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Feature: MCC 46-meter Neo Classic

Discussion in 'MCC Yacht' started by YachtForums, Aug 11, 2011.

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  1. MCC 46-meter Neo Classic Series
    Retro Makes the Grade

    MCC's first 46-meter Long Range Cruiser is a neoclassic blend of modern-minimalist
    simplicity, coupled with classic elements and an efficient hull design. The renders were originally
    displayed at the 2011 Palm Beach Boat Show, with a Mini-Me model making it to Monaco later this year. ​

    The classicism is at its strongest in a bow that goes beyond a simple vertical line to an even more graceful slightly curved one echoing the 19th century dreadnought bow. MCC naval architect Kasia Milewska said: “I took my inspiration from the ships that were built early in the last century with no nonsense efficiency”
  2. By definition Neo Classic designs are not derivative, but defer to the past while looking to the future. This design approach is not just about looks, the extra waterline length the bow contributes makes the yacht incredibly efficient. MCC offers the project in both, traditional twin prop and single prop configuration. Environmentally conscious owners will be able choose the single screw option; this offers maximum efficiency; maximum range and maximum economy.
  3. The Neo Classic is a rugged, long-distance, blue water cruiser; styled with a sleekness of form that belies excellent seakeeping and shares with all MCC yachts a long-distance cruising pedigree. The yacht has a feature more commonly seen on 60 meter plus yachts; two tender garages. The conventional one in the aft lazarette is enhanced by another fully enclosed behind a hull door on the port bow.
  4. Rather than squeeze in a maximum of 12 passengers, MCC design chose to accommodate fewer passengers in greater comfort. With master and VIP staterooms on the main deck and three guest cabins below the approach is innovative, even unconventional. The formal dining room is also absent. MCC’s idea here is to address the widely known fact that formal dining is so rarely used that valuable space is wasted. For those special formal occasions, the salon has been designed in such a way that it can simply and easily be transformed into a formal dining area.
  5. MCC coins the Neo Classic as a "Back to the Future" yacht. Here at YF, we're thinking it's more in line with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen...

    For more information contact:

    MCC – Maritime Concept and Construction (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.