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Feature: New Zealand Yachts 50m Wavepiercer

Discussion in 'New Zealand Yacht' started by YachtForums, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. New Zealand Yachts 50m Wavepiercer
    A Piercing New Perspective.

    Building on the success of their ISS Award winning Wavepiercer "Spirit",
    New Zealand Yachts is slipping into the spotlight again with a radical new 50-meter
    multi-hull set to make waves in yacht design AND presentation.​

    Damon Jones, Marketing Director for New Zealand Yachts has increasingly found that clients aren't satisfied with old-school, 2D line drawings, especially when viewing a multi-faceted yacht such as their new 50-meter concept. To bring their latest creation to life, the yard enlisted the boy-wonder from down-under, Richard Elliott, whose company Urban Voyage specializes in bringing concepts to virtual life with advanced 3D modeling techniques, along with an exciting new tool that enables end users to view every perspective of a design.
  2. Damon states, "We have embraced this request and have taken a step further than most with Urban Voyage to create stunning visuals in 3D with interactive documents that allow the client to view 3D perspectives, change hull colours, and examine details to get the client engaged and emotionally attached. The S50 project is our largest Wavepiercer design has received extensive interest. At the request of a current client, we needed to present all angles which led to us working with Urban Voyage.
  3. Beyond the obvious advantages of fuel efficiency, space and stability, the S50 comes into her own with a 22 knot cruise speed, topping out at an estimated 26 knots. As with any wavepiercing design, directional stability at speed is excellent, deceleration forces from wave impact is minimal, vibration and sound are well insulated, wake signatures are low and stability at rest is supreme.
  4. The S50 Wavepiercer is a Ken Freivokh design, interpreted by Urban Voyage. It has over 1300 square meters of indoor and outdoor deck space. To get a grasp on the many dimensions that make up a design, Urban Voyage has introduced "yachtVIEU”, a .pdf based file viewer that allows users to rotate the image on any axis, changing perspective with the swipe of a mouse.

    To see this program in action, you will need the latest version of Adobe's Reader. Get the reader here...

    Then, download the S50 Wavepiercer file here...

    Urban Voyage yachtVIEU

  5. The S50 is New Zealand Yacht's largest luxury wavepiercer to date, designed to exceed the expectations of the most discerning yacht owner. Complete privacy is ensured with an exclusive owners deck with over 1300 square meters of living space. There are a host of living accommodations that will make the S50 a full time residency at sea...

    Accommodations include:

    * Spacious multi purpose sun deck
    * Private owners deck with pool
    * His and Her ensuites
    * Private owners office
    * Heli pad on foredeck
    * Large VIP suite with private balcony
    * Private indoor and outdoor dinning areas
    * Expansive main deck saloon
    * All guest accommodation is located centrally for ultimate comfort
    * Abundance of natural light through the central walkway atrium
    * Large cinema room
    * Aft elevator platform for entertainment and submersible beach.
    * Tender and toy stowage in semi hulls
    * Passarelle access
    * Side board access


    Length: 49.6 m / 163 ft
    Waterline: 45m / 147.6 ft
    Beam: 14.6 m / 39.4 ft
    Draft ½ load: 2.6 m / 8.5 ft
    Displacement ½ load: 450 tons
    Speed Max, ½ load: 26 kts
    Speed Cruise: 22 kts
    Range @ 10 knots: 4500 nm
    Accommodations: 12 x Owner/Guests
    Crew: 12/16 x Crew / 28 Total

    For further information contact:

    New Zealand Yachts
    4 Fraser Street,
    Whangarie, New Zealand 0110
    + 64 9 430 3148

    Urban Voyage
    Unit B6, 1 Beresford Square
    Newton, Auckland
    + 64 9 303 2151

  6. Deck Plans: Sun Deck...
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  8. Deck Plans: Upper Deck...
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  10. Deck Plans: Crew Deck...
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