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SeaRay Yachts began constructing boats and yachts in 1959 and is one of the original users of fiberglass and advanced composite materials in the yacht industry. Sea Ray’s headquarters are located in Knoxville, Tennessee with six manufacturing plants located throughout Tennessee and Florida. The Product Development and Engineering facility is in Florida, with state-of-the-art technology that uses robotics to provide absolute machinery control. Sea Ray’s computerized 5-axis mill, the largest in the industry, uses the CAD/CAM data to precisely create master patterns from foam molds that are accurate to 1/2000 of an inch, producing perfectly symmetrical boat hulls and superstructures. Sea Ray produces four types of vessels: sport boats, cruisers, sport yachts, and yachts. Sea Ray engineers use the latest modeling software, scale models and full-size mock-ups to analyze every feature of a new yacht design. The sizes of the boat and yacht fleet range from 18 to 68 feet in length. Sea Ray pays great attention to ergonomics and in-water testing. Many awards have been attributed to Sea Ray in the areas of hospitality, safety, and customer satisfaction. Sea Ray’s commitment to precision, innovation and craftsmanship is reflected in every boat or yacht they build. And their customers agree as proven by the prestigious J. D. Power and Associates Highest Customer Satisfaction Award received by Sea Ray in 2002. Sea Ray was the first pleasure boat manufacturer to be certified for meeting the high standards of ISO 9002 Quality Assurance and has maintained that distinction for many years. Every Sea Ray manufacturing facility has received this distinctive award celebrating Sea Ray’s dedication to producing outstanding yachts and boats. Sea Ray’s Dealer Network consists of the largest and most conveniently located group of dealers in the country, with a dedicated and experienced staff of professionals that are devoted to bringing Sea Ray customers the best possible sales and service. Sea Ray operates 7 manufacturing facilities in the United States, and produces 50 different boat models. At the Sykes Creek, Florida facility, Sea Ray produces 50' to 63' luxury yachts.
SPY SHOTS: Sea Ray 75' Sedan BridgeThe Empire Strikes Back Spy shots of Sea Ray's new 75' Sedan Bridge recently surfaced on the net. Apparently, Sea Ray bought an issue of Better Boat & Garden (available on news stands everywhere) and abandoned the Salvador Dali "I'm melting" profile. In this edgy incarnation, Sea Ray has reverted back to a fundamental element in good yacht design, dropping the stuffed snout in favor of freeboard. Specs and details are limited at this point, but we hope Sea Ray has addressed some of their core issues, namely. In recent years, Sea Ray has seen competition enter a segment they have held majority share on. With bold, new offerings from Marquis, Silverton and others, it's unclear if they've lost that edge. One thing is clear; this is a design departure for Sea Ray. Let's hope the trickle down theory works.