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The origin of Trumpy Yachts started with John Trumpy, a Norwegian born, German trained naval architect, partnering with John Mathis in 1910. John Mathis had a company in Camden, NJ for building commercial and naval vessels and the Mathis Yacht Building Company which built private yachts. By 1917, John Trumpy had designed 47 yachts catering to wealthy families including Guggenheim, DuPont, Whitney, Firestone, Chrysler, and Dodge. The Sequoia, the Presidential Yacht from 1933 to 1977, served 8 US Presidents. John Mathis died in 1977 leaving John Trumpy the sole owner of the Mathis Yacht Building Company. In 1942 the Camden Yard was at capacity for building government vessels so the Mathis Yacht Building Company relocated to Gloucester City, NJ and took on the name John Trumpy & Sons. More than 300 yachts were launched under the Mathis-Trumpy name. In 1947 John Trumpy & Sons relocated to Annapolis, Md; however, several momentous events had negative impacts on the company including the death of John’s son Donald and subsequently a fire in 1962 that destroyed the yard. Soon thereafter John Trumpy died at the age of 84. However, John Trumpy & Sons continued building yachts under the direction of John Trumpy, Jr. In 1974 John Trumpy & Sons closed down due to rising costs, labor strikes, and preponderance of fiberglass as a new hull material. In the 2009 John Trumpy’s grandson, Johan Trumpy, partnered with John Ewing and Jock West to form a new company Trumpy Yachts to once again build the famous yachts started by John Trumpy some 100 years earlier, however there is little information to be found on the re-start. There are about 100 Trumpy Yachts still in use today. The latest most famous person to own a Trumpy Yacht is Greta van Susteren of Fox News. Maybe she will be Trumped by the next Trumpy Presidential Yacht which may be call The Sequoia.
This historic yacht has been beautifully restored and spends summers in Chicago and winters in South Florida. Originally, El Presidente is a 96 foot, 1939 Mathis-Trumpy motor yacht. El Presidente, originally named Innisfail, was built for the J.M. Cudahy family of Lake Forest, Illinois for pleasure use on the east coast in 1939. During World War II, the vessel was pressed into service by the U.S. Navy. She was refit at the Naval shipyard in Philadelphia in May of 1942, and was commissioned as the YP-354. The ship was mounted with two 20mm cannons on her deck, and a depth charge rack was placed on her stern. El Presidente served as a coastal patrol boat for five years.
NEWPORT, RI – On August 5, 2009 agreement was reached between Trumpy®Yachts and Alex Suarez, Managing Partner of Classic Yacht Partners to build a dramatic new 125’ (38 meter) Trumpy inspired by John Trumpy’s pre-war designs.