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Special Feature - Mike Kajan Yacht Design

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Jul 2, 2010.

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  1. "25m Enclosed"

    Based on the 30-meter Fly, this 25-meter is an enclosed version with the same lay-out, minus the flybridge. A retractile roof opens the main salon for fresh air cruising. The top view shows the jacuzzi with a spray fairing, as needed with a blunt bow design.
  2. "34-foot Sport Bridge"

    This 34ft. interior design came together after I had visited some boats of similar size, thinking that the volume and space could be used in a better way. This 34ft. design has the interior solutions often found on 40ft. + boats. 26 degree dead rise ensures a nice ride in less than nice weather.
  3. "Family Tree"

    On these concepts, I wanted to show the family ties in the roof line. These are 21', 24', 28' and 34ft hulls (as seen above).
  4. "28-foot Coupe"

    These two 28ft Coupe’s are all from a design suggestion recently made to a friend who is trying to bring an old brand back to the water. In this case, the hull is a proven concept but the deck and superstructure needed new lines. Here is a forward swept screen and reverse screen, each one unique in appearance, but essentially the same boat.
  5. For discussions with Mike Kajan and other designers, follow this link...

    Kajan Design Thread

Thread Status:
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