.
  6. Another view of Magellano’s Flybridge, from starboard, features the waterproof deck carpeting, additional storage cabinets, and forward, the outdoor helm. The action is never more than a step away from the Captain’s prescribed duties, expert operation (and offhand kibitzing).
  7. Azimut’s designers brightly amplified the Captain’s choices, forward, with an additional, outdoor, sun-bathed Helm; not only stylishly designed, but quite complete and comfortable, with unimpeded views of the horizon – or the intricacies involved in approaching an unfamiliar, foreign port.
  8. Up top, this view from the bow flaunts her sensuous curves, parading “Design-Italiano” with her deep-cushioned couch centered over teak stripping. A pleasurable eye-full, as well as a body-pampering gem.
  9. Striking; yes, a fine photographic sea-view. However, this ultra-dramatic sun-down picture of Magellano’s starboard aisle-railing also shows the safety-inspired teak stripping and stainless steel hand rails at her beam. A ship dedicated to safety as well as pleasure.
  10. Here on her aft deck, note the beam-wide, deeply upholstered couch -- great for an early evening catnap before the cook rings the chow bell? This wide and spacious rear deck is easily large enough for major partying. Cocktails, dancing and-or parlor games can play a major role in long-range cruise entertainment. Music everyone? Italian caracole perhaps, cha-cha anyone?
  11. Artistic flare in Italian design is obvious even here on an outdoor stairway. A simple hand rail swoops down in a polished, stainless steel flash, where the ordinary, conventional oaken banister might go unnoticed but still serve its utilitarian purpose.
  12. What? A galley with a view? Beloved spouses who normally do the victual provisioning as well as provide serving duties, no longer have to labor in seclusion, locked in with those cramped, hot ovens preparing the daily feasts. Take a gander at the View from any point in this galley, plus the over-all comfortable, airy atmosphere. Aside from its excellent placement of cooking utilities, storage, drawers and utensils, she’ll feel right at home in this “food-prep office.” Also, set aft, it allows great views. Sensational! Score a very large one here for the Chef. She will adore it.
  13. Her salon is equally comfortable, nearly beam wide, with excellent, modern choices for comfortable yet long wearing furnishings. Her fresh image is optimized by lengthy expanses of ivory-toned carpeting, front to rear, juxtaposed against deep chocolate brown shades, with brisk, black accents. Full length windows lead the way to placid, daytime comfort in this graciously designed, nicely lighted open space. With all that, she tips the scales at a mere 123,000 pounds; fresh numbers for a yacht this size.
  14. This view of her Salon emphasizes the open vistas available astern. Note her up-down stairway far aft; with the wide-opening doors to the rear deck. Her candid objective to provide for personal deck parties goes with Azimut’s primary aim. That is to make available the personal yacht which; {1} appeals to today’s true life adventurers; {2} who are ready and eager to live life to the fullest; {3} meanwhile traveling at their own speed and schedule in a time frame that fits their personal calendars. Well planned and executed, certainly.
  15. An alternate view of the salon shows her immaculate but low key dining set-up, easily serving seven in comfort. And of course every banquet will follow the owners’ particular, private menu. That in turn leads to a brief and relatively simple explanation by the builder of this yacht, in itself: Azimut explains its inside corporate reasoning which led to this individual yacht’s design, which is: The fortunate owners who are enchanted by this unique yacht will be very special people; those who revel in being near, or on, the Sea; for leisurely cruising, with their own self-determined, personal calendar; on a yacht where they plan their exclusive, intimate route; to where and when they want to travel. Hmmm; Sounds good to us...
  16. Forward on the main deck, her helm is quite complete, though no match for the giant 100-foot yachts in scope. Still, every need is fulfilled for her normal range of 1,100 nautical miles; wherever the captain and crew decide is next. Up front, she provides a comfortable seat, facing three automated screens of vectors, depth, speed, plus an extra space for the navigator to loll beside the Captain.
  17. Her elegant interior design plan in the Master Suite reflects the designers’ strong masculine tone for its entire interior. Dominated by a raised king-size Master berth with storage beneath, the spacious room is enhanced by its comfortable color scheme, echoed throughout. Broad areas of tawny cinnamon/chocolate/brown are accented by swaths of lighter tans, set against soft champagne ivory-greys. High at each beam a series of slender windows provides natural daytime lighting. The commodious bedroom also sports a broad sofa as well as a work desk.
  18. Azimut’s Master Head follows the design plan as well, seemingly carved out of the wall as a designer significant, yet novel, arched window. Also, the latest modern fixtures for the sink; over black marble flooring. Plus, a shower large enough for a loving pair.
  19. A close-up of the Master Shower zooms in on the wash bowl and the polished, glittering, ultra modern stainless steel fixtures. Very flashy but exciting design.
  20. Forward, at the V-bow her guest stateroom is also a well designed example of the latest “yacht-modern” design. Over a light champagne-colored base, the raised queen-size berth nestles easily into its “socket,” boasting a bright red comforter for its passengers. With plenty of hanging locker stowage it’s certain to offer many good nights’ rest.
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