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Special Feature: Paradigm 180

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Paradigm 180
    Dreaming In Digital Delirium

    A pair of daring young Italian naval architects bring an unusual approach to yacht design.
    Their concept is functional yet artistic. In effect, it goes its own way; an endeavor to revise
    ordinary patterns and physical areas; while giving greater scope to functions and features. ​

    They would also revise-adjust the ordinary separation between owner, staff, and guests. Several unique ideas immediately spring to the forefront; such as folding walls, sliding doors, low furniture, reflective surfaces; enhanced by solar panels, wind turbines and more; up to date innovations certain to spur interest in many forward thinking yachtsmen. Specs call for a steel displacement hull, aluminum superstructure, 196' yacht, but it remains merely a concept.
  2. A side view displays the yacht’s lengthy fold-out landing arrangement to port as 2/3 of its beam length opens to dockage. Note also, forward, her onboard swimming pool and sunning couches fit purposefully into the fine design scheme. Here is also the open entryway to the spa; plus the lower deck arrangements.
  3. Her extraordinary artistic strokes, swooping curves, pictured from the aerial context, emphasize the design flow stern to bow and return; for an almost melodious amplitude. The helipad monopolizes the stern from this view; although there is ample space for whatever traffic needs arrive at that point; tender launching, etc.
  4. Viewed from the bow/waterline, the design plan is equally interesting; broad strokes, stylishly swathed across the beam.
  5. Shown at the stern, the design’s breadth and openness accentuates its crispness as well as the design team’s planning. That intention centers on, apparently, a desire for ultimate, functional spaciousness. Her tender, at the level below, also slips easily into its resting place.
  6. From overhead the planning for numerous creature comforts at sea is quickly answered; by open but sheltered areas for dining as well as relaxation/lounging. No spatial movement is hindered by traffic to and from night quarters.
  7. Her Salon takes advantage of the great open space, yet provides sheltered areas as well. She’s quite roomy, endowed with plenty of windows for light; as well as comfy couches. While the design team emphasizes a clear separation between staffing, guest cabins, and owners; with reference to the main deck, there are no strict travel boundaries throughout the roomy vessel.
  8. The dining area also springs up with a new and attractively different design theme. Molded, padded seating for 10 easily extends all traffic around her mammoth glass dining table. Reflective surfaces abound. Teak decking, throughout, eases maintenance demands.
  9. Also sheltered under a ‘thousand-light’ overhead, her bar and full-size TV screen – set among plush, padded couches – offers sophisticated, up to the minute entertainment for all. The apparently meticulously planned, spatial dimensions are enhanced by walled, folding, sliding doors and furniture.
  10. With her own creatively conceived indoor waterfall, her lounge area caters to the most unusual; Ocean voyaging amid creature comforts sure to enthrall and captivate those passengers lucky enough to taste her luxury at sea.
  11. Her Master Stateroom follows the open-yet-sequestered design theme with a studied Greco-Indonesian flare; a king-size berth, luxurious couches, all individually diagrammed.
  12. Italian Naval Architects Alessandro Pannone and Francesco Malinconico have created an impressive, creatively thought out and expressed yacht.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.