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Feature: Oceanco 105M Expedition 'Esquel'

Discussion in 'Oceanco Yacht' started by Yacht News, Feb 26, 2019.

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  1. Oceanco Unveils 105-meter 'Esquel'
    Another expedition style superyacht design is revealed and this time it is from Dutch custom superyacht builder Oceanco. The Dutch yacht manufacturer calls the new 105-meter design 'Esquel'. The builder used the opening day of the 2019 edition of the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) to unveil the new design to the world. Design wise, the lines were penned by Timur Bozca and Gina Brennan and the very sleek design package is targeting owners who have a passion for remote exploration.
  2. Take a look at this aerial rendering of the Esquel design and it showcases not only the beautiful lines all around but the immense space devoted to tender and toy storage on deck as well as a look at the dedicated helicopter pad. Besides being an extremely luxurious platform, the yacht is designed with a flexible layout to allow for scientist to come onboard to conduct marine conservation and research work. Even though Esquel is a glamour lady, she can be a full work boat when needed.
  3. Looking at this profile rendering one can see the emphasis on sleek and fluid lines. A high sheltered bow should keep rough weather at bay with the bridge being located on the uppermost deck. Visibility with this type of design will be quite good as the forward superstructure 'falls away' from the bridge windows. What you perhaps cannot notice instantly from viewing Esquel on profile is that the bridge is wraparound external deck sort-of like a Portuguese bridge.
  4. The stern may appear very unassuming but its curves and sloping structure hide some interesting features. Of course on the roof of the aft most part of the deck is the helipad. However, below it in that glassed-in area is actually a swimming pool which would be able to be utilized as it is indoors. Sun loungers flank around the pool area and the expansive glass provides ample views outwards for owner or guests to enjoy. There is a door that can fold-down towards the water in the transom too.
  5. Next, we make our way to the interior to take a glimpse at what is on offer onboard this 100-meter superyacht. Gina Brennan says, "while the exterior of the expedition yacht is very masculine and modern, the interior is stylish and warm with comfortable furniture to create the feeling of a home away from home." This space definitely showcases that aspect of what Brennan was alluding to. The space depicted below is almost like a blend of a solarium and a winter garden.
  6. Moving further into the cavernous interior, the theme focuses on a light palette but keeps busy with lateral splashes seen in the carpet and even in the design of the ceiling. The central theme to this space is perhaps the fireplace. It isn't the regular inset fireplace, it is actually one that is open and wood burning with a suspended flue to take the smoke and exhaust out. A large bar also stands as and imposing part of the room offering respite from too much relaxation.
  7. This open concept room brings together the formal dining and casual relaxation aspects of a salon into one. One will agree the hanging light fixtures/chandeliers are quite elegant while large windows offer an alternate natural source of light during the daylight hours. A fireplace also takes up residence in this space to keep the immediate conversation area nice a toasty especially in those Arctic climes.
  8. The final area is the master suite. A true oasis for the owner of the yacht, it not only offers comfortable accommodation for the principle onboard but privacy to the highest degree. Large curved glass fronts the suite and ample views outward is star quality. The room features a fireplace more of the contemporary kind which services a small lounge area. The multi-toned wood floors echo the wood ceiling offering continuity in the design concept while a large chandelier serves as a reminder as to the pedigree of the superyacht you are on.
  9. Superyacht Esquel is for an owner or family who is obviously outgoing and wants to visit the most remote ends of the globe while still having the ability to remain connected to the outside world. The yacht offers the ability to be self sufficient for long periods and have great endurance to allow them to carry out the mission, whether scientific or relaxation specific. An astounding range of 7,000 nautical miles at 13-knots showcases how far this sleek beast can roam.

    For more information:

    Oceanco Shipyards
    Marineweg 1
    2952 BX Alblasserdam
    The Netherlands

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