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Special Feature: Mike Kajan Yacht Design II

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, May 22, 2011.

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  1. Mike Kajan Yacht Design II
    Building Boats at the Speed of Imagination!

    From the fertile mind of Mike Kajan comes a whole new fleet of yacht renderings. This
    one-man design dynasty has captivated YF followers and captured the attention of shipyards as well.
    Unlike mere analogue mortals who doodle ideas on paper, Mike uses FreeHand to digitally transcribe
    his imagination into virtual works of yachting art that have a few of us questioning the status quo.

    Mike's work was originally featured on YachtForums in July of 2010, when we questioned if good design is a genetic gift or is it an evolution of an interest? One year later, we have a definitive answer. It's not a genetic thing. It's not school taught. And it's not even evolution. Mike's from another dimension!

    (The following renders are sorted by size and each doodle has a few scribbles)​


    100-meter Falcon Rig

    This 100m+ Falcon Rig is an updated version of a previous design I made. This time around I went for a more traditional bow and some added detailing to the superstructure. The aft part easily stores your favourite 35ft. tender and doubles as a large beach club and entertaining area with adjoining spa and gym.
  2. 84-meter Silhouette​

    The Silhouette II is a 84m concept where for once the windows are smaller then I usually like to have them. On this concept I was aiming for a low profile yacht with some attitude. Tender storage at the bow.
  3. 80-meter Wave

    The 80m Wave concept actually started out from the 84m Silhouette concept. I was playing with the bow line and moving some of the design elements around and ended up with this. If you take a closer look you’ll find many of the features from the Silhouette on the Wave but with a twist. One nice feature with the software I’m using (Freehand by Macromedia) is that you can tweak and alter particular lines and even large segments in seconds, much like sketching. I was aiming for a clean design with fewer clever lines and detailing in order to keep the overall appearance as clean and smooth as possible besides the two “waves”.
  4. 80-meter Explorer

    I have a great fascination for explorer yachts and the idea of being able to go anywhere appeals to me. This 80m concept has several areas with large windows for a better view and contact with the sea. The bridge wings are enclosed and just behind the bridge is a large saloon facing aft with floor to ceiling windows. On the top level there is the observation lounge with a 360 view. The glass walls can be lowered to create a large open social area with a hot tub facing forward. Being able to pick up guests from any location and in a fast and comfortable way get them to and from the yacht is also an idea that I like. The BA 609 could well be an alternative on the larger yachts now that the VTOL concept is getting down in size and weight compared to the larger military versions.
  5. 80-meter Dovetail; Neo & Classic

    The modern vintage came about after an YF member asked for my version of the 111m Bloom Voss vintage concept. I used bits and pieces from my old designs and ended up with these 80m concepts. I like the idea of mixing vintage with some more modern design so I decided to move the clock back some time on the hull design on my “borrowed” concept (bottom design) and at the same time move forward in time with the design of the super structure and have a more streamlined yet vintage overall appearance with only a few changes (top design).

    The mixing of styles and eras continues inside and I’m thinking over sized windows with vintage framing to keep the vintage feel but maximize the natural light and contact with the sea. The master is on the bridge deck aft with an unobstructed view through equally large windows and private balcony overlooking the pool/helipad below. The tender is also one of my previous 55ft. “Down Easter” designs down scaled to 38ft.
  6. 80-meter Classic Sail; White-Red

    I have recently discovered that I’m probably a sailor underneath after having participated in a race last year (which we buy the way won, any one in a need of a tactician?) and after having studied the wonderful designs of the old J-class and large sail yachts like Athena and Marie to mention a few I decided to design an over sized J-class. The different concepts presented here are all 80m and based on the same hull but with different keel arrangements. Design wise I’m thinking in the same line as for the 80m modern vintage power yacht with large floor to ceiling windows on the deck house.
  7. 80m Classic Sail; Blue-Green
  8. 80m Classic Sail; Keel Hull
  9. 72-meter Classic Expedition Yacht

    I think the old school design makes it easier to understand why ships are referred to as ladies.
  10. 60-meter Tri-Hull Explorer with Kite

    One YF member asked if I could downsize my 80m Explorer concept and make it a tri-hull with the option of having it kite-powered. The result is this 60m tri-hull.
  11. 60-meter Displacement Explorer

    While on the matter of shortening the 80m Explorer concept for the tri-hull conversion, half way through I ended up with this 60m version before making the actual changes to the hull. The design is pretty much the 80m concept less the heli pad. Living in Scandinavia and being used to icy winters and rather cold summers, I like the option of having most areas enclosed like the observation deck and bridge wings for example.
  12. 60-meter Eco

    I like the idea of a floating villa with large open spaces, lots of natural light and that feeling of being indoor outside and vice versa. Influenced by H2Ome and Wally Power 55. I was curious to see if it was possible to design something lean and green on the basis of one of my existing hull designs. The idea was to have an efficient hull design, uncluttered deck spaces and an overall minimalistic appearance, of course nothing new in this genre. The hull profile originates from a 60m sail yacht concept I did a while back. The transom folds down and creates a 45 square metre swim platform and reveals the steps down to the beach club area. The mooring details at the bow are tended to from the deck below, leaving the deck clean and uncluttered. 30ft. tenders and toys are up front. Balconies on each side for the dining/lounge area and the master/study area.
  13. 57-meter Tri-Deck Observatory

    This 57m version of the 80m Wave is a good example of the advantage with the software, Freehand. Down scaling, removing one level and adjusting the proportions took about 4 hours.
  14. 57-meter Contemporary

    This design came about after having watched a documentary on sharks believe it or not. I like to think there is some shark theme in the design.
  15. 40-meter Super Contemporary

    I find the idea of using a certain hull design for various purposes appealing from a design point of view. Manufactures of smaller boats do it all the time and even some yacht manufactures do it, so why not give it a try. The hull of this concept is 40m in length and the design is pretty straight forward with little or no space rocket thrills, although the first one has some of those influences. As with most of my designs, large windows are a repeat design element.
  16. 40-meter Observatory TriDeck
  17. 40-meter Observatory Explorer
  18. 30-meter Tri-Deck, Tri-Hull w/ Kite

    One YF member wanted a 30m tri-hull with some design elements from the 80m Explorer concept and on the subject of how many levels you could fit on a 70-80ft. tri-hull design without ending up with a wedding cake, these 77ft. concepts where maid to illustrate the visual appearance of an extra level and overall appearance. Kite powered as well.
  19. 27-meter Tri-Hull w/ Kite

    Here the 30-meter Tri-Deck concept is down sized even more, in this case to 27-meters with one deck removed. It has a kite-powered alternative illustrated.
  20. 27-meter Navy Flybridge Tri-Hull

    Having a fascination for utility boats I decided to offer the 90ft. concept as a tri-hull and in a “down to business” clothing; one for the Navy and one for the Coast Guard (below). When comfortable guest accommodations are not a must but speed at a lesser cost is, tri-hulls might be a way to go. Preferable powered by triple IPS1200’s.
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