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Sunseeker Yachts, formerly known as Poole Powerboats, a British company based in Poole, England, began manufacturing yachts under the Sunseeker name in the 1980’s, although the first boat to carry the name Sunseeker was built in the mid-1970’s. The change in name was ushered in with new hulls and aesthetically over-the-top designs that have instantly ignited interest from the yachting community. Today, Sunseeker yachts are built on hulls that have evolved from racing, while utilizing the latest in composite materials and construction techniques. Sunseeker is the recipient of two International Superyacht Design awards, and a multiple-time winner of the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement. A large majority of Sunseeker’s production is exported. There are several models in the Sunseeker fleet, ranging from a 140-foot long yacht down to a 34-foot long high performance yacht. Sunseeker employs over 1400 people to build yachts, each highly experienced in their respective fields, from design, to engineering, to manufacturing, sales and distribution. It's a melting pot of creativity and ingenuity - the embodiment of Sunseeker's 'Undiluted Spirit' slogan.
After years of speculation and 2 years in development, Sunseeker has unveiled its resurrected high-performance day boat, the Hawk 38 center console. Returning to their performance roots, Sunseeker's new trailer boat delivers a top speed of up to 70mph from a pair of Merc 400R's. Utilizing a narrow beam, multi-step hull to slice aquafirma, it's stabilized by inflatable Hypalon tubes that add considerable stability at rest or slow speeds.
New Launch: Sunseeker 34-meter Yacht Sunseeker yachts have enjoyed a wonderful year. This can be measured by the number of yachts launched and delivered to the owners on time and successfully. With the launch and deliveries of the 37M Snapper and the 37M M4, these yachts alone are a success story. Of course, they have delivered many smaller yachts this year, but the latest highlight is the new 34-meter Sunseeker. The 112’ yacht will feature three decks, a lower, main and upper fly bridge deck. Starting below, the lower deck hides the two VIP-type suites. These suites are generously proportioned and feature the latest in entertainment systems. Each suite has ensuite bathrooms with all the modern amenities. There are also two guest rooms on the lower deck as well. These rooms offer similar entertainment and ensuite bath and toilet facilities. However, it is on the main deck where the bigger and more impressive accommodation is located. The master suite is located to the fore of the main deck and features a wealth of amenities for a number of possibilities. The master is large and spacious and because it is located to the front of the main deck, the windows provide a near 180-degree view of the outside world.
When a grand charter operation decides to step up to grand size and style in its yachts, the entire industry must take notice; adjust and welcome a new level of competition. This impressive new Tri-Deck entry affirms that the yachting industry, along with the balance of world economy, is undergoing an upscale surge, as more customers afford new yacht charters, and eventually, new yachts. To that end, Chairman of Sunseeker Robert Braithwaite casts the gauntlet: “We want to built the most beautiful boats in the world; and for the company to grow, we need a slice of the big-boat market.” Sunseeker, for years the premium charter service, is once again leading the way, with its bold and beautiful Sunseeker 37m, at 121 ft.; bigger, better, with an aggressive appeal to a very broad market. Here, Sunseeker’s Tri-deck, combining first-class style with luxurious amenities, has apparently begun an immediate thrust to garner the audience appeal which is its main objective: This first edition has already been sold, to Formula One Racing Team magnate Eddie Jordan. Now a further plus – on order to build, seven more.
Another spectacular yacht bows in Sunseeker’s performance yacht series. Rocket-shaped and lithe as a leaping dolphin, the Predator 108 delivers action – streaking in perfect animation over the bounding main, at 43 knots! Rocket-radiant and performance-prepped, aggressive style with a profusion of precision design surely vault Sunseeker’s Predator 108 to the top of its class. With features and fittings normally reserved for larger yachts, this sleek beauty forges its own set of rules. Entertainment venues and accommodations also reach a standard that other builders – and potential owners – might want to make note of. Above and below decks a broad range of activity and leisure options thrust it way above the ordinary.
Sunseeker, formerly known as Poole Powerboats, a British company based in Poole, England, began manufacturing boats under the Sunseeker name in the 1980’s. An appropriate name for a boat built in England. Given their weather, they generally have to seek sun elsewhere!
The first large metal yacht for Sunseeker, the Sunseeker 161 was announced at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show and since then was sold to its new owner. Some interior renderings have also now been released giving a glimpse into how the internal spaces will appear when completed in 2022. Design Unlimited is responsible for the interior of the first 161.
Another new model has made an appearance at this year's Cannes Yachting Festival. British yacht manufacturer Sunseeker Yachts unveiled the Sunseeker 133 to the world. The styling will appear very familiar to followers of Sunseeker but one facet of the design to note is that it has a near-vertical bow on the semi-displacement full-form.
British yacht manufacturer Sunseeker Yachts has finally revealed the name of the yacht they were calling the Sunseeker 8X for most of the year. It is now officially called the 87 Yacht and the first unit is expected to be ready for launching by the Summer of 2020. The UK yacht builder has tried to make a vessel in this size category more spacious and the result of their hard work is that the 87 Yacht is approximately 20 percent more spacious than the Sunseeker 86.