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Sea Spirit has established itself among the leading manufacturers of large semi custom and custom yachts in North America. Sea Spirit's current range includes luxury yacht models from 70' to 142' and its new Passagemaker series; beginning with the 60' and very soon to be followed by the 88' expedition cruiser; all built under the manufacturing sponsorship and guidance of Sea Spirit. The new Passagemaker 60's can now be seen cruising the waters of the Pacific Northwest near Seattle and Vancouver. The superior quality and craftsmanship of this beautifully styled new series of pilothouse trawlers, which have been built strong and rugged for coastal or offshore cruising, adds depth to the range of boats offered by Sea Spirit. Sea Spirit has always enjoyed superior brand recognition among enthusiasts and professionals across the boating industry and is widely recognized as a builder whose yachts are at the top of their category in terms of design, performance, safety, seaworthiness, integrity and fit & finish. Sea Spirit works closely with established high quality boat builders in carefully selected shipyards in North America, Taiwan and China, to provide the production management, financing, technical and post delivery support that is required to construct, market and service its yachts and work boats. Sparkman and Stevens is the Naval Architect behind the Sea Spirit designs. The firm's incredible reputation and pedigree, technical expertise and innovative boats have been setting trends and winning races for 77 years. There truly is no substitute this experience. S&S was established in 1929 to engage in the practice of naval architecture and to conduct the business of yacht brokerage, charter and insurance. S&S remains one of the most enduring and venerated brands in yachting having delivered more than 2,700 commercial, military and pleasure craft designs throughout its storied history.
With an emphasis on transoceanic capability and long range fuel economy, Sea Spirit's 60' flaunts new age amenities and old world charm, delivering an exceptional trawler for today's cruising couple. Join us for a redeux review, as we reflect on the journey of "Dauntless", the 1st Sea Spirit delivered, now in its 2nd year of service and some 2000 hours later. With four hulls afloat, exploring various corners of the globe, along with two more Sea Spirit 60's scheduled to launch, Dauntless presents an opportunity to see how well this trawler has traveled. The durability and seaworthiness of the Sea Spirit Passagemaker is evidenced by the seafaring tales willingly recounted by Dauntless’s owner, Ed K., who was the ideal client for Sea Spirit's founder, Dan Fritz. As the founder of Queenship Yachts, Dan had seen his company produce over 60 luxury yachts up to 112 feet. The idea for a Passagemaker series formulated over many years. Combining his 20 years experience with building Queenships and his 30 years of business dealings in the Far East (including bringing the renown Mandarin Oriental chain of hotels to the US), Dan knew he could find the right team for building the ultimate long-range cruiser which seemed to elude the trawler market.