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In the summer of 2003, Stephen Yadvish, the founder of Seattle-based YachtFish Marine purchased the assets of Northcoast and re-opened the company, much to the delight of Northcoast’s employees. In acquiring Northcoast yachts, he gained control of the yard, the molds, the workforce and Northcoast’s enviable yacht building reputation. Yadvish, who previously designed and built megayachts and high performance speedboats, quickly went to work. The first yacht to benefit from the company’s resurrection was the 85’, which had evolved over the course of 6 prior yachts. Northcoast focuses on traditional, modern concepts… void of elliptical windows and curvy lines. They believe strongly in classic American designs that are as contemporary today as they were yester-year. Currently, a 115’ yacht is underway with plans to build a 130’ motoryacht.
There is a factor in entrepreneurship that adds its challenge to the initial dream. That is, to fashion a product which customers favor; competitors envy; plus carrying the banner of creativity and innovation to all in its sphere. In short, the influence to make its buyers say, “I want that;” then to deliver a superior product. When Stephen Yadvish, just a few years ago in 2003, faced this challenging impulse, he was driven by the thought that he could build a “Rolls Royce” on the water. In a few short years, unlike the yacht titans which are his competition, this latest design speaks with eloquence to reflect that inner drive. Not the largest yacht on the seven seas, yet grandly structuring his ultimate goal, it is Northcoast’s 87’ Motoryacht.