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Special Feature: Mike Kajan Yacht Design II

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, May 22, 2011.

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  1. 27-meter Coast Guard Flybridge Tri-Hull
  2. 27-meter Production Flybridge

    90ft. Fly bridge yachts are almost a dime a dozen so of course I wanted to add my version. Again, large windows are used to enhance the presence of the sea. I think a quadruple setup of Volvo IPS900’s would be suitable.
  3. 27-meter Displacement Explorer

    Smaller Explorer yachts tend to look rather boxy and I’m guessing the “form-is-to-follow-function” factor is the reason for that. On this 90ft. pocket sized Explorer I wanted some sport yacht influences with rather large windows. I was aiming for a SUV rather than a pickup truck. So, to put a new twist on old trawlers, I put a Nordhavn in a time machine and hit the fast-forward button.
  4. 27-meter Canoe Stern Variants

    I find the canoe stern appealing from a design point of view and decided to offer the previous 90ft. fly bridge concept with a canoe stern. I was aiming for a more modern look then you usually find on canoe stern crafts by keeping most of the design elements from the 90ft. FB version but with some minor changes to the sheer line.
  5. 22-meter Raise Pilothouse - Modern & Woody

    Here the 90ft. Canoe stern concept is down scaled to 72ft. and with a raised pilot house. On the bottom concept I wanted to go with some classical lines so I went for a negative stern and a cloth Bimini top.
  6. 16-meter Neo Sportfish

    This 50ft. concept started as a request from one of the YF members asking for a large open weekender with a classic sports fisher hull with a modern cockpit, large social areas and preferable powered by a couple of Volvo IPS900’s.
  7. 16-meter Open Hardtop
  8. 16-meter Variants

    The following concepts are all based on the original preferences of a large open weekender with a classic sports fisher hull, but with some additional features such as a straight bow, air inlets and different portholes. I opted for some classical paint schemes on the Coupé version to add some vintage feel.
  9. 15-meter Day Sloop

    After I had visited a boat show in Stockholm, Sweden, I discovered that most Swedish built sailboats with a doghouse had a certain design with rather straight and edgy lines so I decided to contribute with some curved lines. I also noticed that you still couldn’t see the water while seated in the saloon so on this concept the seating area below is raised, taking care of that problem.
  10. 15-meter Day Sloop with Deck Plans
  11. 9-meter Patrol Boats - Variants

    Having a yacht capable of going anywhere under any circumstances is a fascinating thought so I designed this 30ft. interceptor concept with the same idea in mind but for coastal waters.
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