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Special Feature: Chris Seymour Design 245' "Elementum"

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. Chris Seymour Design 245' "Elementum"
    A New Superyacht Species

    Christopher Seymour Designs has developed a new superyacht species appropriately
    named - "Elementum", which is Latin for Element. The Elementum concept presents a
    shocking silhouette, challenging traditional maritime elements with a militant, machete-
    like profile that is one part bleeding edge yacht design and one part Alien with an Attitude.​

    Chris is a long-time member of YachtForums (screen name - '84far') with several notable designs to his credit including, "Alpine"; a 122 meter superyacht and "Sunset Heaven"; a 96-meter plumb bow design. With his latest incarnation, Chris brought together many different properties to create an entirely new element. The main focus of the Elementum concept is to increase hull efficiency through applied hydrodynamics. The hull form is a semi displacement, wavepiercing hybrid with hard chines to achieve higher cruise speeds, as well as enhanced stability at rest.

    Ride comfort will be far more favourable in a head sea due to Elementum's massive reverse bow that penetrates waves, substantially reducing deceleration forces normally associated with conventional flared bows. In addition to its wavepiercing qualities, a subtle bulb has been incorporated into the hull, lengthening it's subsurface signature, further reducing pitching tendencies. At 245', the sheer size of Elementum ensures its reverse bow will remain relatively dry in all but the biggest seas. Helping to keep spray at bay, a soft chine is molded into the bow and flared just forward of midship.
  2. Because speed is nothing without stability, Elementum has a lower centre of gravity as the vessel is a low displacement configuration due to a smaller tonnage in the superstructure. This will allow the bow to sit at a normal or reasonable height in the back section of a large wave when running a swell. Longitudinal centre of gravity calculations are located just aft of amidships, yet forward of the engines. These attributes give the vessel explorer-like qualities sufficient to withstand the harshest sea conditions.
  3. Behind this hydrodynamic veil of technology, Elementum has some subtle design elements that should appeal to the traditional yachtsman, such as a soft flare in the hull, a sweeping sheerline and a tumblehome stern section. For the exploration-minded, a Portuguese bridge wraps the pilothouse. And when the seas lay down, Elementum's beach decks lay down, putting guests at one with the elements; pun intended.
  4. The superstructure design was a continuation of creative styling. The continuation of curves are in the superstructure fairings with hidden liferafts on either side, but with also the combination of robust square edged superstructure with reverse and forward sweeping windows which continued on with the boats overall unique appearance.
  5. Side decks also weave their way through the superstructure making it practical for crew with easy access to all areas of the ship, fore & aft. This practicality is continued on the upper decks so the crew has easy access to the lounge and spa area for servicing guests. All of the decks levels are joined via a central staircase with an elevator running up the middle. There’s also a unique dining lounge area on the third deck that allows panoramic views.
  6. The superstructure presented an interesting design challenge because it is a split level to create a unique atmosphere of separate areas throughout the upper decks. This unique configuration was found to make the areas more exclusive and private, for either owner/guests wanting to enjoy a quite dining experience, or guests/owner could enjoy a simple drink with family and friends in the other lounge areas.
  7. Elementum's massive swim platform is a staging ground for a fleet or water toys, consisting of multiple RIB tenders, underwater scooters, dive equipment and lest we forget, the requisite helicopter landing pad on the fore deck. At this early design stage, a plethora of aft deck options include a transparent pool or an aft deck, covered lounge complete with bar, seating, umbrellas... you name it!
  8. At present, the vessel’s engine configuration is a diesel propulsion system, coupled to shaft drives. But a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system can be used to further the efficiency. The hull and superstructure will be of a aluminium construction, with composite curved fairings.
  9. Elementum offers accommodations for up to 12 guests, including the owner. This includes 2 guests cabins, 3 VIP suites, with one offering its own balcony, and 1 owner’s suite featuring a second balcony. The vessel will be operated by 14 crew with their quarters located on the lower deck equipped with lounge, kitchen and mess area.
  10. In this preliminary interior rendering, the GA's call for a main deck with an open floor plan, but separate living areas throughout deck. A wet bar is placed forward so guests have a commanding view of the waters that lay ahead, while casual couches are scattered about a central dining area, much like the configuration found on large cruise ships. It's an atmosphere conducive to socializing, but still intimate.
  11. Specifications:

    LOA: 245’ / 74.67m
    LWL: 243.25’ / 74.14m
    Beam: 46.15’ / 14.07m
    Draft: 12.75’ / 3.87m
    Engines: MTU 20V 4000 M73L
    Speed (max): 20+ Knots
    Speed (cruise): 14 Knots
    Range: 4000+ N/M (AT 12 Knots)
    Water Capacity: 4444lt (Approx)
    Generators: 3 x 175kW Caterpillar C9
    Owner & Guests: 12
    Crew: 14

    Aluminum Hull
    Aluminum Superstructure
    Foam Core Fairings

    For more information contact:

    Christopher Seymour Designs
    Christoper Seymour Designs | Home

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