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Review: Azimut 50' Magellano Motoryacht

Discussion in 'Azimut Yacht' started by YachtForums, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. Azimut 50' Magellano
    The Pocket Yacht Comes of Age

    Review by Capt. Chuck Gnaegy​

    For a 50-foot yacht exhibiting in YFs outstanding World Yacht Show of 100+ footers,
    this pocket-sized cruiser presents a smooth, even urbane entry; with several firsts in cruising
    lore to be noted. Glossy & lustrous, she curtsies to no large yachts and makes no apologies.
    Rather, she's an urbane acknowledgment that yes, she does belong. ​

    All business, offering several advances in hull and power design, Azimut's Magellano 50 is poised; as genuine as a handshake from a trusted top executive; a builder with a reputation for excellence and acclaim. Here is the first 50 yacht to earn the RNA Green Plus classification, sporting large UV film windows, low emission engines, high performance hull and props, LED lighting, hybrid propulsion, FSC Certification for fuel efficiency, plus sound insulation. All register as genuine advances in yacht design. She is a first class prize entry, for certain. So; Welcome to YachtForums!
  2. Her deep-V hull also delivers long range power; a shallow deadrise at the stern, with wide chines and an unusual soft section at center. Her vertical bow reduces pitch acceleration in head seas. Also, a slightly right-turn improvement over standard potency: A twin Cummins Mercruiser Easy Hybrid system QSB 5.9 diesels @ 425 hp, plus twin 23-kW-almost-totally-silent electric motors when youre not in a hurry @ slow speeds only. When timely arrival is necessary, this hybrid power combination will whisk this lady along at an agreeable 22 knots. For comfortable long range cruise on-plane she roams at 18-k. Alternating with the Easy Hybrid system vs electric motors only, expect a range of up to 1,000 nm. Most comfortable usage of the electric mode, of course, is in docking and low speed maneuvers. Yet, slow cruising, she can make 8k on battery powered engines alone. [fuel savings!]
  3. This 50’ is Azimut’s first offshoot of the Twin Easy Hybrid system, but their Naval Architect planners are looking ever forward. Their current directives are to expand the line from its initial 74’ & 50’ editions to include a 40’; which is now on the drawing boards. Azimut’s plans are to deliver a series of comfortable yachts in varying sizes, appealing to many different boaters tastes. Several of those new designs are well underway in the company’s creative top echelons; like this 50, which offers four alternate cabin layouts. So, Magellanos line of fast runabouts are looking forward to even larger, more commodious and cruiser-pleasing partners from its shipyard in Avigliana.
  4. High up on the FlyBridge the air is even sweeter; a great place for partying, plus monitoring all the outdoor adventures taking place. This dining table, nicely shaped, fine wood is part of Azimut’s dedication to environmental courtesies, using only non-threatened wood varieties. (The builder was lauded by the FSC Forest Stewardship Council for Eco-Sustaining Forests). And, quick note: the table’s edges have a lip that prevents accidental slide spills; fiddles if you will. Forward, the auxiliary helm allows the driver a taste of the outdoors as well.
  5. The flybridge helm is a study in doing something dramatically different! Functionally, it's fine. Aesthetically, it looks like an afterthought. Keep in mind, this is a 50' boat and space is at a premium, so the helm has a reduced signature and is minimalistic in nature. The location is offset to starboard, granting a birds-eye view of the bow and a good line of sight for backing down a slip.
  6. An Azimut flair is evident in this soaring Navigation Mast, recognizable from a fair distance. Distinctive and notable as Naval Architect Bill Dixons talent can design it; with exterior by Cor D Rover and a sparkling interior by her Azimut staff, Magellano can take another bow for bright originality. The central mast supports the antenna array, but also houses spreader lights, stereo speakers, etc. Clever; this is a masterful, creative result of employing various spaces for dual usage.
  7. Magellano's sculpted deck surfaces articulate the modern touches of Dixons design with comfort-dedicated planning shown here. Note the thru-deck window along the walkway to shed light on the V-berth. We're not sure about sure-footing here on this panel! Note the fender storage hatches to port/starboard for quick line handling. Deeply upholstered seating provides ample space for a part of eight or more.
  8. Safety measure & planning continues its progression at every level on this new-age cruiser. On the main aft deck, her molded fiberglass staircase adds strong, foot-sure teak steps and a pair of weight-tested twin banisters. A hinged, see-thru hatch above seals off the elements as needed. Up or down, any weather; shes built to a high cruising standard.
  9. Looking astern on the main aftdeck, the idea of sunning or stargazing paints a lovely big yacht picture. This comfortable settee seats a crowd of 6 comfortably with a choice of sun or shade. See next photo...
  10. Now, for those dedicated non-sun worshippers, her soft, translucent shade is always at the ready...
  11. Call this bathing luxury for a yacht this size. You said it! Oh Yes, it is a swim platform, served by an enclosed stairway. Its also a spot to stash a tender; albeit an inflatable not much larger than a pool raft. Splaaash!
  12. The M-50's compact galley serves double duty. Both the sink and the stove have fold down covers that convert the galley to additional counter space when not in use. A compact Miele oven adds a touch of big boat basting charm to this nook of a kitchen. Simple and sweet, with sweeping views, space limitations are quickly overlooked. The window-panes here and throughout are anti-UV coated film to minimize heat exchange. Storage is sparse, but a willing weekender.
  13. Looking aft, the kitchen is closed and the fold-down countertops become bookends. She has an elegance about her, not usually noticed in a relatively small yacht this size. However, the designers choices of color, fabrics, and arrangements mark this as a Real Looker. She is quite well executed. A stand out for a 50-foot yacht which, in size, is almost large enough to take the place of a full-bodied, live-in house-at-sea for an adventurous couple.
  14. Offset to port, in the center of the action, her raised dinette is plush with comfy, well-padded seating, not just spindly chairs. Her table handily serves six diners, and perhaps with some coaxing, a couple more. Excellent views abound, as should be onboard a yacht's dinner table. Worth noting is her well-padded overhead ceilings... just in case. ;)
  15. Just forward in the salon, a satellite helm becomes the wheelhouse, although it is merely a simple step to starboard and a simplified version of today’s digital domain. The instrument panel is set up with a master scenario, but obviously abbreviated. Visibility is good from every angle, but the helm lacks the inspiration many a seafarer desires.
  16. Almost as a welcoming point to the Master Suite and collateral staterooms, the vessels centrally located staircase meanders down to below decks. Actually, so well padded it seems rather not-very-yacht-like. Yet its fashioned in a striking design. Artsy, as well as usefully essential in scope with highly polished stainless steel banisters; it offers deep fabric tread covers.
  17. An excellent business or reading studio; not often planned or considered in a 50-footer. However, this is first class usage for a corner nook; a space not jammed with extra sleeping or storage facilities. Perhaps a setting reserved for more exact communications equipment, as it becomes available.
  18. Another studio shot; this close-up enlarges the desk view and shelving. Plus, also notice: an actual opening port at each beam. This is a good spot to talk about multiple options after dark, or the owners plans for how the yacht is used, daily. Azimut offers a conglomerate of accommodation plans, all to build/furnish at the owner’s choice. This same well disposed living plan outlined here can be altered on order, for two, or even three cabins. It can be situated with two staterooms and heads; or a studio/office to starboard and utility room with washer/dryer and a single berth to port. Yet another layout can include a lower deck dinette. This lady is versatile, eager to satisfy your cruising needs. Shes a dainty, willing lass, eager to please.
  19. Her lower salon offers private settings for intimate conversations perhaps; or additional lounging/sleeping room for several visitors.
  20. The Master Suite is beam wide, quite well laid out and very roomy for this size yacht. With its king-size berth centered, though askew in its angled location, it offers ample walk-around room, while also providing plenty of walk-in closet space.
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