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A small industrial unit in Newport Street, Plymouth was the birthplace of Princess Yachts almost fifty years ago in 1965. Founded by ex Naval Officer David King, Princess has developed into a successful motor yacht builder, employing over 2000 people across 6 yards around Plymouth and building over 300 yachts annually. Heritage plays a big part in the success of the company. the chairman David King, still heads up the company and Newport Street remains the main factory site, having expanded to encompass the entire street plus reclaimed land out over the adjoining creek. Naval Architect Bernard Olesinski, has overseen the conception of the hull and superstructure elements of every new Princess Yacht for over thirty years. After achieving the Queens Award for Export in 1988, the company continues to expand globally to the extent that today 90% of production is exported. Princess Yachts was the first European company to be awarded ISO 14001 for its quality control and every model up to 85 feet meets RINA Green Plus. 80% of every Princess Yacht is constructed in house. Precision composite construction and resin infusion technology reduce weight, increasing fuel efficiency and performance while maximizing interior volume. Stiffer, stronger superstructures grant larger glazed areas giving the interiors more light and panoramic views. Princess deep V hulls deliver the a ride that ensures guests and crew are kept comfortable and safe.
It is always delightful when a brand new yacht under construction is rolled out of the construction shed and taken to the launching area and put into the water for the first time. Recently, this was the story for Princess' first unit of the new X95 model. The design is between Olesinki and Pininfarina and provides alot more space than on a traditionally designed vessel of this size. How has that been done you might ask?
British builder Princess Yachts joined the queue of companies unveiling new models and showing off their latest to the industry at the Cannes Yachting Festival for 2019. The Y95 is one of the new models from the UK builder and is now the top of the 'Y' range. One of the interesting aspects about it is a wave-piercing bow. While the vessel is not in existence yet the first hull in the Y95 model is expected to be completed by 2021.
UK builder Princess Yachts isn't wasting any time when it comes to new offerings. This year alone five new designs have surfaced from this builder and now six more designs are now available. One of these designs is called the Princess X95. While a preview was recently given, not alot of information is available for this particular model. It will apparently be one of two variants in this particular Princess class. As the model name suggests, the yacht will come in at just under 100-feet.