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Ferretti Yachts began as two brothers selling other yacht lines and then choosing to begin construction of their own line of yachts. Norberto and Alessandro Ferretti started the company in 1968. Today, Ferretti encompasses a number of companies and yacht brands. Ferretti constructs yachts at three different shipyards in Italy: the original shipyard S. Giovanni in Marignano, the headquarters in Forli, and Cattolica, the most advanced facility where up to 16 yachts can be built at one time. Ferretti also has a research and design center in Forli, where ideas are originated with the latest computer technologies. Quality and technological innovation have been the two forces driving Ferretti’s production. The company has consolidated skills in combining high performance with design, ergonomics, form and function. A team of over 60 specialists supervises the progress of a Ferretti yacht, from design to construction. Even though manufacturing techniques are continuously updated, the traditional craftsmanship remains unchanged. The design process is entrusted to the Company’s research office, Ferretti Engineering, where all stages of planning are performed. Ferretti yachts are three-dimensionally modeled and tested long before the vessel actually floats. The meticulous attention to detail, along with a careful study of materials, shows Ferretti shipyards’ penchant for continuous improvement and progress. The same passion for excellence brought Ferretti Yachts to be the first shipbuilder in Europe to receive certification (CE 94/25) for environmental protection against acoustic and atmospheric pollution. In collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the ARG stabilizers (Anti Rolling Gyro) is now integrated into the entire product range, offering the latest advance in yacht stabilization. The Ferretti Engineering Division works in close cooperation, in what could be described as a symbiotic relationship, with Studio Zuccon, an international design firm, which imparts a discreet but ever-present “Italian touch” to all its projects. This is the reason why in 2004 the Italian Industrial Design Association (ADI) selected Ferretti 880 as part of the general index of products nominated for the prestigious Golden Compass award. Ferretti Yachts, a fundamental part of the international Ferretti Group holding, which comprises some of the world's most prestigious yacht brands, is now a large company that is undergoing a process of continuous development and expansion. By 2004 Ferretti Yachts yearly sales had reached 160 million Euro and a 500-strong staff. With headquarters in Forlì, a new shipyard in Cattolica, the original works at San Giovanni in Marignano, and the shipyard at Fano, Ferretti's production capability is extensive.
One of the newest models from the Ferretti brand is the Ferretti 860. At 26.2-meters in length it is basically the upgrade from the Ferretti 850 series. The exterior design is by Filippo Salvetti with an interior by Ideaeitalia. She will come with dual MAN V12 powerplants which should run her up to 32-knots and fast cruise at 27-knots.
The newest Custom Line Navetta 30 has been launched to the water ahead of delivery to her owners. The yacht is really a 28.4-meter vessel -despite the model name- was sold to her owners just last month, in April. Being launched now the new vessel will be delivered by Summer. Her name is "Mrs G" and features a design by Filippo Salvetti with an interior by Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.
Today, Custom Line announced the launch of the second hull in the Navetta 30 model. In fact the model hit the water yesterday (24th) at Ferretti Group’s Superyacht Yard in Ancona. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Custom Line has been keeping busy with as many as seven yachts between 30 and 42-meters launched for the year so far. The design of the second hull is by Filippo Salvetti, with an interior by Custom Line Atelier.
The first unit of the 30.5-meter Ferretti Yachts 1000 model has been launched in Italy. The first hull was sold and has an owner, in fact it will be delivered to a French owner. There are a couple other hulls in the works at present. The design on the exterior is by Filippo Salvetti while the interior is by IdeaeITALIA.