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Westport Yachts began in 1977, when brothers Rick and Randy Rust were building commercial salmon-fishing boats in the northwest. A changing economy prompted them to apply their knowledge of hardy sea-going vessels to the production of luxury yachts. Their technical expertise and yacht industry contacts, plus experience as businessmen helped in the transition. Then came orders from experienced yacht designers such as Ed Monk, Jr. for a 70-footer. The Rusts invested $100,000 in the first automated fabric impregnator for yacht-building molds. With new designs coming from Jack Sarin for 76-footers, then during the mid-1980s a 112’ model, and the nationally acclaimed 98’ Golden Delicious, a Miami Hatteras dealer ordered yachts based on the design; a relationship which lasted into the 1990s. Westport Yachts was on its way. Today, Westport is one of the first to use labor and cost saving innovation -- Modular Construction. Not new, the technique was pioneered by Henry Kaiser with Liberty ships in WWII, but its use in composites is a step forward in yachts. The entire boat can be built in four basic components. The hull, main deck, upper deck, and flybridge is each nearly completed before the components are assembled. That means fewer joints and seams, and can pare production times as much as 50%. It also allows simultaneous work in separate locations, spreading the work out so the crews are spread and not congested in one area. Westport is currently one of the largest producers of 95” to 164’ fiberglass yachts. Westport hulls are built of laminated fiberglass mat and roving, which is applied by automated overhead impregnators – the result of a detailed building plan and synchronized fabrication. Every component and sub-assembly is scheduled and documented by process flow charts tracked by engineering teams. At any one time, a series of four, six or more yachts are processed with quality and efficiency, which would be virtually impossible in a strictly custom build. Westport’s Washington State facilities are in Westport and Hoquiam, as well as in Port Angeles.
When does a ready-made, full size “Production Yacht” rate a reputation to make it the favorite of yacht lovers by the dozens? And the envy of builders worldwide? The answer is Westport’s 130’ Tri-Deck. With 28 delivered since 2001, this handsome design displays as more striking than ever, amplifying its growing list of delighted owners. The popularity of a yacht design registers an explicit influence for future owners. Throughout the yachting fraternity, while sparkling new one-offs garner strong applause – with good reason – a few excellent and imaginative duplicate models gain followers year after year. Here, seemingly miscast as a “production yacht,” its buyers - yachtsmen and women - are excited about their choice, without waiting two or more years for slightly differing custom designs. “Classics” in any venue, go on forever, sporting universal appeal. This near impossible recipe is never easy to predict, but almost immediately recognized. This is sacred stuff. This is the Westport 130' Tri-Deck.
Its name is an immediate and explicit clue to the extraordinary creativity which marks this grand new Westport 164. Billed as a production yacht -- and two others have already begun their turn on the ways -- this singular design surpasses many previous efforts in custom naval architecture. Attention to detail and interior embellishments easily elevate it into a class by itself.
Nearing the halfway point of 2005, Westport Shipyard reports that the company’s schedule of launches and confirmed orders points to a record year, eclipsing its best-ever performance in 2004. This is no surprise to many boaters that cruise through marinas where yachts reside, as Westport’s are among the most popular yachts around. In South Florida alone, which is an area usually dominated by names like Broward and Hatteras, you are likely to see a number of Westports ranging from 98’ to 130’ on any given day.
The Westport 130' offers an attractive time advantage... she is an already finished yacht. Constructed by the builder, rather than commissioned from a buyer (who then must wait two years or more for the completion of most yachts), the 130' along with its siblings, the Westport 112' and 98', are custom production yachts that are Ready To Cruise... or "RTC". This is practically unheard of in the yachting community, especially on a scale this large.
When the new Westport W125 was launched back in 2016 with the unit called "Black Gold" most were raving about the newly restyled exterior aspects of the yacht. Two years later, the same W125 is getting a makeover on the interior. There are three W125s sailing around at present with hull 4 and 5 under construction. The new interior option is an Italian one so Westport can potentially appeal to a wider European base. They turned to Italian designer Giuseppina Arena to make a new range of Italian interior styles. Below you can see the new interiors.
American yard Westport Yachts has been building the W112 model for well over a decade and the time has come for a an exterior refresh, bringing it current with the rest of the Westport line-up. Westport Yachts announced that they were going to restyle the W112 model but up until this point we have only seen renders of the proposed re-design. If you were at the recently concluded Miami Yacht Show, the yard had an example at the show called "Lyons Pride".
The long-standing W112 model from Westport Yachts existed with the same basic design from when it first hit the market in the late 90's. While other models were refreshed and new models were added, the W112 remained unchanged, but this is mostly because it was a timeless design to begin with. Now the American yard has given the W112 an overall refresh with updated styling to bring it current. With over fifty examples of this model in service, it was time for a little nip & tuck. The yard used the recently concluded Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) to announce the news and for Westport fans, it's a welcome make-over.
In response to customer demand, Westport Yachts decided to add a few new models as well as offer refreshment to the styling of others. We have seen the refreshing in the longstanding Westport 112 line and now the yard has given details about its new flagship, which at this stage is being referred to as the W65. Yes, that suggests that the new flagship is going to be a 65-meter and be built on a steel displacement hull. Developments are still being made to the flagship as the yard suggests that the superstructure could either be built from composite or aluminium but more-than-likely aluminium as it offers the potential for a shorter delivery time frame. Special features include a full-fledge beach club on the aft lower deck. The space is available because tender storage has been moved forward towards the bow area where shell doors can be seen. The design calls for the arrangement to be spread across four decks and there is emphasis on outdoor areas. Large sundeck real estate will be handy to guests onboard along with high-volume interiors for a vessel of this size. The design is by Gregory C. Marshall with an interior to be heavily influenced by client input. Many details are still not known at this stage but as they emerge YF will keep you up-to-date.
The Westport line of yachts continues with the launching of a member of the newest addition to their model line-up. The 38-meter "Black Gold" recently made her way to the water as a member of the new Westport 125 line. In essence it may look similar to what Westport is accustomed to producing -which is good- but a closer look suggests that this 38-meter is a much more sporty and edgy design. Basically taking a design that worked for them and bringing forward the styling to current times.