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Review: Azimut 50' Magellano "Pocket Yacht"

Discussion in 'Yacht Reviews & Feature Stories' started by YachtForums, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. For a 50-foot yacht exhibiting in YachtForums outstanding World Yacht Show of 100+ footers, Azimut’s 50’ Magellano is a pocket-sized cruiser that presents a smooth, even urbane entry; with several firsts in cruising lore to be noted.


    Glossy & lustrous, she curtsies to no large yachts and makes no apologies. Rather, she's a stylish acknowledgment that yes, she does belong. Join us for a closer look at Azimut’s 50’ Magellano, the “Pocket-Yacht” that has come of age… [Read More]​

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