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As one of the 10th largest yacht builders in the world, Horizon has become an increasingly well-known semi-custom, high quality yacht builder up to 150 feet in the American Market. Throughout Europe, Asia and the U.S., Horizon is recognized as having a popular line of yachts, and previous production has been sold almost exclusively in the demanding European and U.S. yachting markets, where Horizon competes successfully. Since 1987, Horizon has built over 700 yachts in an in-house, state-of-the-art facility located in Taiwan, where 1100 employees dedicate their entire careers solely to yacht building. Collaboration with yacht designers, such as Juan Carlos “JC” Espinosa, John Lindblohm and naval architects like Greg Marshall, has ensured that Horizon’s yachts are built to each customer’s needs and specifications. Horizon also takes extra steps in their manufacturing process to ensure seaworthiness in all the yachts they build by using the SCRIMP™ resin-infusion molding process. SCRIMP, or Seaman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process, is a process originally developed by the U.S. Navy and tested by the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center and adds a level of strength, durability and consistency, while reducing overall weight. With new NDT testing processes, Horizon are keeping on the cutting edge of yacht construction and constantly implementing new technologies and standards to continue to lead the field in yacht manufacturing. With a new Marina located in Kaohsiung City and plans to expand, Horizon are one of very few manufacturers anywhere in the world with their own facilities to support their owners. Horizon is committed to continual growth in the yachting industry and offers customers seven series to satisfy various lifestyles: E series, EP series, P series, PC series, RP series, T series and V series.
"EP" is Horizon-speak for Expedition and this series of bravado looking boats combine expedition features with luxury yacht amenities to satisfy serious boaters from several yacht segments. For the yachtsman looking for luxury accommodations, a hint of speed, and the solid slugboat feel of a full displacement trawleresque hull, the EP69 has much to offer. Horizon Yachts, whose fleet of vessels includes motoryachts, megayachts, express cruisers, and powercats, now adds explorers to its fleet of luxury vessels plying the waters worldwide: the EP Series. Foremost, what it provides is pedigree from a proven builder. Horizon yachts has been building motoryachts for 25 years and have between 600 and 700 boats afloat to their credit. Corroborating their accredited lineage, Horizon Yachts was recently awarded their seventh consecutive “Best Asian Yacht Builder” award. Consistency and continuity confirmed.
A noteworthy leap ahead in yacht design, Horizon's PC-58 is a Cat whose time has come. While YF is not in the habit of outright praise given the many fine yachts reviewed here from top notch world acclaimed yards, on this rare occasion, a superb out of the ordinary build emerges, sporting that rare combination of performance, style, ergonomics and efficiency. Here we present a yacht that “Has It All”, Horizon’s outstanding PC58 Power Catamaran, designed by Lavranos Marine Design and styled by Winchester Design Group; a new boat checking nearly every box on a very discerning list. The owner of hull #1 is an avid fisherman who has owned approximately 20 yachts. This is a gentleman who knew exactly what he wanted. He and his wife enjoy entertaining and large outdoor spaces, putting them at one with their surroundings. Among stability and efficiency mandates, one of the reasons he chose the PC-58 was for its Bahamas friendly draft. Because the couple like to fish and prepare their own catch, emphasis was placed on a larger-than-average, commercial grade galley with expansive granite countertops. This added some weight to this build, with minimal penalty to draft. Because of this, hull #1 came in at 41 tons, but hull #2 will only be 36 tons.
She’s so ample in girth, she'll surprise you. When viewed from astern she appears to register in the 125' to 150' range. Yet here is the “fat lady” who sings; flaunting all her live-aboard advantages in a svelte and stylish 80 feet – barely more than half her initial impression. With stability and grace, she revels with a definite charm for those who appreciate living large at sea. Horizon asked Australian designer Mark Ellis to design the kind of yacht many cruiser’s dreams are made of, they planned for more room, broad comfort, delivered with relatively compact size and excellent stability. Those requirements would center on a highly specialized yacht; yes – a Catamaran – many of which he has berthed before. Those previous models were sight-seeing yachts, cargo haulers, military. This charming new innovation – built with a one-piece SCRIMP lamination and solid fiberglass bottom hull -- would present challenges as well in this unique approach to high level cruising.
Horizon steps out of its noted, successful presentation of luxury motoryachts to enter the strongly competitive world of Tournament Sportfishing with a secret weapon from the Far East. Talk to a professional Tournament Captain about a new model sportfish; his first response is, “Will it bring up fish?” The yachtsmen, and women, who populate this highly competitive world of tournament sportfishing, recognize particular hull designs which seem to communicate with ... and attract big fish, enticing them to the baits they troll in their wakes. This accounts for the popularity of certain brands, certain winning boats, which win/place/show time after time in this unusual but vibrant, competitive niche of the boating world.
Happy Birthday! Bells and Whistles! Foghorns! Champagne! A glorious day in the yachting community, as a company claims a full generation – 20 years – of building superb yachting craft. Many of its satisfied customers own their 2nd or 3rd Horizon luxe-liner. Once again, Horizon Yachts extends its reputation for fine products as Taiwan’s largest builder. Indeed, 6th largest yacht producer in the world, with 400 yachts launched – 62’ to 130’ ! And what a way to celebrate... with the debut of a fresh new design, offering the luxury of easy handling, comfort, and a utilitarian layout, which means a competent yachting couple can handle this yacht by themselves, if they so desire, with or without a professional crew. Designed by Seattle-based Naval Architect Greg Marshall, the new Vision 68 shares similar design elements with another recently launched Marshall design, the much acclaimed Calixas 105', also built at Horizon's yard. Not its biggest, at a “mere” 68 ft., Vision is just over half the size of Horizon’s newest megayacht underway; the S130. Yet, the Vision 68 sports many of the same possibilities.
While almost every megayacht producer encourages a dash of buyer participation in the build, the owner of Horizon’s new 105 Tri-Deck initiated a number of structural design ideas. He worked together with the design team to make this extraordinary yacht his dream boat.
Her lustrous lines seem to leap forward toward some unseen target, as the Horizon 70 MotorYacht – the builder’s latest product – revels in the advantage of superior volume for its size, yet caters to the owner’s individual comfort and preferences. Her streamlined hull – sloped and tweaked to an aggressive needle-nose, emphasizes a striking vision of focus; almost suggesting a racy sporting yacht.
Horizon yachts are well known throughout Europe and Asia where they are recognized as a popular line of yachts. Previous production has been sold almost exclusively in the demanding European market, where Horizon competes successfully. They build over 30 yachts a year, which is performed in-house by up to 340 full time employees whose careers are dedicated solely to the company.
It’s a story of being separated at “berth” for twin Horizon RP110 Superyachts, which have just launched and are now scheduled to be delivered to their respective owners in the U.S. and Australia. Despite hailing from different continents, these two owners have shared an identical yacht ownership path, which began in 2012 when they each bought a Horizon E78. From there, both owners moved into Horizon E88 yachts before commissioning their own RP110 Superyachts.
Taiwanese builder Horizon Yachts is proud to announce the sale of the first hull in the new FD102 series. There are a number of sub-models in the 'FD' line including the FD77 Skyline, FD85, FD87 Skyline and FD125 Skyline. You will find the design of Cor D Rover on all of them. To be built in GRP materials, the new FD102 has a few customizations to fit the new owner's taste. The transom will feature a small beachclub area as well as on the upper deck, there is a full walk-around deck. A jacuzzi is to be located on the aft deck.
Taiwanese yard Horizon Yachts has unveiled another model in the form of the latest FastDisplacement line member. The FD77 Skyline now joins the ever-growing FD lineup with a design from the usual Cor D Rover. The FD line features the FD77 Skyline at the entry level along with the FD85, FD87 Skyline, FD102 and FD125. Horizon says it is full steam with the new member of the FD series with three starting construction already that will satisfy the niches for the American, European and Australian markets.
The first CC115 from Horizon Yachts will soon be completed and delivered to its Mexican owner. The sleek and stylish yacht will be on display later in the year at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) to make her debut. The CC115 is part of the CC Series from Horizon and the design is a collaboration between the yard and Cor D Rover.
The RP110 is now an established model in Horizon's line-up of yachts. With the launched hull count at presently at four, the latest is completed and ready to take the long journey from Taiwan to the United States. That's right, hull number 4 will be making her way across to the U.S but not on her own bottom naturally. She will be placed atop a cargo ship and piggy-back stateside where she will be available as an inventory piece available for purchase. The fourth hull has a contemporary interior that should appeal to any potential owner. Guest spaces are across three decks with accommodation on the lower deck as well as forward main deck.
Horizon just unveiled a new model to the market. It is the V67 offering privacy, safety and superyacht style. This is now the third sub-model in the 'V' Series for Horizon Yachts following on from the V72 and V80 variants. The design is penned in collaboration with Jonathan Quinn Barnett Design (JQBD) and Horizon. The yacht was designed to meet a simple question. "What is the largest yacht two people or perhaps a small family could use to comfortably and safely discover the world of yachting?"