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Luca Bassani Antivari, President and founder of Wally, decides to build his family yacht combining the comfort and luxury of a large cruising yacht with the performance of a maxi-yacht racer, and making sailing easier and safer. In fact, being a keen and experienced sailor himself, Luca Bassani did not want to give up the pleasure and enjoyment of speed, but at the same time he wanted a family-friendly and very comfortable yacht he could sail with little crew and have his children onboard without worrying about safety. So he starts developing ideas and concepts new to cruising yachts that he felt would meet his requirements, like the use of advanced composites and easy-handling features. Since then, Wally has become a leader in the development of cutting edge style, advanced composite yachts. In 2001 Wally entered the motor yacht market with three different projects, sharing the same concept of combining technology and design to obtain a new type of boat, as it did with the sail. The holding company for Wally yachts is based in Monte-Carlo, with the sales, administration and finance, marketing, press and public relations departments. Wally Europe includes a shipyard located in Massa Carrara (Italy) for the construction of the WallyPowers production boats (67, 47 and WallyDinghy), and the facility located in Fano (Italy) that comprises the advanced composite construction shipyard with a post cure oven for 50m yachts, the joinery woodcraft that works also for third parties, and the technical office with designers, engineers, naval architects, interior designers, and structural engineers, to design and develop the yachts. WMagic, Biserte (Tunisia) is the shipyard for the construction of the Wally Tenders and the composite of the Wally 80’s, as well as the advanced composite construction for third parties. As a group, Wally provides for 265 people building yachts, 35,500 sq. meters (382,118 sq.ft.) of building area, 4 ovens to cure the advanced composites, 60 carpenters, 3000 sq. meters (32,292 sq.ft.) of woodwork area, 42 people for the systems, 143 people for composite processing and finishing, 33 people for the development and design of the yachts and 120 meters of mooring docks.
The 55m WallyPower, developed by the WallyDesign department for a European prospect, is a mega yacht characterized by a displacement hull that is derived from navy hydrodynamic technology. The hull shape is the result of an extensive R & D program that included tank testing and CFD computer design, and is characterized by high efficiency and reduced pitching than traditional hulls. The exceptionally high free board enhances safety in rough seas, without contaminating the lines of the yacht. The glass superstructure and the very large portholes (each guest cabins features four portholes 2,5 m – 8’2” wide and 0,5 m – 1’ 8” high) flood the interiors with natural light while providing 360 degree views from the upper decks and enhanced visibility from the lower decks. The cruising speed of this mega yacht is 17 knots; the construction is high tensile steel for the hull and aluminum light alloy type for the superstructure. The displacement is 780 tons. The advanced antirolling system of VT Naiad Marine Stabilization at anchor, combined with a DATUM control system stabilizes the 55m WallyPower both under way and at anchor.
The118 WallyPower is an incongruous name for a high performance superyacht that integrates technology with aesthetics for a sleek and startling result. The deck superstructure has an aero-dynamic, stealth-bomber design with a vertical bow and air inlets encasing an innovative interior layout based on zen-like simplicity to mask a surprising amount of comfort. Three gas turbines generate 16,800 HP power that allow the 118 WallyPower to cruise a leisurely 60 knots in flat seas and tackle rough waters with ease in this ultimate luxury vehicle.
Innovative builder Wally Yachts has successfully delivered the second hull in the WallyAce 26-meter displacement series. She is easily distinguishable from her sister, "Kanga", with a strong darker paintjob. Her name is "WallyKokoNut", an interesting name and since delivery she has been placed on the charter market and expected to charter out of Corsica.
Wally 26-meter 'WallyAce' motoryacht in build Italian builder Wally has kicked off it 'megayacht' motor yacht line with the construction of the "WallyAce" model -the design was introduced some time ago- of which a few units on the 26-meter variant are in build. There are two variants so far, the 26-meter (86-feet) and the 36-meter (118-feet). The WallyAce 26-meter model is expected to be launched in 2012. This variant is expected to mount twin CAT marine engines, CAT C12s with 350-horse power each allowing her to run to 12-knots. She is not a speedster because economy in cruising is to be a hallmark. For instance, at 10-knots this WallyAce model will travel 2,400 nautical miles. Accommodation for the 26-meter variant varies because one of the two that are in-build has a three-stateroom layout and the second hull has a four-stateroom layout. The three-stateroom WallyAce, or the first hull has a master stateroom located aft on the hull. There is large and vast floor-to-ceiling glass on the aft end of the room and the double bed is oriented towards the aft to take in the views through that large expanse of glass, quite a special feature on the first hull. The second hull has four staterooms and the master stateroom is located more amidships in the hull. Amidships also on the starboard side of the hull, is a large garage shell door to house the yacht's main tender and toys. The interior seems to be going toward a modern and minimal appeal with the wide use of teak, glass, and polish stainless-steel in the mix of main materials to be used. Look out for these new models in 2012 where their design alone will be enough to turn heads. For more information: Wally Yachts, 8 Av. des Ligures MC98000 Principality of Monaco Wally ***
Monaco – The first unit of the 64 wallypower stands out for her unmistakable Wally design as well as for her metallic blue striking colour. This new model of the Wally power range was highly acclaimed by the market: the boat was sold as soon as she arrived at the Monaco Yacht Show where she made her debut.