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ISA Yachts is an acronym for International Shipyards Ancona, which was formed by the Rodriguez Group, a publicly traded yachting conglomerate, to manufacture a new line of yachts. Thus ISA was born. Currently, ISA has delivered two 153’ yachts, with several more on order. Another addition to the line will follow shortly, with the ISA 120’, a water jet driven mega yacht with some of the same design elements that has made their larger yacht such a grand success. Located in Ancona, Italy, ISA Yachts is managed by Gianluca Fenucci and Marcello Maggi. They oversee a workforce of 110 people, that are highly educated and bring years of yacht building skills to the group. The management team has worked together for over 20 years prior to forming ISA, which would be expected given the level of complexity necessary to bring a totally new yacht to the market and quickly establish themselves among the world’s best yacht builders.
The Concept of ISA's Yara 44 is the result of a cooperation between ISA Yachts, Omega Architects and Van Oossanen Naval Architects. The result is a spectacular, fast displacement 44-meter motor mega yacht.
The 50-meter ISA superyacht “Papi du Papi” Italian yacht builder International Shipyards of Ancona, popularly known as ISA Yachts launched its second 50-meter superyacht last year, ISA 500 christened as “Papi du Papi”. This yacht is built on a steel hull with aluminium superstructure bred to take on the deep blue on her own bottom. Her design is distinctly ISA to those who are familiar to this Italian yard’s style. The exterior lines were pencilled by Andrea Vallicelli for ISA while the warm tropical interior was done by Francesco Paszkowski. Not surprising taking into consideration the area of the world owners the are from.
First impressions often tell a lasting story. This one-of-a-kind yacht lures us with her winsome exterior glow; a pearlescent, robin’s egg blue. High gloss emerald, far removed from standard megayachts gowned in white, she steps elegantly out from the crowd. However, that first glance becomes a promise. While most yachts follow a single theme – this proud lady presents a list of exotic, visionary sojourns with panoramic décor, plus… her clever obsession with the lucky number seven. As the 7th project from ISA; the 7th steel & aluminum yacht in its series; she features 7 individual excursions – Old English, Oriental, Marrakech, Kremlin, Empire, Modern, Tsar – a 7th level mind-travel through world destinations; Europe, Persia, Africa, East to West, the 7 Seas, all within the boundaries of her decor. Planned as the 7th of a series, the owner’s preferences made her one of a kind. Built in Italy for a Russian owner, she reaches far beyond national boundaries with a Gulliver’s Travels collection of destinations, materials, color and fabrics. Russia’s megayacht concourse, less than 10 years extant, has grown.
ISA 156'Stairway to Heaven... International Shipyards Ancona & Rodriguez Group have created a signature line of yachts with the ISA 156' and soon to be launched ISA 120'. The following is a photo documentary tour of a yacht so distinct, the thought of climbing stairs will put a smile on your face. This side shot illustrates the "sportyacht" image ISA has captured with the integrated radar arch, which is remeniscent of an offshore performance boat...
First yacht launch of the year for Italian yacht builder ISA Yachts has hit the water in Ancona. It is the 43-meter "Agora III" which will be delivered to her Japan-based client. In fact this yacht is expected to be the largest yacht based in Japan when delivered. The aluminium build is designed inside and out by Luca Dini. She's not only pretty on the outside thanks to Luca Dini's lines and Naval Architecture by Francesco Rogantin but her owner and guests are sure to enjoy the well-placed interior.
The new EXTRA line from Palumbo Shipyard's brand ISA Yachts is picking up momentum in terms of sales. The latest sale is the first unit in the EXTRA 86 model, which is essentially a larger EXTRA 76 and it is for a repeat client of the yard. The yard has sales from the EXTRA 126, 96, 76 and now the 86 in the works to date. The largest of them, the 126, is in build and expected to be completed next year.
Italian builder ISA has sold another yacht from its new EXTRA line. The EXTRA line consists of yachts from 76-feet up to 126-feet and in between has 86, 93 and 116-foot options. The one sold is a unit from the 126 section and it was sold to a European client. The sale of this new yacht is actually the second from the EXTRA line after the first EXTRA 76 was completed recently.
Italian yard ISA is back in a big way and we do not just mean their resurgence back to the yacht market but more to do with new refreshed models that are hip and trendy but still pay homage to the features that made ISA a name on the tips of everybody's tongues. The Sport, Classic and GT models is what ISA are targeting for the restyle and refresh. More specifically the Sport 120 and Sport 140, the Classic 41-meter, 50-meter, 57-meter, and 65-meter, as well as the variants in the GT line which include a 43-meter, 50-meter, 57-meter and a 67-meter. The Sport 120 retains key features from the ISA 120 original model like the 'stairway to heaven' concept which floated a seamless line of stairs that ran from the swim platform to the upper deck. That design arch to echo the stair way outline is still incorporated in the new Sport 120 design.
After unveiling the 121 SuperSport at last year's Monaco Yacht Show (MYS), ISA Yachts also hinted at a larger model, the 141 Super Sportivo. More information has come to light regarding this particular new model. It will be their largest fiber glass-built model for the Italian brand. Like the 121, the 141 is designed by Marco Casali. The design is sleek and her lines give a fast-moving appearance even if she is at anchor.
Fresh off from their acquisition by the Palumbo Group, Italian yard ISA is set to have a new model to be built. Unveiled at the ongoing Monaco Yacht Show (MYS), the ISA 121 SuperSport is going to be the first new model for the Italian yard under new ownership. Marco Casali has designed the craft's edgy and sporty exterior lines and it is expected that construction will be in composite.
After the official presentation at the FLIBS 2014, where the project drew a large attention, ISA YACHTS is happy to present its latest concept design named ROUTE 66, in honor of the famous legendary American highway crossing the States from Illinois to California. The concept behind the ROUTE 66 is to emphasize the outdoor experience of a yacht without compromising the space and comfort that the owner would expect from a steel and aluminum displacement yacht. The overall beauty of yachts over the years has been lost to interior space, on the contrary ROUTE 66’s offers space for owners who love the sea and like to be outside. ROUTE 66 is a motor yacht with lots of space in relation to the total volume and her lines are sleek and graceful. The design does not achieve extra deck space by stacking the decks, there is not the piled-up effect – one layer after the other, the philosophy of the whole concept is to guarantee the owners the space and comfort they would expect.
Italian builder ISA Yachts delivered one of their more significant projects for 2014, the 66-meter member of the Granturismo line, "Okto". Head of ISA Yachts, Luciano Bregola, commented. "This gem of a yacht is the result of the perfect collaboration of a well concerted team of experts who designed, engineered, built and delivered a distinctive yacht which will set new standards in the industry. We are all extremely proud of Okto - Bregola continues - and wish her Owners to enjoy extensive world travels aboard such a magnificent yacht". ​​